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  1. The thing with yesterday was that there was pressure with no plan on how to handle it. It was a free blitzer in your face while Gase is running normal long routes.
  2. Because Gase doesn’t mind it. I also don’t think they expected to get embarrassed. “No don’t mic up Sam, we’re gonna suck tonight”
  3. You still have the rest of the season to evaluate him. If he plays THIS bad the whole way, then yeah you might wanna look elsewhere. I really don’t think he will. But either way I’d rather work on building the oline up then doing a qb carousel.
  4. Been terrible but has he once had a chance to drop back and breathe? Sure doesn’t feel like it. This oline is straight trash.
  5. Really wish he didn’t tell Sam to fumble and throw the two picks
  6. They’re just not that good a team. Getting beat by a much superior team. Is what it is.
  7. I don’t watch any falcons football but to me that looks like a pretty talented roster. I don’t know how you continue to suck so bad. They need a new identity on the coaching side of things.
  8. Hey CJ here’s all the tools to make the right choice, it’s simple!
  9. Lol. That’s bad. Is there any official word yet on who’s out out of those questionable guys??
  10. There were still gonna be made. Injuries are just making it more convienant. Actually one of the things I like about Gase so far, he’s willing to switch things up if something isn’t working. He’s def not just gonna stick with a Veteran over and over if it’s not working.
  11. I’m here for the comments on Andy Reid being able to still win with his backup QB and Gase can’t. Did we discuss that yet? If not we should go in depth
  12. I really hope we don’t get destroyed Monday. I enjoy all this optimism. Interesting how confident Bart was when he said Darnold is getting his fav target back in 2 weeks.
  13. It’s time to put the phone down and go outside.
  14. The salary for players is 55k. So I have no idea what their angle is, maybe be what the AAF was TRYING to do?
  15. That too. But he's all smiles in the building. Players and coaches really enjoy him.
  16. He looked defeated because it was one thing after another with your big time players getting hurt. And then to get the news that your star QB has fn Mono?! Not an injured shoulder or anything.....mono. THEN your back up QB goes out in the first quarter. What Coach is gonna be rah rah at that point? Gase is fine.
  17. I’m sure he’s sitting at home happy knowing he made one of the best moves ever. Should be proud.
  18. But he does Pac. Or did, I should say. Theres no denying the facts.
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