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  1. Avery is active. But not starting, instead it’s Olgetree. Are you kidding me.
  2. Exactly. Obviously Gase is at fault for a ton with Sam. But Darnold isn’t even executing the basics. Movement in the pocket, poise, accuracy.
  3. Both. I’m not expert watching film so when a guy with his experience says the same thing I saw, it’s just confirming it all. Sammys got a ton of work to do if he wants be here long term.
  4. We gonna say that again next year too?
  5. Lol one of the more we’ll respected analysts out there makes a bad comment on a Jets player. “He’s trash, always hated him, what’s he know!” Open your eyes boys. It’s there for everyone to see what he said. Just look at the tape.
  6. Yikes. Completely accurate too. Gase sucks but Darnold is just as bad right now. We’re screwed.
  7. Gase trying to tell people the same thing. Offense would’ve been dominant if it just executed and didn’t completely suck.
  8. This team needs a lot. There’s no way it’s getting covered in one shot. Only way it happens quicker is if he hits on guys like Mims, Zuniga and Perrine.
  9. Sams is so inconsistent, he’ll have a great game this week, leaving us all baffled at what to think. It’ll be...”Give him more weapons and just watch!!”
  10. Sucks. I can’t tell if these injuries are due to the short off season or just ya know...Gase. Because a lotttt of guys around the league are hurt. Lot of WRs too.
  11. Of course he is. Hasn’t had an overrated coach come destroy his career yet.
  12. Burrow is doing what Sam should be doing with a crappy OL. Making sht happen.
  13. If Baker can be on his 10th new HC and OC and still do good things. Then why can’t we?! Fire Gase!
  14. Yeah. He’s def not playing this week.
  15. So true. I don’t think a single player or aspect of the offense has improved/taken a jump since Gase has been here. Bell got worse, Sam got worse, TEs are average to bad, no WRs have taken a leap. Why are we keeping him around?? At least turn ONE player into something.
  16. I hate this also for the fact it gives Gase an excuse for sucking. I don’t wanna hear any of that.
  17. We will be picking 6th. We all know this. This team doesn’t know how to tank properly. Pull of a few wins at the end, giving them hope next year will be different. Rinse and repeat.
  18. Trade for Juju or Robinson. Draft Chase, Waddle or Smith. Juju/Robinson, Mims, Chase, Crowder. Profit.
  19. Shame he couldn’t check off just one of those in week 1.
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