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  1. I mean he DID stiff-arm Maye with his left arm as he went out of bounds at one point...but Maye had the beautiful forced fumble on him, so obviously the advantage goes to Maye here. Side note: Marcus Maye is a hell of a player.
  2. The thing that bothers me is that Josh seems to be held to a much higher standard than most other young QBs when it comes to his progress and success. Is he a finished product? No. Is he a surefire, no-doubt-about-it franchise QB? No, not currently.vBut has he improved consistently since coming into the league, shown elite traits at times, made plays with his arms and legs, and shown that you can win games with him under enter? Absolutely. Has he piled up 4th quarter comebacks, game winning drives, and become just the second QB in NFL history to record 30 passing TDs and 15 rushing TDs across his first two seasons? Why yes, yes he has. Still, the haters always seem to be out in full force. If Darnold had scored 29 TDs and thrown 9 INTS while bringing the Jets to the playoffs in his second season, then opened his third season with the stat line Josh Allen put up today, I can't help but think Jets fans would be ecstatic! If Baker Mayfield put up Allen's stats today, the NFL media would be right back to riding his jock like they did his rookie season. And yet...with Allen? I'm guessing all I'll see on Twitter all week are GIFs of his fumbles and the two bad passes he made. Many people made over-the-top pre-draft judgements about Allen, and they're sticking to them come hell or high water. I'm not sure at what point -- if ever -- certain people will just say "you know what? I was wrong. He can play football". As it is, he was called a "parody of a QB prospect" coming out by one analyst. He has ALREADY proven that his floor in this league is much higher than most suggested, and we still don't know his ceiling. Thanks to those who actually gave a little credit where it's due today. Not being sold on him yet? I totally get that. Still holding on to the laughable notion that he's a complete bust who can't play in this league? Just silly.
  3. Weren't you saying the Jets were gonna hang 40 points on the Bills today? Aren't you the same guy who counts last year's season opener as a win for the Jets? If so, that sort of tells me all I need to know. Enjoy the season.
  4. The 71% completion percentage, the 104 QB rating, the three scores, and the scoreboard tell a pretty good story. To be fair, the full "Josh Allen Experience" was indeed on display today. He had two dumb fumbles and missed two TD throws. On the other hand, he made a few plays that very few guys in the league can make, he put his offense on his back and carried it, and he scored 21 first half points. What I see is an imperfect but improving quarterback who makes plays with his legs and arms but still has a ways to go to be elite. What story do you feel Darnold's day told?
  5. Josh Allen is who you thought he was? 33/46 for 312 yards and 2 TDs passing. 12 rushes for 59 yards and 1 TD. Yes, he had a couple really bad throws and two dumb fumbles. Still, the scorn/mockery Josh gets from Jets fans is laughable to me. I've seen him called a "running back" multiple times on this forum. If that's the case, then a running back just completed 33 passes for 312 yards and a 104.6 QB rating against your defense. By the way, your QB ALSO turned the ball over today on a really dumb decision. He just didn't have the three scores to go with it, nor did he put his offense on his back and carry it today like Josh did. Keep mocking, though.
  6. LOL. An Adam Gase offense has faced a Sean McDermott defense five times, and the average Gase offensive output is 16 points. Last year, against the Bills backup defense, with WR Isaiah McKenzie playing corner, the Jets put up 13 points. But now, all of the sudden, with Breshad Perriman and Chris Hogan at WR and a brand new offensive line in their first game together, the Jets are gonna come out and hang 40 on the Bills? Sure man. It wouldn't shock me if the Jets somehow pulled out a win. It's week one of a very strange season with no preseason games and a wonky offseason. If that happens, though, expect something more like 17-16 or 20-17. But 40 points? Just crazy talk. The Bills gave up more than 24 points just ONCE last year. But Sam Darnold and Breshad Perriman are hanging 40?! Sure. Enjoy the game.
  7. It's so cute that somebody from north Jersey thinks he can actually talk smack about someone ELSE'S city. Buffalo may have snow (oh no, snow! What EVER will I do?!) and suffer through various economic problems, but at least the entire city doesn't smell like a dirty diaper swimming in a see of toxic waste. I've been all over this country, and north Jersey is just one of the grossest, dirtiest, most horrendous places there is. And you want to talk smack about western New York? Sure man, good luck with that. Speaking of which New York team is best, it took Sam Darnold until week 9 of the season to have as many wins in MetLife Stadium as Josh Allen had there by the end of week 2. Fun season, wasn't it?
  8. Says the guy who roots for the team that LITERALLY doesn't play in New York. 😄

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