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  1. With the caveat that it's still super early and more reps are needed to draw more accurate conclusions... - Justin Fields looked good. It's still baffling to me that he was the 4th quarterback selected after some of the success he had in college against some quality opponents. His physical talent is obvious, and the pro game did not look too big for him. - Trey Lance looked raw but displayed on two different throws the talent and playmaking ability that made Shanahan sell the farm to move up for him. - Trevor Lawrence had a ho-hum day, but he had a really pretty 3rd-and-long con
  2. Thanks. I've definitely seen some douchey, gloating behavior from Bills fans on social media and various forums at times over the past couple years. I don't like it. It reminds me of Pats fans -- their team was terrible for years, and when they finally got good, rather than being humble from being down so long, the fans turned into insufferable, arrogant monsters. I kind of understand it a LITTLE BIT with Bills fans, particularly because people were talking SO MUCH sh*t about Allen from the moment he was drafted. It's hard not to dunk on the Allen haters a little bit, because they we
  3. Hi there. Clearly, my username and avatar point out that I'm a Bills fan. Duh. My join date was August, 2019, prior to Allen being worth a damn. I joined because I thought it would be fun and interesting to track the side-by-side development of Josh Allen and Sam Darnold. I really liked Darnold coming out, I had read that he and Allen were great friends, and I assumed they'd be facing off for AFC East supremacy for the next decade+. I don't come here to gloat or troll or extoll the virtues of the mighty Buffalo Bills. My team hasn't won a championship since 1965 and, prior
  4. The "Dropped interceptions" stat that I see getting cited a lot lately comes form Cian Fahey, noted moron. Ya know who had 19 "dropped interceptions" in 2020, according to Cian? Patrick Mahomes. What a loser! *edit* I see someone already pointed this out. Whoops. The other thing that makes me laugh every time a QB signs a mega-deal is the people shouting "they'll be cap strapped! Good luck winning now!". Like....what other option do teams have? Are they just supposed to NOT re-sign their franchise QBs? I agree that the "rookie QB contract window" is a legitimate thing and all, b
  5. Fair enough. PFF's QB rankings have never been worth a damn, frankly. Ahead of the 2018 draft, they had the QB class ranked in this order: Baker Mayfield Sam Darnold Josh Rosen Lamar Jackson Mason Rudolph Josh Allen So....yeah. Not sure where their "advanced analytics" failed them on that one. You'd think such an elite brain trust of stats nerds could've seen Lamar Jackson coming, or could've projected Josh Allen higher than Mason freaking Rudolph.
  6. Ranking 32 starting QBs when several of them have never played a down in the NFL is definitely a silly exercise. That said, if they're going to do it, it seems only reasonable to rank the rookies toward the bottom of the list. What ranking do people feel that Wilson should have gotten instead?
  7. I just wanted to pop in to say that I'm a huge fan of the Jets draft so far this year. Vera-Tucker and Moore are studs. You got Jamien Sherwood AND Hamsah Nasirildeen, both of whom I liked as big nickel candidates. And to top it off, you took every Michael Carter that's ever lived. Great draft for Douglas and co. **Puts on troll hat**. It's weird to see the Jets making well thought out, competent, logical draft choices and getting great value in each round. I hate it.
  8. Thanks for this. For what it's worth, I am also of the opinion that Justin Fields is QB2. He has done it for longer, done it more consistently, and done it against better competition than Wilson. He scored 51 TDs to just 3 INTs in 2019. He threw 6 TDs against Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. That's a big time performance against legit competition in a big time moment. I feel that Fields is being overlooked/overthought in the same way that Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson were, which is to say that all three men proved themselves against legitimate competition in big moments over a long period o
  9. Gotta love the "4D chess" holdouts. I'm curious to hear from those who don't support Wilson as the selection, what their reasoning is, and who they'd prefer instead.
  10. Hi all. I am a Bills fan (as made obvious by my screen name and avatar), and I come in peace. I've been talking draft with the same message board full of Bills fans for months now, and am looking for some fresh conversation. I'm curious to know how the majority of fans on this forum are feeling about Zach Wilson being the QB of choice at pick 2. Are the majority of you solidly behind it? Is there a considerable contingent of anti-Wilson people here? Any Fields truthers? I tried to gather this information by reading through several threads first, but there are quite a few, and it's a lot t
  11. I'm curious whether most Jets fans think Sam will succeed under Matt Rhule and Joe Brady in Carolina. Brady's a good offensive mind and Sam should have some decent weapons around him. I realize you probably don't care too much, and are more interested in the return of picks and which QB you'll be drafting this year, but Sam's career -- and whether or not he becomes "the next Tanehill" -- should be interesting to watch from afar. As a Bills fan, I'm just happy that Adam Gase keeps torpedoing the talented 1st round QBs of our division rivals. Maybe New England can hire him next in some
  12. And how did Allen do in the second half of the game? Allen and the Bills offense took down the number 1 ranked scoring defense in the NFL, in December, in prime time. That happened. On the same day, Sam Darnold and the Jets offense laid another turd on the field against the 18th ranked scoring defense in the NFL. How did Allen do against that very same Seattle defense, by the way? 31/38 for 415 yards and 4 TDs. AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Put simply: If you really think that Stefon Diggs is the only reason that Josh Allen is having a good year, then I suggest you don't know wha
  13. I find your argument completely illogical. In response to people pointing out that Josh Allen has made huge strides and is trending in the direction of being an electrifying franchise quarterback, you state that the Bills haven't beat good opponents yet? What? What does that have to do with Allen's play? "QB wins" aren't a thing. FOOTBALL TEAMS win and lose games. Besides, if quality of opponent is so important, than your oft-cited 6-2 run to end last season -- the one that made you think the Jets would start this season 5-0 -- meant absolutely nothing. Josh Allen improved in every s
  14. Like most of what you say, this simply isn't true. Last year the Bills beat the Cowboys -- who had a winning record at that time-- on national TV on Thanksgiving. They also beat the Pittsburgh Steelers -- who had a winning record at that time -- on Sunday Night Football to clinch a playoff spot. If your response is "well those teams didn't have a winning record at the end of the season", my response is "what does that have to do with the Bills?". You can only play who the schedule makers put in front of you. It's funny how the narrative always changes about Josh Allen. Lead
  15. Ugh. It was the same last year in Buffalo. Any time Gore checked into the game, we all knew what was coming. Even though Singletary was clearly the more explosive/productive player, Daboll just kept hammering Gore for 3 yards. It was a huge problem in the playoff game at Houston. About a 50/50 snap share, when it should have been 80/20 in favor of Singletary. I love Gore, but c'mon. It reminds me of the old line about fullbacks. "You need 1 yard? I'll get you 1 yard. You need 10 yards, I'll get you 1 yard"
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