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  1. It’s amazing the impact of perception on reality. If Quincy Williams were drafted where his brother is the announcers and fans would be raving about what a beast he is. Hard hitting, heat seeking, tackling machine. Heart and soul of the defense. Because we got him in the scrap heap we mention some of these things but also include that he plays a bit wild and is sometimes out of position. Personally I would take him over Mosley or Davis 7 days a week not even taking into account the ridiculous disparity in compensation. If we had 11 guys like him on defense we would be hell to play.
  2. “Coach, these base fundamentals that you execute so well. What exactly are they?” ”Well I’ve reviewed the rules and they state the defense is allowed to have up to 11 players on the field at any time. We’ve really emphasized that as a core of our philosophy. I mean there is nothing more fundamental than that. I had a kid run some analytics and he told me that we have had 11 players on the field over 95% of the time. 95%! I mean if this was a class that would get me a grade of A for sure.”
  3. It’s amazing the whole world knows Pitts is their best weapon by far so the Patriots whole plan is to stop him. Brilliant. Not as brilliant as covering him one on one with a defensive linemen of course but brilliant nonetheless.
  4. Simply don’t understand the thought process behind this decision. So Mike White went from potentially taking the starting job to third string after one bad game? And the youth movement we are all supposed to be excited about requires stabilization not from coaching but from inserting a 38 year old quarterback who will be in his fifties before this group becomes any good? This organization just seems to give its fans less and less reason to watch each week. Next week we might as well bring in Gus the kicking mule to lead special teams.
  5. Went to my first game in a few years and got wife and kid to join me. Beautiful day. Nice tailgate. was good to be back in stadium. Now for the rest. Our stadium was half Bills fans. There was so much blue it actually looked like a Bills home game. I understand the product has been really lousy but it is still embarrassing when you’re a part of it in the stands. Bills fans all very nice and why not they were kicking ass and as their “hosts” it was nice to see them have such a fun and relaxing day. And was it me or was every penalty called in the Jets favor get picked u
  6. His agent should be sued for malpractice. He knew early on that his client was arrested and yet still refused to sign a pretty good long term offer the Jets (who did not know about the arrest) made for $11 million per. Than compounds it by posting that his injured client would be back in time for the trade deadline. Absolute dumbass.
  7. Excellent point. I rewatched the game in compressed format so couldn’t make out the uniform numbers quick enough but if not mistaken I could swear I saw Quincy Williams blow up 3-4 special team plays with monster hits. Could be wrong but that’s what it looked like.
  8. 1) nice to see Frank Reich is such a gentleman or it could’ve be 60-30 2) we have no more games on national tv 3) I just saved $100 switching to Geico
  9. Question: What’s the point of coming to a Jets board to post warranted frustration after a(nother) beat down only to be told that life is beautiful, don’t be such a bummer it’s only a game. Hopefully most of us understand that life is more important than a football game. Can we still just come and bitch after a loss without being hit with an uppercut of self righteousness? Pretty Please?
  10. It’s funny. When we went all offense I said to anyone that would listen at least now we can lose games 38-34 instead of 20-3. Be exciting at least. Of course that didn’t mean get down 38-13 and score 3 meaningless touchdowns because the opposing coach is a gentleman. Nevertheless it turns out watching your team get manhandled on defense is almost as bad. Not as bad but almost…
  11. How about this for a novel Jets thought: Mike White until Zach Wilson is as good or better than Mike White? It’s not like he is a journey man here he is 25 years old. I don’t care about draft position. I don’t care about arm talent. I care about winning. The team is unrecognizable from the one wilson was leading. Let white play until he comes down to earth (hopefully never) or until Zach is tearing it up in practice so we’ll there is no holding him back like a caged lion. Playing who is best in the moment to try and win each game in the moment should be our only concern. And that’s all
  12. I have just a few things I’m looking at for tomorrow to see what type of coaching staff we have: 1) if we win the toss take the friggin ball first. Something has to change with how we start games because whatever they are doing ain’t working. . 2) if our defensive line can recognize that when the opposition doesn’t block them it means a screen has been called that would move them a step closer to understanding nfl football. 3) if our defense holds them on first and second downs than on 3rd and 16 please just run the same defense that worked the first two plays because our 3rd dow
  13. like both Bart and Canty on the air. Was a good line but Canty must have taken a few too many hits if he remembers winning both of those games against the Pats. They lost the regular season game but it was close. Stayanoff said that game gave them the confidence that they can win them all and they did knocking out the undefeated patriots in the SB. Classic mixed emotions in that game but hatred of Pats won out over jealousy of giants.
  14. Relax guys. We are probably going to have 5 picks in the top 70 plus two more fourths and a fifth. giving up a 6th (no way it becomes a 5th) for some experience at the position is hardly an overpay.
  15. Yes what’s important is that we don’t play well and score points so as not to upstage the rookie QBsinability to okay well and score points. What a sh*t show was going to go to my one game against cincy but told my buddies I’m taking them golfing instead. Guaranteed much more fun and the commute is a heckuva lot better. Tee off 1 pm so don’t have to watch a single live play of this nausea inducing game our team is playing.
  16. Announcers told the story when they asked richard Seymour what game he wanted his jersey retired he asked for the homecoming game aka NY Jets week. Pathetic and embarrassing and without pride and gutless 10 years running. Nothing much else to say at this point.
  17. Hey guys can we at least be a little excited about Zach Wilson, Vera Tucker, Elijah Moore, a couple of Carter’s and a bunch of late round safety turned linebackers that all made the team. Jeez sometimes the self loathing is just too much and I’m as long suffering as suffering gets.
  18. Just watching the first few sequences reminds me of how awful Darnolds footwork had become. So bad that not even the offensive genius we had as HC could get him even close to fixed.
  19. Have to take the quote from Cashman with a grain of salt. Anyone who can put on pads without pulling a Hamstring would impress him.
  20. Pretty much any big free agent the Mets have signed over the last 20 years but other than that I can’t think of anyone except maybe Ed Whitson and Sonny Gray from the Yankees. Guess it’s only a baseball thing.
  21. Pretty sure I read someplace that he played high school ball in NJ but I could be wrong. The recall and subsequent decision making are huge. I really believe if you asked Sam why he lobbed the ball into a crowd of defenders on first down her could not give you a straight answer. That’s the cause of his failure, a consistent inability to understand what he is seeing and where the ball should go. Regarding Zach Wilson being a prima Dona, driving 10 hours to train and delivering door dash to earn extra scratch would seem 100 percent contradictory to that position based on my life experience
  22. I think it’s likely that San Francisco called Robert Saleh who just left there and was allowed to take a lot of their assistants and said “Robert can you do us a solid and give us an idea if the pick is available and if not who are you leaning towards” and Saleh told them it’s likely going to be Wilson so they went to 3 knowing this.
  23. No it's only Miami's GM who realized he could take all their extra picks and move back up. Some on this board think this concept is beyond the reach of our man Joe.
  24. Like his highlights on tape but if we keep going defensive line we better be the second coming of the sack exchange or our 6th round starting cornerbacks are going to get torched.
  25. I really wish I saw anything in the last two seasons that would make me as keen as some of you all seem in keeping this total bust. Personally I don't get it. 9 TDs last season. It's laughable. Mono. Small glimmers of hope almost always ending with some boneheaded decision. Some strong starts but almost no good finishes. In 3 years how many comeback wins other than the one against Buffalo that cost us a prime draft slot. How can anyone in the stands, on this board, or worse off on the field have any confidence left in this guy? Nice sure. Clutch absolutely not. He inspires no one
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