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  1. Agree with this. Why does he have to back up all 3 positions? If he’s limited, let him back up one position until he more fully grasps the playbook. Reminds me a bit of Jonathan Vilma. Jets changed from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and they couldn’t find a role for him. Guy was a great linebacker. Traded him to New Orleans for 50 cents on the dollar and he went on to win a SuperBowl and multiple pro bowls. Same thing will happen with Mims. They’ll trade him somewhere where he’ll become a star.
  2. Most of the players signed in free agency are good players, but they rarely play to the level of their contract. And often, their teams are cutting them and absorbing dead money on the cap.
  3. Don’t think anyone’s going anywhere. Need to keep depth when you’re investing in an injury prone player. Reminds me a bit of Kris Jenkins. He was a beast when he was on the field; best dlineman the Jets have had since Klecko. But eventually, the injury history reappeared, and then he was gone.
  4. The price may now match the value.
  5. Maybe if he’s going for 10 cents on the dollar (e.g., conditional picks next year that could become ones if he’s exonerated). Instead of killing your draft, you roll the dice that this will all roll over eventually and then you have your franchise QB. When the story on L’ael Collins broke before the draft, I couldn’t believe no one thought to invest a 7th round pick in him. It was minimal risk to get a first round talent. What are you expecting out of a 7th round pick? Instead, Dallas signed him as an UDFA. Same concept here.
  6. With his injury history, I would expect this to be an incentive laden contract.
  7. I don’t think so. Of course there are some examples, but most do not pan out. not that this is conclusive but And this All the big money players signed during the first couple of days of free agency look like stars and a big help to their teams, but mostly they don’t. The Jets have consistently been “big winners” in March. Not so much in Sept - Jan. This year notwithstanding, the Pats never spend big in March and they’ve done a bit better than the Jets during the season. I’m fine with taking a more conservative approach.
  8. He’s a good RB. At the right price point, he’d be a good addition. If not, there are plenty of other RBs on the market. If the oline is good enough, any decent RB should be fine. Need to invest in the oline - assume that’s still on JDs todo list and he’s just waiting for the prices to be right. Most teams regret spending big money on free agents within a year or two. Let’s wait to judge JD on where he ends up.
  9. Obviously depends on the cost. I’m sure JD will determine a value for him and if he can get him for his price, he will. I think at the right price, he’s a good signing. Solid vet that won’t hurt you and be a bridge to Clark or day 3 picks from this year.
  10. He loves the Sox but writes about the Pats because they are good.
  11. He writes about the Pats because they’ve been unbelievably good and newsworthy for two decades. Do you expect him to do most of his writing on the Bengals, Jets and Jags?
  12. Because he’s one the most respected sportswriters in the industry and plugged into everyone in the NFL.
  13. It’s National - no one cares about our 3rd and 4th stringers or a linebacker making a subtle position shift. King gets a bad rap from Jet fans because he writes a lot about Brady and the Pats, but how can you cover the NFL over the last two decades and not write about them? I never miss his weekly column and am smarter about the NFL because of it.
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