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  1. To me its an indication that either OBJ or Alston Jeffrey will be coming here.
  2. Maybe a crack at Okudah at 50 - 1 because i think thats the only player they stay at 11 for and Wirfs wont last till pick 11.... i think we are looking at a trade back unlessOkudah drops to 11. .i
  3. He signed Peanut...that means Avery Williamson is probably a goner, not Adams! Though i think Adams will go anyway.
  4. Good ideas BB but I will take a different tack...if we really want to compete this year. Pay the money for Clowney or trade back with Jags and get Ngakoue ...we need the passrusher. Trade for Odell Beckham. Re-sign the sun god. Use 2021 picks wherever possible for these trades- We will get some comp picks back in 2021. Trade Bell for a hamburger with cheese to get the extra cap space needed and make any other cuts needed for cap space. Sign Desir. Trade back in the draft to recrue an extra pick or two with Eagles Broncos or Jags or whomever. With the 20th or so pick in the draft the Jets select RB Deandre Swift...the RB with the sharp cut and acceleration perfectly suited for the new wide offensive line scheme. As good a RB as Lev Bell is i dont think he has the cut and acceleration any more to make proper use of the new scheme. I suspect i will have zero supporters on these ideas : ).
  5. True....with Gase and Darnold scheming for those two, would be a disaster for the Bills, Patriots and Dolphins!
  6. Imagine if we finish up with Emmanuel Sanders and Odell Beckham.....WOW!
  7. I think if we take an edge rusher we will look for a trade down and get an extra pick...plus we could also sign a lesser valued pass rusher such as markus golden
  8. Yes...i know. I said it wouldn't be a popular opinion : ) and i think thats why they wanted to move Bell but unfortunately couldnt do it. But if you see a potential game -changing running back who has it all and is perfect for your system...do you try and get him no matter what?.....most people will say no....i will say yes!
  9. This will not be a popular opinion but I think there is a chance they trade picks with the Eagles and take D'andre Swift at pick 21 Swift is a special player with a wicked cut who can slide through small gaps...perfect for our planned wide offensive line.
  10. No panic from me while fowler, trent williams mcgovern, logan ryan, sanders and robbie A and others are still out there. Dont have to go crazy in FA just sign a few needed players. Im one of the few who quite likes the Fant signing.
  11. Whoever thinks that robbie goes for 10 million or less has got his hand on it! The market may however depress his price to 12 million in which case i would resign him. And bring Sanders in for 10 mil. I want route runners, not rookies who may take a year or two to get the routes down. Lets see what Gase/Darnold can do with some receivers who will be where they want them to be!
  12. Yeah i think 10 million for jeffrey is worth the risk here, pending a fitness test. Especially if the Eagles want Avery Williamson. (do they?) Mainly because Gase/Darnold need route runners if we are going to get the best out of them...and an O line as well of course. Emmanuel Sanders comes here too though, for 10 million hopefully. Enunwa goes. Demaryius can stay for the right price as cover for Jeffrey. Draft now freed up for o-line and corner. Only a late round pick on a deep threat WR needed if they dont wish to rely on Vyncent for that.
  13. There is a chance Buffalo could be playing a dead game against us...and maybe resting players....if the Patriots have locked up the division title and the Bills have locked up the wild card. That could help matters!
  14. Agreed....its a new coach,new scheme. It takes a while for players to get used to it. Same thing happened when Gase took over the Dolphins. It looked a mess the first 4 weeks or so and the fans were calling for Gases head. Then all of a sudden it clicked and the Dolphins were playoff bound!
  15. Yes....Gase has no time for lazy players...the same reason he got rid of Leggett.

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