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  1. Well the good thing with safeties is you can usually find a decent one late in free agency and later in the draft. You don't have to spend a top 10 pick like some stupid teams do.....heh. heh.
  2. Wonder if Duanes camp is holding him out or its the Jets. Anyone know?
  3. Eh. Maybe, maybe not. From what I've seen, it's not scheme, it's just getting on the same page with each other and a better pass rush. That's on the talent. It'll be interesting to see against the Bengals this week. They SHOULD have a good game on defense. Joe Mixon is good but you don't need to over commit like you did with Cleveland. Plus their OL woes. BUT...they've had issues with communication in the secondary. You can't fukk up on the back end with this offense, you'll get burned real quick.
  4. You kidding me? That sounds perfect for iced coffee. COME AT ME.
  5. Eh. I'm in the camp of if a QB is playing well enough to get us in the playoff dance...roll with that guy. Zach can happen next year. Won't be in position to take a top QB in the draft anyway.
  6. Take your fur coat off and relax a bit. It's gonna be a while. Get comfy.
  7. It's great year round. Shoot hot coffee to the moon.
  8. Well if he’s getting him on the field and not starting, that’s one wild 2 QB package with Flacco and Wilson.
  9. Lol I can't do this with you right now. My goodness. You focus on the DB across the field on this play? I think you just like debating for the fun of it.
  10. Lol this is the video resume you're talking about? Gardner is fine.
  11. Didn't miss that. Him and Quinnen made a good push when it counted. That's what you want. Was commenting on mostly the rest of the game. Takes a while for him to get home and Cleveland was getting the ball out quickly.
  12. I only mentioned the communication problem overall because I had just watched a play where I think, Kwon shifted everyone in the wrong direction too late and Cleveland ran the opposite way for a huge gain. I guess that's more of a wrong play by the coaches or a bad adjustment by the player. I'm no expert lol. Yeah pass rush is the biggest issue. There's no speed. They're all power rushers between Lawson, JFM, and Martin. Speed guys are Huff and Johnson. I hope they see more snaps. Otherwise, you need to start sending a blitzer to get home.
  13. I thought it was wide too but Cleveland was wide too...watched some others, and the same. Difference was, the other players were just better and quicker getting to the QB.
  14. The rotation makes sense. It's just...they're not very good lol. Haven't seen much with Gardner being a liability? Something specific stand out?
  15. That's what happens when you whiff big on one of them. He'll either have to resign Fant, sign a big FA or draft one high if you want to solidify that spot. I'd say resign Fant for 2 more years.
  16. Interesting stat looking at Next Gen Stats with pass rushers... League Average of seperation from QB is 4.53 yards. Week 2: Von Miller - 3.27 Myles Garrett - 3.46 Carl Lawson - 4.58
  17. Actually think it's more man over zone.
  18. Aright, the all-22 on game pass is finally available and I watched some of this defense and phew boy, it's gonna be a long season unless things tighten up. -Bunch of communication issues, all over not just in the secondary. You figure that with so many new pieces and rookies. It's gonna happen but gotta fix it sooner than later. -The interior pass rush is horrific. Zero push when Quinnen is out. Rankins, Soloman Thomas, and Shepherd isn't getting it done. Ideally, you'd like to find a legit pass rusher and kick JFM inside permanently. Either way, sorry to say, but Defensive Tackle is a big priority for this team. -Lawson needs to step it up. But hard to tell this game with how quick Brissett was getting the ball out. -Tony Adams got put in a blender on one play, opening up for a huge first down. -They have no idea how to execute a stunt properly. Several times I've watched them run into each other and go nowhere. -Whitehead is pretty all over the place when it comes to coverage. Great run defender. But with that big hitter mentality comes over pursuing and puts him out of position often. So, overall...not sure if a lot of out of positioning was due to coaching, just bad players or them being overly worried about the run game (which I actually think was a big part of it). It'll be interesting to see against the Bengals. Do they finally activate Huff and get a better pass rush? Next offseason...need a new DT, LB, S, and Pass Rusher. Simple.
  19. Was counting when Saleh and Douglas were together. Like I said, they shouldn’t be bad. But defense should def be the focus next draft.
  20. When they mention the defense, they say if you can't perform with "all these resources that went into the defensive side"....ehh. I disagree with that. The offense has def been favored Saleh's first two years. It was a little more balanced this offseason but IMO still a ton of areas to be improved upon. Where as the offensive side, I think we can all say, we're pretty OK there (obv aside from QB questions). They definitely shouldn't be a bad defense. But I think some more resources, specifically with the draft, can be put into that side of the ball.
  21. Because he had a bad rookie season, then that's it? He's done? No need for any more playing time? And exactly, he's unknown because we haven't seen if he's improved or not. If the Flacco miracle isn't happening, then yes, Zach will be in there.
  22. I think he's better at pass pro and run blocking could be better. Def held his own going against Clowney and Garrett all day. Not a complete liability, so that's a good start!
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