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  1. For jets fans ivestment gold turned into tinfoil. Practically worthless. For the Johnsons it's the gift that keeps on giving. Once a fan gives them up there is another sucker that will rebuy them. The cycle keeps going.
  2. It's even harder to name 1 pro bowlers on the jets
  3. Wait for the 1 st L of the year and you will see the optimism flowing
  4. 3 rookie starters will make us a playoff team and we will have the same record as the chiefs rams and cowboys had last year... Got it.. Does that mean we will be in the superbowl in another 2 or 3 years??
  5. I'm sure he wanted to play on the Jets
  6. Please find a dictionary and look for the meaning of INSANITY.
  7. We only sign FA with value no need to worry about that
  8. Hurry up and renew or get season tickets so you can get double jets reward cash. You can get double the amount of beer and popcorn while watching the Jets live. Investment gold
  9. How about we take baby steps and set up a poll to see if we think we will make the playoffs in the next 10 years
  10. The Jets announced this week that if you pay your season tickets with auto pay by Feb 1 you will get double jets rewards cash.. they are starting to get desperate.
  11. They do give back to the fans. They Give you 40 dollars in jets reward dollars at the beginning of the year and if you attend all the games you get even more reward dollars... what more do you want
  12. It's the gift that keeps on giving... they love when psl owners walk away from their seats it makes up for the empty seats
  13. How many made the pro bowl? Better yet how many are alternates for the pro bowl.... Kudos jD
  14. The Jets out all unsold tickets on the secondary market with the addition of ticket Master . The demand of the tickets dictates the price on the secondary market. The Jets saw that parking passes are going for 50 on the secondary market so they increases parking passes from 25 to 35. It's not hard to figure out
  15. Exactly they are a 4 win team. When they were in the hunt for the playoffs every year they sold for a premium. I said giants tickets WERE over 100 for the worst seat...
  16. It's because of the secondary market. Parking passes are the money maker and the jets want their hands in the cookie jar. You can sell parking passes for over 100 percent more than face value. I have two parking passes most of the games I sold them for 50 to 60 dollars and the pats game I sold them for 110 each. The Jets see what people are paying for parking passes and want some of that profit. It's a business and there is profit to be made.
  17. Any team that is a playoff team their tickets are expensive . Supply and demand. Don't forget we have a big stadium so that really drives down ticket prices when they are bad. My friends are Giants fans and I go to one game a year with them. The worst seat in the house were over 100 vs a mediocre team when they were good. They still are kind of up their in price at the beginning of the season. 8 out of 10 Jet games you can get for below face value.
  18. If only the tickets were as valuable as parking pass
  19. Never buy in advance. Always buy the week of usually by Wednesday or Thursday
  20. Doing a quick search you can get into the stadium for 18 dollars vs the jags... if your lucky you can sell your tickets at a loss
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