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  1. Last year we beat cincy and Tennessee and had the bucs beaten. not like past 4 win seasons where we only beat other weaklings. That’s a major positive. Also reminding the whole world that as always we play the same exact schedule as the other teams in our division except we get the 4th place teams in the AFC South and West while they play teams that finished higher. True I’d prefer at least one of the easier games earlier in the season but if we are competitive than it will be nice to have them later. Although the teams we think are weak now might not be weak later either. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that…
  2. Would be pretty classic if the packers schedule is true. League says you want a bye after London and Packers say “nah just give us the Jets and we’ll take our bye later in the season.” Hoping for week 6 at GB maybe hit Koehler for a couple of days of golf and then hit Lambeau in October and cross it off the bucket list.
  3. As a long time jets fan like I assume most of us I would recommend staying off this bet. I went over 6 last year so on top of the pleasure of living though a 4-13 season I lost $200 for the privilege. That salt in the wound is going to be used in a margarita instead this year.
  4. I want Dean, Ojabo, or Walker III. Any one of them would look real good in green.
  5. Not necessarily correct. Maybe they did offer more for the higher picks but nobody bit. anyway they coached him at the senior bowl where I heard he looked very good. To move up to grab him and only move back in the. 3rd plus a 5th is good value. Say what you want about our GM but damn he knows how to make a good trade.
  6. heard the same thing. they asked how many of the teams between 15 and 26 did you call about a trade and he said "all of them." Glad the guys at 15,16, and 17 all said no that's for sure!
  7. I think Houston taking Stingley 3rd overall is mind boggling and opened the door for us to have a grear draft. Huat knowing we had the choice of Gardner and Thibs makes me feel better about taking the CB as opposed to feeling like we were forced to take him. Stingley might turn out to be great but the process of taking a guy who missed most of last season with a serious foot injury and who’s best football was 3 years ago was faulty. Nice that it was to our direct benefit one pick latter.
  8. Should rename this thread exclusive interview with a bunch of bored jets fans waiting for the draft. Let’s get it on already!
  9. Don’t quite understand the logic. We are considering a trade of a WR for the #10 pick so we escort the potential acquirer to a pro day to watch the replacement prospect together? That’s like your prospective in laws escorting you on date to scout out your options but also keep an eye out for better options for their daughter. Pretty awkward and not remotely believable. Personally I don’t trade high draft assets for the right to sign someone for $20+ million per year. Really hope the Jets feel the same.
  10. It was a tough year for him for sure. Hopefully he is comes back feeling better physically and mentally and can contribute. Seems like a good kid. I do think it’s curious that Adam “coaching offense where football is going” gase thought his game suited his mastermind scheme but he is somehow unable to digest the dumbed down playbook of the mere mortal we now employ as our OC. Hopefully a bit of stability can minimize the instances where we keep scrapping prospects because they no longer fit the attributes desired in yet another new regime change.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Definitely looked calmer and more comfortable after the injury. The leap between year 1 and 2 when you have 9 months to focus on your specific offense instead of 4 months trying learn an offense is pretty huge. It’s hard to overstate how much E. Moore was missed. He is our only receiver who creates separation and was rolling until his second injury knocked him out. Notice in the video how little separation there is on each throw both before and after the catch. Hopefully we get Williams or Wilson at pick 10 and the offense can open up a bit more with 4 professional receivers and two professional TEs. Been a long long time since we could say that.
  12. Guess this is (yet) another opportunity to state the obvious. There are a number of teams that don’t attract FAs because they are bad. The only way they take them is to badly overpay aka Jacksonville this year and the jets previous years. In the process they assure they stay bad. It is a catch 22. The only way out is too build as we are now doing through the draft while bringing in younger (hopefully ascending) JAs for fair market contracts, it is slow and sometimes painful but from watching all these years it is the only way out. I like what Joe Douglas has done and look forward to this draft. Unfortunately in a league that is so QB-centric all the bets laid plans can go astray if that one decision is the incorrect one. Unfair but that’s the reality. I am choosing optimism for this coming season. Hop on board my fellow brothers and let’s try to enjoy this season with fingers crossed.
  13. I live in both Miami and ny and for a young wealthy athlete Miami is better hands down. The women, weather, and taxes are tough to beat. We are going to have to get good and then maybe we can win these bids but for now it seems we lose them all. Frustrating but nothing to do it is out of anyone’s control.
  14. I agree with the original thread. I am happy to see we had the gumption to take a swing. On the other hand giving up two high seconds and a high third and then having to pay on top of that is something I would really only want to do for a QB. We need a lot of pieces not just one really fast one. There’s nothing saying we can’t take the top WR in this years class, pay him an entry level wage and see him catch for over 1000 yards. Than also have our 3 picks and and another $25 million to spread around. It is a bit of a bummer that the draw of NY is no longer a draw and actually appears to be a detriment to prospective FAs. Not sure when that happened but it’s real. Will be interesting if we ever get good to see if that changes even with the crime, high taxes, lousy weather, and ridiculously high cost of living.
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