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  1. You disagreed when i said regular people were being attacked and bashed and now over a month you realized it! Kudos
  2. Keyword is super bowl.... we are not even close to that caliber. Once you are almost there then yes a first round rb is an option but not right now.
  3. Good thing for Becton or we wouldn't have a game with over 100 yards last year
  4. I said for the year we didn't crack double digit touchdowns. We had 9 rushing tds the whole year. Our only 100 plus yard game was by Johnson 104 yds. In 2019 we had 6 tds for the year. That's how good our line is.
  5. Last time we cracked 1750 yards was back in 2016... good luck with that
  6. Many times when qbs have time in the pocket they can work wonders and pick defenses apart
  7. No o line it doesn't matter who you put back there. The last 2 years we didn't Crack double digit rushing tds. Pretty pathetic.
  8. Jets organization =Toxic wasteland
  9. 3 teams out of the top 5 ranked offensive lines went to the playoffs, one of which won the superbowl. Buccaneers Packers and Browns
  10. I do know we had one of the worst lines in football last year. We had a center come out of retirement for a high salary and last 7 games [that was a Shocker]. Instead of drafting another stud o line @ 2 and build the right way, we are going to draft another qb instead. Teach me because I clearly don't understand.
  11. Let's see if we can talk a couple players out of retirement and get them to fill some spots on the line
  12. We are picking up guys that were released by 4 teams in less than a year and a half... Another that was Ranked as the worst center in the league and ranked 50 th out of all guards. How about a little quality. Better yet I would take a unknown young kid that was undrafted instead of the garbage we are getting
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