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  1. Cimini finds any possible way to take a swipe at the jets. It’s unbearable.
  2. Ok so what’s the earliest we can trade for Lamar?
  3. I don’t think it would go that night. But yes. Either way.
  4. You’re right. They’re awesome. And we suck. This was fun.
  5. Maybe! I’m sure you’ll still be around comparing jets to all the good teams and sulking.
  6. It’s not. Lol. That’s the point. I’m not the one constantly bringing up failures and whining every time another QB plays well. But whatever makes you guys feel better I gues.
  7. damn. Aright just 1 first round pick. Not getting two now. He’s a meany.
  8. Why do fans like doing this?!? I just don’t get it. Get over it. How does it feel to be constantly miserable and saying shoulda coulda woulda. My god
  9. Here comes the flood of Jets suck posts because another team won. Yayyy
  10. Think the Giants actually take it from Eagles next week. Hurts ain’t fully healthy. Their luster has worn off.
  11. Ah the ol throw for 3 yards when you need 7. That’ll get it done.
  12. Idk. Buffalo is damn good. And prob will be for a long time. But I don’t see them as how the Patriots dominated with Brady and Belicheck.
  13. All we needed was a QB that can throw an NFL pass and a couple a ribs!
  14. Shame the Chargers have wasted most of his rookie contract. Better hope they get that thing fixed. Otherwise prob best they just trade him to the Jets and start over 😅
  15. Because he’s never heard of him before now.
  16. Love playoff football. Until I come back here and see everyone crying and bumping threads from 3 years ago.
  17. Luckily he’ll have the whole off season to get over it.
  18. Staley destroying Pederson with this secondary. Smothering every route.
  19. i was wrong. The jets are brilliant! And ahead of the curve! My gawd.
  20. Shanahan and Reid are becoming the teams you prob shouldn’t poach from. Because it’s all on them. It’s like thinking assistants from Belicheck were a good idea.
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