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  1. I really don’t think Perriman is comparable when it comes to “elite deep speed”. He’s more of a big body, jump ball kind of guy. Don’t see him as taking a top off a defense. That role will be filled by Juedy or Ruggs
  2. Yes I have a Robby jersey and poster on my wall. You win, now calm down and move on. You’ll get through this.
  3. I really don’t care about Robby. Could care less we didn’t resign him. I'm just worried about the offense my friend.
  4. First of all. Show some respect to the sun god. He deserves better. Second. I’m not defending him. I’m arguing the signing of risky “high potential” players and not having a reliable WR outside of Crowder as a general concern. Third, we have no idea when they’ll draft a WR. We could be going into camp with Perriman, Crowder and 2nd round rookie as your top 3. A lot could go wrong. Fourth, how dare you call me out.
  5. Where in my post did I mention Robby? All I’m talking about is what’s on the team.
  6. I know some say these kinda signings are low risk high reward but I see a ton of risk when you’re only reliable WR is Crowder. We can’t really afford these guys to underperform.
  7. That’s nice. He still didnt make an impact until last year. On his 3rd team.
  8. Hard to get too excited for a WR that was a legit bust his first 3 years. Can anyone explain what happened with his career up until this point?
  9. I just can’t see that happening. I wouldn’t mind it though. Actually an interesting question. Solve the WR problem like that, while keeping a questionable OL that was put together in FA. Or do you add an OL at 11 and make it a little more reliable while ignoring weapons for Sam.
  10. So does this mean Douglas is now on the phone with the Browns for OBJ? Is that the next step here?
  11. I feel like this OBJ trade stuff is just made up by the fans and everyone is running with it. And it doesn’t actually exist as a possibility.
  12. I don’t even think he wants to be a HC at this point. He’s pretty happy with where he’s at.
  13. Thought players hated Gase and the Jets? whats wrong with him.
  14. Can RG and LG play either spot easily? Noticed Van Roten played all snaps at LG.
  15. Good in the run game. But better suited being a backup/depth piece. He was the weak link according to Carolina fans. Looks like they wanted him back but not starting.
  16. What are you wishing the plan was instead? Sign all the top FAs?
  17. Lol @ people thinking every person on the depth chart should be elite.
  18. Clowney is the best deep threat this team has ever witnessed.
  19. Meh. If nobody else wants him, I kinda don’t want him either.
  20. Because a guy signs a 1 year 2 million deal?? I’m gonna sayyyyyy no.
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