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  1. A sucker bought them for that price. You lucked off
  2. Hate to break it to you but you can't give the pal rights away when you can buy tickets for under face. Many times extremely discounted.
  3. You didn't have to worry about this because you sold your tickets on stubhub to Giant fans
  4. It was a disaster getting in took over 30 minutes.. The data service next to the stadium is terrible too. I guess Sar1 isn't on this thread complaining because he sold his tickets to Giants fan on the internet
  5. Why would you pay full price for tickets that are heavily discounted year after year. The only thing that sells for a premium are parking passes😂
  6. Sar1 thinks Mosley and Herndon are our Brady and will lead us to the playoffs😂
  7. What's our final record look like after losing to the worst team in the nfl?? Are we making our playoff run vs the giants this weekend
  8. what's our record going to be now?? Are we running the board?? Do you have a revised win lose calendar??
  9. You still didn't answer my question....does this still get us in the playoffs??
  10. So now we are 1-6 and darnold can't handle pressure. Does this 1-6 lead us to 8-8? Or do we still go 10-6 by running the board? If you don't revise your win lose calendar does 8-8 still get us a wildcard spot? If so I can't wait until our playoff run next week. On the bright side atleast we don't have to face the patriots again.
  11. We all want to know how we are making the playoffs?? Are we winning outright? How does your plan change after getting embarrassed on Monday??
  12. Bounce back...Sam was a complete embarrassment you can't get any worse than that

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