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  1. Miami, Browns, Pats WK17 are the ones where a W might be possible. We’re so bad though, they can play poorly and still win so we should be good for 0-16.
  2. Moms and Waddle will be compliment each other nicely.
  3. I still think he’d be a good QB on a solid roster but he needs a new start. And so do the Jets.
  4. Guys. The number 1 pick is ours. Nobody is stopping us. Teams can have their worst game and still pull out a win against the Jets.
  5. So far Darnold is showing me that the position can be upgraded. His couple of nice throws aren’t enough.
  6. Lol plays 3 quarters. Aright. Hit. What’s next.
  7. If anything this just still shows how bad Gase was. Dowell can step right in and be considerably better.
  8. Then we go to the playoffs and Gase is extended.
  9. That would def jump start the offense.
  10. Well?? Interested or not? Douglas views his second first round pick as a bargaining chip for experienced players like this on the market. Plus what better way to stick it to the player then to trade him to the Jets! Yes he punched a teammate in practice but he’s kinda good at offense so...what say you jet fans?
  11. Perfectly content with all those guys looking good and having a top 5-10 pick still. Better that way actually.
  12. Eh I’ve seen this before. Mims is bound to hurt his hammy again around the 3rd play of the game. And out for the season afterward.
  13. So what a 2nd round pick at least?
  14. Guess what! Gase is exactly what he’s talking about. Watch the plays back. A lot of plays have one go to guy and the other two are just going through the motions.
  15. Another pick that doesn’t love football.
  16. LFG! Do you fools know that we finished 6-2 last season? We can do this.
  17. Not comparing anyone. I’m giving you facts of what happened. Not your madden scenario.
  18. Time to wake up. That’s never happening not even close. The last trade for the top pick was for Goff and the Titans got 2 2’s, 2 3’s and the following years 1st.
  19. Look, all they need to do is hit on every pick. We’re fine. Don’t worry.
  20. LFG! History boys. Idk how anyone can’t enjoy this mess at this point. It’s hilarious.
  21. McClendon is the perfect locker room guy. He’s 35 and serves no purpose here. Tampa prob asked about him and no reason to say no.
  22. 2022 and 2023 picks?! Lol wtf. Douglas doesn’t care. Just cleaning house.
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