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  1. They’re throwing 50 times because this team gets far behind by the 2nd quarter.
  2. Are they even using him properly?? Why is he being thrown 50/50 balls down the sideline on 4th and 5? And another where you expect him to box out a db?? Have Berrios running deep. Wtf are we doing??
  3. It’s bad coaching and defense has no pass rush. Instant disaster. Throw in questionable to poor QB and you go nowhere.
  4. So the difference is, one team has Flacco and the other has Burrow?
  5. It’s just comical at this point. To Moore none the less
  6. Wtf. You need 5 yards. And you’re throwing that?? And running that? What are we doing
  7. Why is Joyner not benched? How can it get worse. My god
  8. Sucks we drafted a pass rusher and spent big on one, and still badly need a good pass rusher.
  9. With Wilson out, Flacco is back to check down city. My god. Wtf is happening.
  10. He’s def hearing it from Saleh. Rightfully so. Just dumb.
  11. Do corners ever turn around anymore? Phew. That was lucky.
  12. That should be a Davis play. Why we expecting tiny Moore to box that guy out??
  13. Why LeFluer is in love with those fn sweep plays is beyond me.
  14. He ain’t wrong!! 2015 the core of that team was veterans for 1 or 2 years. Nothing beyond that. Bob is setting us up good. So unappreciative. Thank you Saleh. Thank you!!
  15. Lol. What is happening. Why was that even being discussed?
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