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    I splurged for season tickets but not paying a psl
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    Sanchez interception January 2010
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  1. When Woody wants basement bargain gm's this is what you get. You get what you pay for. The same reason why you don't have a separate entrance to get to your seats like the suite psl ticket holders. You get what you pay for !
  2. Wow!! Your suppose to support woody at all costs. I thought i never would see this from you
  3. There is nothing else to talk about... nothing positive.... wake up
  4. We are still in a rebuild that will last another 4 years...be patient. Come back in 2025
  5. The Johnsons can't pick a G.M. if their life depended on it. They also don't know how to cut a GM after a couple years of miserable years. They let the GM ride out his contract
  6. Zach is.... He's practicing on not bouncing balls off the turf or under throwing receivers that are 5 to 10 yards away from him
  7. Look at your user name it explains it all This Team Is A Joke
  8. He is use to dump passes to McCaffrey to get out of trouble
  9. He was missing the best rb in the league. I give him a pass
  10. They were on the field for the majority of the first half
  11. Panthers were a 5 win team last year. Their roster wasn't that much further along than ours
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