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  1. It’s a passing league. But let’s keep going backwards.
  2. Feel like that's more of a direction to have Lamar back. Roman was a huge problem. Fans absolutely hated him as OC.
  3. That's wild. I would've guessed he won 4 SB's or something lol
  4. Zach's not getting another chance lol. Unless the new QB they bring in gets hurt.
  5. Eh I think at that point, he'll just be a Big Ben type of QB. Still can throw really well.
  6. I get the reasoning for starting him. 2021 was a throw away/development year. For the whole team, not just QB. So let's get him the in game experience and let him learn from it. What they didn't expect to happen was for him not be able to complete a dump off pass to the RBs. Or completely sail passes over the TE's head. I still don't think that would have been solved with sitting for a year. His main issue is handling pressure. Unless you're taking off the red jersey, idk how you're solving that. This whole plan/rebuild would be nice if he was even playing at a Mac Jones level.
  7. I'd rather Burrow. Just think he's a better passer overall. His accuracy is absurd. And QB swag for dayzzz. Sign me up.
  8. I'm pretty sure the HC shouldn't have to sit down with each skill player to have a chat. That's what having a staff is for. He steps in when its time for something major to happen. Such as..benching the QB, like he did.
  9. Lol. Omg. This happened on sooooo many plays. Whitehead constantly misses these types of tackles where it should be a gain of 1 but goes for bigger. They are NOT good.
  10. Yeah, this whole fn mess is because of our QBs being made of glass and being trash.
  11. What are you talking about? Lol. Saleh doesn't come off as weak at all. Stop making sht up boy. Mostly tells us Zach sucking screwed things up and that LaFluer was just not a good communicator and things were way too complex and players expressed that.
  12. Kinda why I’m all in on Carr. Let him hold the fort with decent QB play and do all your mighty best to develop Zach or another drafted QB. Otherwise we’re stuck with a backup QB being our guy.
  13. I know everyone wants a veteran OC but I honestly don’t think you need one if the plan is to get a veteran QB. Competent QB can make a first time play caller look fine.
  14. Just hire one of the Eagles guys and get this over with.
  15. I honestly wouldn't do it either if I were him. It's not a career move that would better himself with an unknown QB situation.
  16. Look what you all have done. Scared the man back to Miami.
  17. None of that makes sense for this team. Marrone also fired Hackett in Jax.
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