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  1. Soooooo....he’s gonna be the new HC here is what you’re saying?
  2. Build through the draft, get Lawerence and hire prob Greg Roman. ...you’re welcome mods.
  3. He needs to slam his first one too. Mims, Perrine, Davis, Zuniga, Clarke. If they can all be above average contributors, that’s a damn good start. If any turn out to be top tier even better.
  4. I don’t think we really can until the seasons over. His picks are just now starting to get full playing time. Im not judging him too hard on this past free agency. Feel like next year with a new coach and such, we’ll have a better feel of how he operates.
  5. 12. JD will lead us. Get on before it’s too late.
  6. It’s an article about Breers article. Also nothing is wrong that he’s saying. Gase blows.
  7. Lol we’re so far from the end of the season and this is what we’re excited about. Love it.
  8. Weak immune system just like Sammy. Fields it is.
  9. He’ll have Darnold to work with. He’s not going anywhere.
  10. It’s true. I can never remember they’re actually good.
  11. They should just watch his rookie tape to realize what he can do. ....and give us a first.
  12. Makes total sense for those kinda teams to throw a late 1 for Sam. You’re prob never picking high enough for a top QB, why not take a shot at talented QB already with 3 years experience. Sam with Shananan would prob be a damn good pairing.
  13. If Zuniga gets a legit sack Sunday, I’m crowing JD a genius. Officially. Full over reaction will be coming.
  14. And that was the last time we heard from Kevin again.
  15. Yeah that’s disappointing. I was fully expecting this as he entered the tunnel
  16. This should help...I have NO idea how he missed him. Scrambled and then still proceeds to wait till the worst time to throw IMG_1719.MP4
  17. Could be wrong but I think they have this week to activate him or he’s out for the season. So guess we’ll see.
  18. Miami, Browns, Pats WK17 are the ones where a W might be possible. We’re so bad though, they can play poorly and still win so we should be good for 0-16.
  19. Moms and Waddle will be compliment each other nicely.
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