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  1. Depends what we get back. I’m totally fine with landing Justin Jefferson, dudes a stud. And Jackson and Jones can still be solid starters for us.
  2. If we’re trading down, Falcons at 16 is lowest I wanna go. You can pick up extra picks and still take Jefferson or Jones/Jackson at OT. Though Eagles coming from 21 could get us a future 1.
  3. What about taking a C in round 2? No? That works too.
  4. Welll....? What do you usually end up with in both situations? I figure if they go WR, they can go interior OL second.
  5. Excuse me? Probably???? No no...I need that to be a “definitely won’t take”.
  6. Did anyone read the article or see what he had to say? "Nobody comes to the stadium. Put [the players] in big hotels, wherever you want to play, keep them very well surveilled... Have them tested every single week and make sure they don't wind up infecting each other or their family, and just let them play the season out." Nobody is saying they’re just gonna go OK, back to it! And that’s it.
  7. Come on down! Give us Julio, your 1, 2 and an OL. Thanks.
  8. Feel it’s gonna be WR first, C/G next, you move McGovern to G. Solidify the middle, while giving Sam a top weapon. Bring back Beachum for added insurance.
  9. Feel like we’ve all convinced ourselves the first two picks are OL and WR, that it’s just lining up for disappointment. Im fully expecting the 2nd round to be defense.
  10. Idiots. Nobody pays a RB big money anymore.
  11. It’s not usually big names like that. Last big name I can think of is Randy Moss to Patriots. But yeah. Doesn’t happen often.
  12. This way we can take Chaisson AND CJ Henderson.
  13. Maybe the Jets are waiting till draft night for a Adams trade, that way it gets lost in all the other noise and won’t have to hear that much backlash since fans will then be busy being excited about the new draft picks
  14. What do we think Douglas is having come draft night? His wife cooking? Serving up a feast or just some chips and pigs in a blanket. Or just ordering a pizza in?
  15. I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s two great OL and a bunch of solid role players. And to us Jet fans, that’s a HOF draft lol.
  16. So sad that we tout that draft as one of our best.
  17. That sucks. Thought it had a pretty good chance to keep going. It seemed to be doing well and better then the AAF.
  18. Sam to Jeudy!!!!! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!
  19. Because it’ll probably be a draft day trade at this point. See who misses out on the top tackles.
  20. You say he’s not taking a WR then insert a quote of Douglas saying “We NEED explosive, dynamic playmakers”. Sooooo. Not so sure it’s off the table.
  21. It’s not a matter of how good your IT department is. It’s a matter of figuring this stuff out with such little time, barely being able to do test runs and adjusting on the fly. I don’t think teams are gonna draft for this situation. It’s too late in the process for that. Also if we’re talking about how a team will adapt to not having camps, otas, eta...that probably means the season is in doubt. But that’s a whole other story.
  22. It’ll be WR at 11. OL 2nd round. Then trade for Trent Williams with one of the 3s.
  23. No. He’s not. He doesn’t even exist. Soooo. We should delete that.
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