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  1. If Darnold turns in another mediocre year do we move on next year? Douglas didn’t draft him.
  2. I’m sold on Danny Dimes-Yes Could I be wrong? Of course. It’s my opinion and it means nothing.
  3. Actually his metrics were really good. The knock on him was that he didn’t use a wide array of pass rushing moves so folks didn’t know if his style would translate well at the next level. I wanted him at 3, because to me getting 17 sacks at UK in the SEC is impressive regardless of how you do it. It’s not like he played with multiple NFL players on defense like Quinnen did. Alabama guys are always overrated IMO. Quinnen to me will be like Jonathan Allen-not a bust, but certainly not a top 3 pick.
  4. His preseason stats are incredible. I don’t know if he is a top 10 QB right now (he’s the best rookie QB I have ever seen), but he certainly is better than Eli. The real question is how long before the Giants keep him on the bench?
  5. I can’t believe the Dolphins HC is playing Rosen in the 4th quarter of a preseason game.
  6. Best Call: Christian Hackenberg I watched a ton of this kid in college and was extremely disappointed the Jets drafted him Runner Up: The whole Doug Jolley trade and drafting of Mike Nugent Worst Call: So many... Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, Devin Smith, Jace Amaro, I wanted the Jets to draft Matt Leinart instead of D’Brick, Didn’t like doubling up on OL with Mangold.
  7. His preseason stats are absurd though. I think he could be in the MVP convo if he started week 1. He’s only going to be better with Barkley in the backfield. Folks said the same thing about Mahomes (it’s only preseason)
  8. It’s because he went to Duke which is CFB Siberia.
  9. I’ve been following the Jets a long time and I don’t recall a draft pick (top 4 rounds) written off as fast as Polite. Literally five days into camp there were reports of how badly he was struggling.
  10. I like what I have seen with Sam, but I have been following the team for a long time without seeing a franchise QB. I have been hearing about a year 2 jump since Richard Todd. I’d rather have a guy like Jones or Mayfield who is a stud from day 1.
  11. Darnold is talented, but I never saw him look as good as Jones did tonight.
  12. It’s incredible how watered down the preseason is this year. Game 3 and starters aren’t even playing three series.
  13. We will see with Darnold. I’m not sold yet. After 50 years I need to see more.
  14. Lol Eli might as well retire now with the way jones looks. It sucks the Giants found their next QB for 15 years and the Jets have been searching for 50 years.
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