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  1. I kind of like the idea that Douglas floated the idea they love darnold once they determined the coach candidate was a no go. A little well placed misinformation never hurt anyone...
  2. Two things: McCown is a good source but his opinion (public at least) will be skewed to see the best in Sam as he views him almost as a son. Second, it is almost sad to continually hear analysts talk about his limitations and all a team would need to do to make him successful. Must have strong running game, must have lots of motion, must be quick read because doesn’t go through progression, shorter routes since doesn’t see whole field, he’s best when plays break down since he can rely on his talent and not his brain. Time to aim hire my Jet brothers. We need someone with a chance to be special. That’s what competes for championships year after year. Building the perfect team around a limited QB is unsustainable. Even if you could do it it would be impossible to keep all the pieces together for long. Was very hopeful Sam was our guy but watching him not see open targets, miss them when he does see them, and lob balls into triple coverage week after week has convinced me he’s not.
  3. read his book. he's a brilliant guy if not a football coach would have been a big CEO in corporate world. Sometimes we get caught up in minutia like how many qbs has he developed? my answer is who cares as long as we are a winner which i would bet on him being. What great QBs did Bill Parcells "develop". Benched Phil Simms than won the SB with him. Another with Hostetler. Another SB with Bledsoe. Than Neil O'Donnell and Vinnie with the Jets. Than Romo who he discovered with the Cowboys. No Hall of Famers there only consistent thing was winning because he was a leader and motivator same as Urban Meyer. That's what we are looking for. Someone who can find a way to win regardless of personnel or scheme. Hope Chris Johnson and Joe Douglas look at it the same way.
  4. Lets drop our whole process and grab him. hiring a recently fired coach went so well the last time. and hiring a recently fired eagles coach i can't even stomach to mention...
  5. RIP. They don't make them like that anymore. My favorite line: when asked if Darryl Strawberry was dogging it, responded "no he's not dogging it. dogs are loyal and run hard for the ball"
  6. Not that it's relevant (about the same as this january mock draft) but I would love to be a fly on the wall in the season ticket sales meeting when they are trying to figure out how to spin a shiny new right tackle to prospective clients coming off a post-pandemic 2-14 season.
  7. It worked out pretty well with Mike Tomlin and the Steelers though
  8. I read a book where the author mapped out all the interview questions he would ask prospective head coaches. Highly detailed. Pretty sure it was Mike Lombardi's Gridiron Genius. Pretty informative read if I got it right.
  9. I still find it one of the most mind boggling things I've ever heard that the hire of the organization's top position was made contingent on who his assistants would be. CLUELESSS is being kind. Almost don't even blame Macagnan might as well push the limits of his authority but the Johnsons should have told him to eat a bowl of shut the F up when he pressed that position.
  10. Lets keep it all in perspective. If you were selling your house would you say: a) I love this house. We had so many great memories here. The neighborhood is amazing. If it was up to me I would never sell but with the kids all grown we figured it was time to give another lucky family their own special memories. OR b) We really don't like this house so much anymore. We were so optimistic when we purchased it that we were willing to give up 3 high draft picks to close the deal. We nurtured the house with love for many years but despite this the house kept throwing interceptions and now we found out it was built on an ancient burial ground. Which answer yields you the better deal?
  11. That's the thing Sam still doesn't quite get. He actually played quite consistent all year. Unfortunately that was consistently bad. What he should be striving for is to be less consistent
  12. “ Look I'm not a true expert but I played WR in high school” no offense but I am still laughing. “ I know I haven’t run a country yet but I was the student treasurer of my 8th grade class”. our board is the best. Mims suck. Base sucks. Darnold sucks. Who can tell amongst so much suckitude.
  13. I want either Chase Young or Nick Bosa. Oh wait never mind we are the Jets so when we pick #2 there is only one consensus top player and the rest might as well be a coin toss. 😂🤢🤮👿
  14. What makes this so situation so disheartening is that once again when drafting 2 there is only one clear cut consensus player in the whole draft. One! No stud pass rusher like Nick Bosa or Chase Young to take the sting out of losing Lawrence. No freak WR like Calvin Johnson to get pumped for. It seems like picks 2-10 might as well be a crap shoot. And it happens over and over to the Jets. 1995 Pick #1: No QBs. None worthy of the top pick. We take a WR for the first and probably last time in the history of the draft. 1996 Pick #1: No QBs. The one worthy of the spot decides he is returning to school. Parcells, great coach but below average GM, trades the rights to a hall of fame tackle for a linebacker who pans out (for another team) and a bunch of crappy picks. Can go back to Lam Jones and Blair Thomas but since we got Joe Willy number one we seemed to be cursed in the fact that whatever top spot we have there always seems to be one less consensus great player available than we are are picking. Even when we got QW he was at a much less premium position than Bosa who was selected one pick before. Sooo frustrating as is rooting for my team to lose and even than somehow walking away disappointed.
  15. Here's the question: had our punter not prevented that touchdown and had the refs not called another one back moments later is there any of us that would have felt confidence in our QB to lead us on an extended drive down the field for the victory? I know I wouldn't. In fact I'd have been surprised if he got us past midfield before turning the ball over on downs or just plain turning it over. That's what stings so bad. Watching us limp over the finish line with two first downs achieved by a 37 year old running was just such a weak and dispiriting way for us to get our first win and cost ourselves the first pick. Just want to puke over this team already but I know I won't stop rooting for them. It's truly a curse.

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