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  1. Likely just more to work on with the offense. It is hard to argue with anything the defense has been doing these last 8 weeks.
  2. It’s pretty simple. If my business I ask who the receivers and tight ends prefer. When all 6 say the same name that’s my guy. What am I missing?
  3. Maybe. But I’m guessing he stinks less than the guy he is replacing.
  4. Must be hard as WR to keep busting your hump to get open only to have the QB not see you. And in the few cases he does see you he either bounces it or throws it high and leaves you vulnerable to a big hit. Then after the game your friends are like "bro, 1 catch for 4 yards. 3 targets. What you be doing over there. And then trying to hold your tongue and not say your QB sucks is the issue."
  5. Guys the list of what Zach Wilson has to improve to get to even below average is staggering: -terrible footwork. When steps into a throw he’s good but way too often it’s back foot or all arm. -gets rattled by rush and abandons pocket very often sideways or backwards -cannot see the field. Even when plays break down and he scrambles almost never can find an open receiver. They must break open he just cannot see them for some reason. -tentative and indecisive. Even if first read is open he often doesn’t pull the trigger -totally intimidated and broken versus belichek who is his daddy. Don’t think this will ever change. -while athletic appears physically small and has already proven injury prone. one or two issues can be fixed. A multitude most likely cannot. In fact if he wasn’t picked where he was there’s no way with his current skill set even makes the roster. They can have a reboot every season but the outcome is not gonna change.
  6. I would have loved to trade back with San Fran, get 3 first rounders or maybe more, and the. Traded up to grab Fields when he dropped. Of course that scenario is predicated on the fact that we knew Fields would drop. Had we traded and Fields went 3rd and there were no QBs left than we would be the ones without a seat when the music stopped. Pretty big risk.
  7. I really don’t understand what we saw in this small, entitled kid to select him 2nd overall. How did we make this pick? Two years in and the kid has a 55% completion percentage. Are we serious. Maybe in basketball that would be good but in the NFL it is abysmal. Every time he drops back you hold your breath. 4 touchdowns in 7 games. That’s an excellent game for a good QB. It takes our guy 7 games. He is a scrub. Maybe we play him 15 games and then sit him versus Belichek is the answer. What a colossal bust. If we have even mediocre qb play this team would be sitting in first place. Just a shame.
  8. Am I the only one that thought our best chance of scoring was with our defense on the field. That every time this entitled biatch dropped back I held my breath sure he was going to screw up. That with 2 minutes to go and a chance to win the game the Jets didn't call a time out because they had ZERO confidence in this player. I do not understand what they are practicing or how Zach Wilson looks in practice. I know if his first read isn't there he is lost and becomes panicky and that hasn't changed, if anything it is worse. He needs to hit the bench post haste. How can the CS hold anyone else on the team accountable when it is blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes that this kid is lost and costing his team badly? I would rather lose 41-0 next week with our 2nd stringer than watch a repeat of yesterdays disastrous and nauseating performance both during the game and afterwards. Bench his ass now. If he can't take it it is yet further proof he's Mr. Wrong. If there's a 2% chance his entitled ass learns something about accountability and leadership it is worth taking because otherwise he is 100% finished here and probably in the NFL.
  9. What did he say that was wrong. Zach Wilson was awful. And the only thing worse than his play was not taking accountability. Instead of “no” how about “yes of course the defense played good enough to win and we have to do better. That starts with me.” no accountability = no leadership = bad quarterback. It stings but we’ve built a good team and now have to bite the bullet that we missed on this guy.
  10. I appreciate your thoughtful and rational response. I like to think I have those some times but I must admit our receivers are in a state of revolt - They are good - they know a lot of guys on defense are good - and they are tired of covering up for someone who they clearly feel is not good. They are tired of running routes and getting opened and watching as their qb can see them or pull the trigger and runs for his life it takes a sack. I’m sure the offensive line is starting to hate him too.
  11. Not sure who has informed some of us that a block in the back is from the spot of the foul. It’s calls the play all the way back plus 10 yards to boot. By the same logic a offensive pass interference that goes for a Td just gets pulled back the 10. Wrong. Having said that that was the last of the three. Happened right in the middle of the play and could not be missed but I’m almost glad it wasn’t called because we didn’t deserve another break. In this game at least we got. Ore than out fair share. No gripes about officiating
  12. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a game where I was nervous on offense and actually hoped for the defense to take the field and give us a chance to score. And wilson proved me right he was trying to throw an interception to put himself out of his misery but the pats refused to catch them. Utterly inexcusable performance. Two yards in the second half. Two. If this guy wasn’t the 2nd overall pick he might (might) stay in the league as a backup project with a good arm. He is awful.
  13. I’d say it was nice to finally complete a creep but throwing a backwards pass from your own 5 with a qb who stinks should get Lafleur benched too
  14. Honestly he just doesn’t look like he belongs in the NFL right now. Let alone starting.
  15. Looked like the same exact idiotic throw as he made end of the half last pats game except somehow much worse.
  16. 2-7 passing with two minutes to go in the first half. Might as well just put on the leather helmets were setting offensive football back about 50 years.
  17. They weren’t even trying to get the freakin first down. That was pathetic. WhitehEad didn’t want to hit him.
  18. Why they couldn’t start the game with a quick out to monroe is confounding.
  19. Hard to establish the run when we have 4th stringers manning the right side of the line. backups to our backups. It’s unbelievable.
  20. Dint think national media is giving Jets their due for the ridiculous rash of injuries on our O line. Two starting tackles and starting guard down for pretty much whole season and even backups injured with a starter we signed late pre season playing with a torn rotator cuff. Yet the guys covering our games hardly mention it or give the coaching staff little credit. Don’t really care just find it a odd passing on a pretty big story for a big market team having a surprising season
  21. I think there’s some truth to this. Regarding Breece specifically he was hurt in Denver so can’t blame our field for that unless Denver has the same type of surface.
  22. From a macro view the fact this was started weeks ago and is still only 7 pages while the team is 6-3 speaks volumes about our concerns about this qb. I’m hoping for some serious growth in which case look out. If not I almost don’t care anymore so long as we don’t spend the next two years confirming he’s not the guy.
  23. Awesome. Love this stuff. It’s hard to understand how much preparation and work goes into this business. A lot of the finished product has been lousy but it’s not for a lack of effort.
  24. This draft class is one for the ages. Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, Johnson, Breece Hall, Mitchell. wow. High quality on and off the field. The future is feeling bright.
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