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  1. It definitely was better. They handled stunts better, which were killing them before. Curious to see how they handle Beachum out.
  2. Means nothing. He just had to be activated or else he’d be on IR.
  3. I would not be surprised if that were true. At all.
  4. Ask me after the Pats game. If we lose, fire him immediately and trade everyone. If we win, we’re going to the super bowl.
  5. Sounds to me like there’s not a whole lot out there to go with. Basically screwed if Sam goes down. Just need to make it a point moving forward to draft a guy in the later rounds to groom a bit for the back up spot.
  6. Well respected and leader in the locker room, prob one of the hardest workers too. Also Quinnen was attached to him all camp. Sends a good message to the locker room extending guys like that.
  7. He’s just....very average. He needs to be on a deep dline with a good pass rusher. Otherwise he’s just gonna keep getting stuffed by his double teams. His attitude also sucks but that’s another story. Curious how the other players feel about him.
  8. Also Gase on him is hilarious: Sooooo why don’t we ask Leo to do what Donald does?! Seems to be working for him. But it’s obvious that was a “here’s a bs answer for you” from Gase. Still don’t understand why coaches seem to support him so much.
  9. Brady’s average. Time for Darnold to unleashhhhh! 6-0 run here we come.
  10. Brady looking a little vulnerable here tonight.
  11. Must be nice not having any pressure around you when throwing.
  12. Or we could just not completely suck at finding a WR in the draft?
  13. Showing off your GM that was hired after the draft and FA during the middle of the season really isn’t the right time. What’s he gonna speak about? The waiver wire? Hell, he already did speak about that during training camp I think it was. If he speaks now it’s just gonna be fluff either way. Ballard spoke at the end of the quarter and that’s all it was.
  14. That could be a decent theory but Khalil was put in as a starter before we knew Sam had mono. And really, that’s the whole reason they brought him in. So it would help Sam with setting protections and all that. I’m not giving up on him just yet. And it’s honestly more so the right side that’s awful between shell and Winters. And sadly there’s no answer to fix it really.
  15. 2 weeks? Ugh. 2 too long. So frustrating because now he’ll prob deal with this all season and just never be 100%.
  16. Can never just be happy can you?! Actuallllly I thought I saw that Khalil’s pff grade has gotten higher each week. Soo by end of the season we should be in good shape!
  17. And you prob won’t. He’s terrible. At everything. Bell ripped him last week because of how bad he was in the run game. Chalk it up as another miss by Mac. Unless he’s just a realllllly slow learner.
  18. They should fire someone. Douglas and Gase didn’t find out about it till recently, yesterday I think, and they were pissed about it.
  19. Hate to say I told you so 🤷‍♂️ Sucks. Wish it wasn’t true.
  20. The oline is trash but if he comes out and has a great game. I’ll be a believer 110%.
  21. Geesh. Guess I’ll say nothing next time.
  22. Lol. I know I sound crazy. I pray I’m wrong, I want to see him back. But yeah. We’ll see.
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