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  1. Actually is source is pretty legit. It’s kinda weird.
  2. Gee what a shocker. Offensive genius can’t figure out how to use him, so ship him out. Brilliant.
  3. Sounds right up the Jets alley! Think they pick the next big college coach just to flop in the NFL.
  4. He really does. I think there will be a handful teams in a situation that will be picking later but need a QB to transition to. Come on down!
  5. I love that he has absolutely no idea what to do at this point.
  6. I can’t believe we’re talking about trading Darnold. Had so much hope for him to be THEE one. And then the Jets happen and completely ruin it every way imaginable.
  7. This team with 3 first round picks would terrify me. I have zero confidence in us hitting on all of those to actually make a difference.
  8. No worries. Loggains will use him correctly. We’re in good hands now.
  9. Loggains is gonna call the game of his life. Let’s go baby.
  10. Omfg. Shoot this guy to the moon. What an unreal response. If this is a problem for you, you’re a terrible coach.
  11. They’ll be in place to pick a top QB if they want. They have enough to evaluate Sam at this point.
  12. Well, you see, there’s a problem there Bob...
  13. Berrios and Smith both dropped TD passes that were dropped right in the bread basket. We have scrubs across the board.
  14. Passing in Rhule is the biggest mistake this team has ever made in a long time. The perfect leader to change a culture, who WANTED to be here and you try to tell him how to do his job and who to hire. Unreal.
  15. Why are you guys not seeing the problem? It’s not that we didn’t bring him back, it’s that this coaching staff couldn’t find ways to further his game like Carolina is doing. Just further proof we shouldn’t judge half this team under this staff. It’s atrocious.
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