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  1. It said he stood up and then finished. Even if it was a tiny little drop that barely touched her. It happened, it came in contact with her and she was uncomfortable and most importantly, said no.
  2. Well...where is he??????
  3. That gives me such anxiety. I wanna throw it out immediately.
  4. For some reason, I’ll be in the mood for chain pizza sometimes. I’ll ask the wife “you in the mood for fake(chain) or real pizza?” Nothing wrong with it from time to time. Glad this thread has taken the direction it has. The way an OTA thread should be.
  5. Brady Quinn vs David Carr Jets debate, make it happen . Battle of the busts arguing the Jets, so appropriate.
  6. Imo he gets plenty. It’s not reps that’s holding him back. They do extra after practice too that reporters don’t see. Zach would say something if he thinks he’s not getting the work he needs. He wants to get this down. After skipping balls to running backs in those couple games he stayed like 2 hours after practices throwing nothing but swing passes to the rbs. Just over and over. Nobody else around.
  7. They said they wanna rotate them. I don’t love the idea but I don’t think the defense sucked last season because Quinnen didn’t play enough.
  8. Practicing “more” isn’t this teams problem lol. They did plenty last year. It’s the talent and experience.
  9. And then we call out Saleh asking why is Wilson playing in the final preseason game into the third quarter.
  10. No(although anything can happen) but it builds on your body as time goes on. Wilson will get the reps all throughout camp. Lefluer talked about walk throughs being just as important too. OTAs is pretty much mental reps and team building. Reading into 7-7s in June is just pointless.
  11. Lol. It’s June. You want Saleh running them into the ground? Jesus. Then we’ll complain about why does this team have so many injuries.
  12. Of course it’s a circle jerk over one nice pass! We’re jets fans that deal with bad over and over. You celebrate the little things while you can.
  13. The article states Flacco was firing on all cylinders, completing mostly every pass. Start Flacco.
  14. There you go, happy? He's out there struggling on 4 passes in OTA's. We suck again.
  15. He's trying to keep Jet fans at bay. I get it, it's only OTA's. Basically saying "Don't over react to what I'm about to tell you..." Also, getting those reps with the WRs is kind of overrated. It's cool and all but they're just going over a few routes and throw for about an hour. Like Zach mentioned, those trips are more about the bonding with the guys and becoming closer with one another.
  16. I mean the game IS 80% mental and 40% physical, so this makes sense.
  17. You don't like yum yum sauce with your football?
  18. Then we lose our minds and fight about it here on the forum.
  19. It also pushes Bryce Hall to be better. Show them you belong. Not just shoved to the back. Because QB is different. Simple.
  20. I thought when we drafted Darnold, it was like oh sht, the Jets finally got lucky. We did it. It’s our time. Didn’t feel that way with Zach but my confidence this year is higher then it ever was with Sam because of well he’s set up right now.
  21. Let’s say all who we hope are good, actually turn out to be good… THEN I’d say pass rusher, LB and safety.
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