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  1. I was talking more later round picks that actually developed into something more. Let's not forget Lafluer started the season with a 4 TE game plan around Cager and forgot they drafted a #1 WR.
  2. Unfortunately Carr has a say in where he goes and I just can't see him wanting to come here with Saleh being on the hot seat.
  3. I mean nobody took a jump on offense. Players only took steps back - Mims, Moore, Carter.
  4. Calabrese getting the MLF treatment? Fired, not fired, parted ways?!
  5. I think they'll just go after Carr and see what it takes to get him. He has to be done now. They can't wait the whole off season to see if Lamar is available, then be stuck going after Andy Dalton because they tag him or whatever.
  6. I can't tell if you actually like Bevell or just trolling. It's quite masterful.
  7. Says there was a disconnect between the FO and Saleh on MLF. Douglas and company wanted to move on from him and Saleh wanted to give him another chance. They feel MLF is not flexible with the players he needs to succeed. He needs very specific players to do certain things and that leaves a small margin of error.
  8. Why do you keep talking about fixing Zach? Zach isn’t starting. That ship has sailed. It’s gonna be another guy brought in.
  9. That settles it. Nagy for OC.
  10. I mean they were all good when they had a good QB. Which gave them a HC opportunity. Then had no QB and sucked. Like every OC. Have little Timmy call the plays, still need to solve the QB.
  11. Out of this stupid list. Bevell or Olson would be my choice.
  12. QB is what matters either way. All depends what veteran they bring. Unless your Reid or Shanahan, your offense rides on the QB.
  13. Has Elijah tweeted “god is good” yet??
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