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  1. He threw 68 times?! Good lord. And Malik Willis threw 16 times lol.
  2. That's a pretty massive claim lol. That's pretty much the ideal/perfect corner. Hey, if he's right....LFG
  3. Thank god Saleh ran a soft camp. Charmin for the win!
  4. His buddies didn’t ask for a trade after just 14 games.
  5. Damn Kerby had a hell of a week. That's a shame. SAUUUUUUUUUUUUUCEEEEE #jetstwitterundefeated
  6. A little luck is okay sometimes. Also I have no fuggin clue what Joyner is defending there. He flips his hips to that side of the field way before it's thrown and just sits there, not sure what he's waiting for.
  7. Probably LB. Or OT. Usually one falls down in that range that are still very good.
  8. I think this is why I'm not a fan of his. Comes off kinda smug? Like "i'll do what i want and still kick your ass" meh. And what do we get? Chiefs flexed into ANOTHER primetime game with the Chargers. Weeeee. Can I watch someone other than the Chiefs and Rams play?
  9. DRAGGG those sum bitches into the 4th. Love it.
  10. Just give me more DJ Reed signings. That has to be our best FA signing in the last decade, no?
  11. Maybe this is recency bias since we beat the Bills but I feel like the Dolphins and Chiefs are the teams to beat here.
  12. Priorties for me would be McGovern, Zuerlein, Quincy and Huff. Let Fant and Thomas walk. The rest try to get on friendly deals.
  13. Saleh rips the refs every single time theres a bad call or missed call. It is what it is.
  14. And that's how good teams....stay good teams. Just keep building depth with talented guys. Don't have to force yourself into a new contract with Conklin or Uzomah in 2 years. Just let your depth take over.
  15. Think it's possible with Mahomes mostly because he's paired with GOAT HC. As long as Reid is around, he'll continue to do amazing things (and i'm sure well after Reid too). Just like Brady did with Belicheck. Rodgers probably would've won multiple rings in NE too. Peyton is my GOAT. Will never change. Don't care.
  16. He CAN make those unusual throws, physically. In game, off script.....no. And that's okay Jet fans.
  17. Observation: Jet fans absolutely deserve this. We are just genuinely happy to be relevant at this time of the year. To be a part of these conversations. It's been too long of incompetence.
  18. Zach about to have a Flu game? THIS MAN IS ELITE
  19. I'm not paying for premium youtube to skip ads lol. I can wait 5 seconds.
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