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  1. So that I understand which who exactly is going to be starting on offense: RB: Gore, Ballage (just signed) WR: Perriman, Berrios, Hogan TE: Herndon, Griffin This just might be the weakest offense an NFL team has ever put on the field. It is inexcusable. 10+ years without any attention to the offense. Get down 10 points and the game is over. Totally unwatchable. Nice way to destroy yet another young quarterback. Just thankful they refunded my season ticket money this year. Organization it a total freaking disgrace. Having said that I will be throwing a world class tailgate in my backyard. If the team were as committed as its fans we'd be in much better shape. Cheers!
  2. Woody might be dolt born with a silver spoon in his mouth but this feels like a total hatchet job. One source said they heard him say this, 2 sources say they heard him say that. Having an investigation over isolated and relatively innocuous comments that somehow get leaked out to a news agency amid abroad accusation of racism/sexism. How about the fact that this man hired not one but two black head coaches to lead the team for 9 of his 19 years as owner. How many owners in the league can say the same? Do deeds and actions even count any more or will we all be judged and executed based on the worst comments (even a bad joke) that come out of our mouth. I'll tell you one thing: while the value of sports teams keep rising as the ultimate "toy" of the wealthy, I think some of the future owner prospects may choose to reconsider given the harsh climate we are living through. And one more thing: Jamal Adams please eat a bowl of shut the F up already or at least wait for some facts before further disrespecting the organization that employs you.
  3. Whole thing just sucks. Period. Unfortunately between worrying whether my kids will be allowed to go back to school and this nightmare political climate I just can't muster much care one way or the other on whether fans will be in stands or even if games will be played at all. What will not be remotely fair is if a season is played with fans in some stadiums and none in others and the impact on the competitive landscape that would result. Democrat states no fans no home field. Republican states home field advantage regardless of how bad they are being hit by this virus. Gambling will be interesting as well with home field usually worth 3 points. Hoping for some kind of health improvement so that I can start to get excited about sports again. Season tickets for 30 years tough habit to break!

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