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  1. Lol Flacco is miserable. Just leave him out of this mess. Start Morgan.
  2. If Mac signed Cousins to that huge deal that would have cemented him in as the worst GM of all time. My goodness. Eh I’m still giving him that L. He was too close to doing it.
  3. Trade 1st overall. Draft Waddle AND Chase, then Etienne with Seattle’s pick. Score 80 each game.
  4. Falcons and Giants gonna win. And then so will the Jets. It’s bound to happen.
  5. He fell off that cliff before he got to the Colts.
  6. Or they could, ya know, play the guy they drafted.
  7. All 3 of those teams are way better this year. We shouldn’t stand a chance. Douglas should take a stand and force the staff to sit everyone late in the season. Don’t mess around.
  8. I’m not doing this to myself. I can’t get excited for a player this early. The Jets will F it up somehow. They’re gonna win useless games.
  9. Well for one we’ve yet to see them play. And play for a competent coach. And two, at least he’s picking important positions and not drafting old DTs. Aside from Davis, he went with premium positions.
  10. I’m waiting to see what Douglas does the next 2 offseasons, specifically the draft. He’s at least addressed offensive positions in his first draft with Becton, Perrine and Mims. Mac drafts Darnold and then proceeds to draft 3 DTs after that and one 3rd overall. The man that drafted Safeties back to back. That’s why we’re here.
  11. If you have the number 1 pick, you’re picking atop every round. That’s a huge asset to have and to build with. A good GM can turn things around quickly with that.
  12. Soooo then Gase isn’t getting fired in season. Makes sense.
  13. I hope for A. I wanna see this all burn to the ground. Bring it on.
  14. Yeah I’m fine with purging this team for as many assets as possible. Especially a DT.
  15. If they did trade Quinnen, this is basically an official tank.
  16. Would be wild to trade Darnold to the colts. Come full circle. I think he would become a top 10 QB there.
  17. I’d rather just wait and see him next year. Don’t ruin him.
  18. “No boss, I can’t come up with anything better then running gore up the middle. You’re the best at it”
  19. Wtf is with these responses? We defending Gase now?! Hes 100% right!!
  20. You can’t have a battle when you own the top pick. Falcons will squeak a couple wins out.
  21. He’s not elite and not worth his current contract but a lot better then how he’s being used. Better then using frank gore on slanted and wheel routes.
  22. It’s not bell or his agent. It’s from the Jets.
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