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  1. Maybe we should sit Darnold Bell Anderson and Crowder to even the playing field
  2. Maybe if the Bills put in their third stringers we would look half way decent.
  3. Its not bills fans on the site. Its stupidity from jet fans that live in a bubble.
  4. The bills are officially a playoff team, stop being in denial. You said if the Jets had Herndon and Mosely all year they would be in the playoffs...you are the biggest joke on this site. Get out of your bubble.
  5. When we get back herdon and cj mosely we are going to the playoffs next year
  6. I'm not talking about selling tickets. If you buy them two or three days before the Game instead of paying for a psl and paying full price for tickets. I went to the patriots game for below face On eBay if that game was on Sunday then if it would be a different story.
  7. Just taking into account the two preseason games and the last two Games [fins and Steelers] of the season you over paid for your tickets by about $800 just for those 4 games. Only 3 games went for face or over face this year [bills cowboys and giants]
  8. You forgot to calculate all the games you over payed for....all games including preseason you could of got for a fraction of the price on third party sites. That psl is costing you a lot more than you think
  9. Plain and simple....PSL's are a losing proposition if you are not a top tier franchise. You can argue this all you want however go on any secondary site a day or two before the Steelers game. Compare those prices to your PSL ticket prices.
  10. There is no reason to have season tickets to a team like the jets who are not a top tier team. If your using the tickets for clients thats a different story. With technology today, you can get tickets within seconds at below face value for a majority of the games. As in the case yesterday, you coulf of got tickets for pennies on the dollar with club seats going unsold at 55 a ticket w fees on the secondary market. The lowesr priced seat I saw were going for 6 dollars To make matters worse you must pay full price for preseason garbage. God forbid you get sick or can't make a game vs another low tier team you can't even recoup your money back If it's not the beginning of the season. I guess rewards would keep the suckers around
  11. It has to do with the product that is being put on the field. The game was totally irrelevant and people decided not to waste their time, effort and money to go to the stadium. I usually go in the beginning of the season because I have "hope" and usually by week 4 that hope is diminishing greatly or gone. Even tho the season is not even half over you can tell its another lost season. It's not worth it to go to the stadium after that point. I'm not the only one that feels this way because look at the price of tickets from week 3 on. I went to 4 Games this year and only paid over face value one time this year. It seems the only way a sth can make money is the parking pass, which is sad. This shows you that people can't be bothered with a consistently bad product. Good teams can sell their tickets for well over double the face...it's simple economics the demand is high so the price will increase. It economics 101 and its obvious how it affects the jets. Another factor is the amount of seats at MetLife stadium. Since the fans don't want to be bothered with going to the stadium there is so many seats available that drives the price of a ticket even further down. If it was a venue that held 50k the price of the tickets wouldn't take a huge hit like they are currently taking. I saw club house seats vs the dolphins that have a face of 250 a seat go unsold at 55 dollars with fees on third party sites..if that doesn't tell you something I don't don't know what will....
  12. I guess you finally gave up on your theory that we really are 5-3 with darnold...I see you stopped counting the pretend/ should of win against the bills in the home opener. What a joke....
  13. U mean Jets lost 4 of the last 12 and Gase got outcoachef by the 2 worst teams in the NFL [Bengals and dolphins].

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