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  1. Hey guys can we at least be a little excited about Zach Wilson, Vera Tucker, Elijah Moore, a couple of Carter’s and a bunch of late round safety turned linebackers that all made the team. Jeez sometimes the self loathing is just too much and I’m as long suffering as suffering gets.
  2. Just watching the first few sequences reminds me of how awful Darnolds footwork had become. So bad that not even the offensive genius we had as HC could get him even close to fixed.
  3. Have to take the quote from Cashman with a grain of salt. Anyone who can put on pads without pulling a Hamstring would impress him.
  4. Pretty much any big free agent the Mets have signed over the last 20 years but other than that I can’t think of anyone except maybe Ed Whitson and Sonny Gray from the Yankees. Guess it’s only a baseball thing.
  5. Pretty sure I read someplace that he played high school ball in NJ but I could be wrong. The recall and subsequent decision making are huge. I really believe if you asked Sam why he lobbed the ball into a crowd of defenders on first down her could not give you a straight answer. That’s the cause of his failure, a consistent inability to understand what he is seeing and where the ball should go. Regarding Zach Wilson being a prima Dona, driving 10 hours to train and delivering door dash to earn extra scratch would seem 100 percent contradictory to that position based on my life experience
  6. I think it’s likely that San Francisco called Robert Saleh who just left there and was allowed to take a lot of their assistants and said “Robert can you do us a solid and give us an idea if the pick is available and if not who are you leaning towards” and Saleh told them it’s likely going to be Wilson so they went to 3 knowing this.
  7. No it's only Miami's GM who realized he could take all their extra picks and move back up. Some on this board think this concept is beyond the reach of our man Joe.
  8. Like his highlights on tape but if we keep going defensive line we better be the second coming of the sack exchange or our 6th round starting cornerbacks are going to get torched.
  9. I really wish I saw anything in the last two seasons that would make me as keen as some of you all seem in keeping this total bust. Personally I don't get it. 9 TDs last season. It's laughable. Mono. Small glimmers of hope almost always ending with some boneheaded decision. Some strong starts but almost no good finishes. In 3 years how many comeback wins other than the one against Buffalo that cost us a prime draft slot. How can anyone in the stands, on this board, or worse off on the field have any confidence left in this guy? Nice sure. Clutch absolutely not. He inspires no one
  10. Since the keep Darnold question keeps popping up I did a shallow dive to see if it is possible that their is potential for a Tanehill like rebirth. After reviewing his stats under Gase there was regression but his body of work would indicate he was much better than Darnold has ever been to this point in his career. While we could’ve done more to help him it is time to wish him well and say goodbye.
  11. Thanks. Total work of fiction or maybe I saw it in a recent Law and Order SVU I can’t quite remember. Anyway the plot twist is that a former ambassador to the UK has just returned to the USA and it is discovered that he was the one who set it up
  12. There’s an old line that if you follow a man on the road for 500 miles you can catch him doing something wrong. Seems like Watson frequents a rub and tug massage place. It seems like he was followed by a cop or detective. It seems like whoever hired this detective threatened the “Massueses” to either testify or get busted for prostitution. And the 4 girls who complained most likely all work at the same place. Just supposition but if you are a person in the public eye it is dangerous times out there. Never been so happy to be anonymous.
  13. I see where we are headed... Vyncnt Smith, Jeff Smith, Smith Scampi, Pineapple Smith, Smith Gumbo, and last but not least Bubba Gump Smith
  14. Darnold will not be on the team next year. Period. End of story. If they have to trade him for a 6th round pick than that is what they'll do because that is all he will be worth. Why I am 100% confident this is the case? Because when specifically asked if he would accept trade calls on Darnold he did not answer "no he is untouchable." He did not answer "well it is my job to take calls on anyone, I would trade my wife if the right offer came along." The latter statement being a very stock answer that reinforces your belief in a player while keeping the option for return open without leav
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