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  1. He also has no other choice lol. Not until the off season when he maybe request a trade again. But for now he has to just keep his head down and work. Can't leave.
  2. I do think he's a good HC. Even when we lost, I didn't think it was because of bad coaching on his part. He's aggressive when he needs to be. He doesn't let problems blow up and get out of hand (see Moore situation). He believes in his players (see Mims). And he adapts and not afraid to speak up about changes regarding game plans and schemes (see Zach Wilson). He's not just sticking to the defensive side, he obviously talks with LeFluer about what needs to change in order to work. Getting G. Wilson and Mims more involved. His hands are all over this team and it's not a bad thing.
  3. This coaching staff is making me slowly fall in love with them. I LOVE how they adapt and not afraid to change things to find what works best. Defensive staff fully listened when Quinnen yelled at them. Ulbrich is continuing to evolve and always changing up the game plan depending on the opponent. Players are buying in (cept Moore). Hate when coaches are just stubborn and it's "my scheme, my way until the end" and nothing changes. Doesn't seem that way here.
  4. Pretty cool when the opponents are taking notice. LFGGGG
  5. And yet Ballard gets to keep on churning with bullsh*t QB solutions. How about you give the HC a chance instead of veteran QBs before retirement?? Either way, bring in Reich ASAP for QB coach. Give him whatever he wants.
  6. It honestly rides on the offense and Zach. The defense will match up with anyone IMO.
  7. Ain't this some BS? Can never be easy. Always gotta sweat it out. I think the Jets have one of the toughest remaining schedules out of everyone. And Miami is playing out of their minds. And we have to end the season in there? Probably with something to play for. Ughhhhh.
  8. Ehhhh. Jets lost because the OL got beat and Zach played wreckless. I don’t think they confused anyone. But we’ll see again soon enough.
  9. Also how is that not a penalty? DB legit launched himself at Mims.
  10. Omg that video. I fn love it. Just completely amped for your team. Suck it Moore. Learn a thing or two from these guys.
  11. The 4 7 part will come. And it will be glorious.
  12. Thank god Zach played well and got the win. I don’t think I could handle this forum on a bye with a loss and multiple INTs.
  13. Good. Exactly what his game should be. Quick passes. 10-15 yard routes. Doesn’t always have to be flashy to be successful. I mean, throw a bomb to Mims every once in a while but outside of that.
  14. Jet fans need to understand no QB is going to have a perfect game. Did they cost us the win? Did they hold the offense back? Today he did exactly what he needed to do and got the win.
  15. Nah you still suck. Gooooooo Jets!
  16. He played very well today. Played well within the pocket too. Didn’t bail. Didn’t force anything. Hope he keeps this kinda ball going. That’s how they’ll keep winning. He doesn’t need to throw for 400 yards with this defense.
  17. Currently undefeated. Green is now out.
  18. Listen. Bills supposed to be one of the best teams in the league and IMO, Jets are more then holding their own. It’s been one hell of a turnaround from last year.
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