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  1. I'd honestly be all for signing Jimmy G. Cut Flacco. And if Wilson and the team are struggling by the middle of the season, make the switch. Seems like a no brainer system wise with Lefluer already working with him. Give yourself a chance to see what the rest of the team can be.
  2. What makes you think they would do that? What, in the time JD has been here, makes you think he will give a contract for marketing reasons?
  3. Show some god damn respect sir.
  4. I don't write down the histories of pre seasons but I remember Darnold with Gase being a good preseason.
  5. But there's been preseasons where the offense looked great. Then real games come around and well, we stink again. So it's just hard to read into these practices and pre season games. The actual season is a totally different ball game.
  6. Sounds balanced. The workings of a great team folks.
  7. IMO, Mangold is terrible on that podcast. He's got a good personality and humor but he's not a great speaker for this kinda thing. Sanchez is way more natural with it. Would love if they embraced Rex into some of these things but I kinda get why they wouldn't. Too much of a loose canon.
  8. I like Zach but I don’t like this throw. It looks cool and all but he needs to stop practicing like this. Nobody is around him. Reset and throw.
  9. He fully did that just to give us something to talk about.
  10. Alright, that's it. Pack it up until week 1.
  11. LOL. Exact reaction I had. Iron...sharpens...Iron?
  12. I think you're thinking way too much into this. They shouted out numbers and now you're taking as if it's a concrete rule. They'll go with the flow of the game and do what they can to keep each guy fresh. They're not taking out key guys in key moments. They want them at their best for those big moments.
  13. See. We don't have any freakazoids. So you rotate.
  14. Guess the media is out there today ...
  15. Can't tell if this is racist or...
  16. Meh. You're not even trying.
  17. It said he stood up and then finished. Even if it was a tiny little drop that barely touched her. It happened, it came in contact with her and she was uncomfortable and most importantly, said no.
  18. Well...where is he??????
  19. That gives me such anxiety. I wanna throw it out immediately.
  20. For some reason, I’ll be in the mood for chain pizza sometimes. I’ll ask the wife “you in the mood for fake(chain) or real pizza?” Nothing wrong with it from time to time. Glad this thread has taken the direction it has. The way an OTA thread should be.
  21. Brady Quinn vs David Carr Jets debate, make it happen . Battle of the busts arguing the Jets, so appropriate.
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