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  1. The more specific question I'm curious to know the answer to among Jets fans is this: If Aaron Rodgers doesn't end up coming to the Jets, are you happy with the Hackett hire? In other words, are the "approve" votes only conditional on Aaron Rodgers being part of the deal? How many of those folks are still cool with the Hackett addition if Rodgers doesn't come along?
  2. I think Hackett stinks. But when you get a chance to hire a coach from the Doug Marrone coaching tree, you've just gotta do it, right? When he was OC of the Bills -- and granted, that was a long time ago -- we were constantly banging our head against the wall in irritation at his unimaginative, uncreative, outdated play-calling. His main credential seemed to be...that he was the son of a great coach, I guess? I was always furious at his awful run game, in particular. Do you like HB Dive? If so, Hackett is your guy! To be fair, he has called plays for three top five scoring offenses in his career. He has also called plays for five offenses ranked 18th or worse, including finishes of 31st and 32nd. Looking beyond the statistical finishes and at his actual playcalling -- because sometimes great QBs succeed in spite of bad coaches (see Gase, Adam) -- I've just never been impressed. Look no further than the Denver Broncos this year. A quarterback who has been successful in this league in the past, a talented (if oft injured) WR corps, some TE talent...and just an absolutely awful offense. If you watched them, you know what I mean. Not very modern, not very forward thinking. Old school west coast principles without much pop. I'm not coming here just to be a negative Nancy. I'm coming here to warn you that I think Hackett is a bum, and I think he keeps getting work because of nepotism and his friendship with Aaron Rodgers. For what it's worth, I'm not a fan of the Bills' offensive coordinator, either. I think Allen succeeded in spite of him this year. I think he wasted and under-used talented players like Nyheim Hines and James Cook and Dawson Knox, and I'm not optimistic about him improving much going forward. Maybe Hackett lures Rodgers to the Jets, and that ends up making it a worthwhile hire. Solely on his own merits, though? Hackett ain't it. Hate on me all you want. I know I'm an enemy fan and no one asked me. I'm just giving my honest opinion.
  3. If only Mike McCagnan had listened to Larry David, Lamar would already be a Jet.
  4. With the caveat that it's still super early and more reps are needed to draw more accurate conclusions... - Justin Fields looked good. It's still baffling to me that he was the 4th quarterback selected after some of the success he had in college against some quality opponents. His physical talent is obvious, and the pro game did not look too big for him. - Trey Lance looked raw but displayed on two different throws the talent and playmaking ability that made Shanahan sell the farm to move up for him. - Trevor Lawrence had a ho-hum day, but he had a really pretty 3rd-and-long conversion to Marvin Jones that showed his arm talent and accuracy. - Zach Wilson looked good. Calm and poised and in command. The script didn't call for him to do much. I'd like to see some more "tough" throws attempted, but I understand why the Jets called the game they did offensively. His best throw of the game was that well-timed out route to Corey Davis. - Sam Ehlinger and Jacob Eason both looked pretty good for the Colts. I wonder if one of them will get the nod and play well and end up Wally Pipp-ing Carson Wentz.
  5. Thanks. I've definitely seen some douchey, gloating behavior from Bills fans on social media and various forums at times over the past couple years. I don't like it. It reminds me of Pats fans -- their team was terrible for years, and when they finally got good, rather than being humble from being down so long, the fans turned into insufferable, arrogant monsters. I kind of understand it a LITTLE BIT with Bills fans, particularly because people were talking SO MUCH sh*t about Allen from the moment he was drafted. It's hard not to dunk on the Allen haters a little bit, because they were so over the top with the criticism (I get it, he was a very flawed prospect. Some of the stuff said about him was unreasonable and downright cruel, though). Not only that, but people in Buffalo have a permanent inferiority complex because the city gets as much sh*t talked about it as Allen did/does. Still, all of that being said, no one likes arrogant, gloating fans. Chiefs fans are the WORST right now. Anyway...interested to see how things go for the Jets in Saleh's first year. I'm buying all the fantasy stock in Elijah Moore. Kid's a baller. I'm a big fan of him, of Michael Carter, of Hamsah Nasirildeen, and especially of Mekhi Becton. Lots of exciting, young talent on the Jets right now. As always, as with all teams, it comes down to the guy behind center. Here's hoping the Jets support him the way they didn't support Sam.
  6. Hi there. Clearly, my username and avatar point out that I'm a Bills fan. Duh. My join date was August, 2019, prior to Allen being worth a damn. I joined because I thought it would be fun and interesting to track the side-by-side development of Josh Allen and Sam Darnold. I really liked Darnold coming out, I had read that he and Allen were great friends, and I assumed they'd be facing off for AFC East supremacy for the next decade+. I don't come here to gloat or troll or extoll the virtues of the mighty Buffalo Bills. My team hasn't won a championship since 1965 and, prior to last year, was an NFL afterthought for two plus decades. I had season tickets for a decade, during which the team sucked the entire time and never had a winning season. Some "highlight" games that I attended include: 1.) The Dallas vs Buffalo 2007 Monday Night Football game, in which EVERYTHING went right for the Bills, they picked Tony Romo off 4,000 times, and they STILL snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in epic Bills-like fashion. 2.) The Bills vs Pats Sunday Night Football game in which the Pats beat the Bills 56-10 behind FOUR first half touchdown catches (!) from Randy Moss. 3.) A 6-3 loss to the Browns in which Derek Anderson completed 2 of 17 passes and the Browns still won. So yeah. It's been sh*tty being a Bills fan ever since I was about 9 years old. It's FINALLY fun. For the record, I think it's ******* criminal what Adam Gase and the Jets did to Darnold. Had they supported him the way they should have, he might have actually had a chance to show whether he was worth a damn, and the Wilson pick might not have been necessary. Again: I come in peace, not to troll. This is one of the better opposing teams' message boards I've ever come across and I enjoy reading it semi regularly. That's all I got. Have at it.
  7. The "Dropped interceptions" stat that I see getting cited a lot lately comes form Cian Fahey, noted moron. Ya know who had 19 "dropped interceptions" in 2020, according to Cian? Patrick Mahomes. What a loser! *edit* I see someone already pointed this out. Whoops. The other thing that makes me laugh every time a QB signs a mega-deal is the people shouting "they'll be cap strapped! Good luck winning now!". Like....what other option do teams have? Are they just supposed to NOT re-sign their franchise QBs? I agree that the "rookie QB contract window" is a legitimate thing and all, but I think sometimes it gets misunderstood or blown out of proportion. The hope is that your GM builds around the young QB effectively during the five years that he's cheap labor, establishing roster depth and acquiring other star players. Beane seems to have done that in Buffalo. Sure, it's nice if you can win a Lombardi during that five-year window, too, as the Seahawks and Chiefs were able to do, but it's not as if a team's winning window slams shut the second they re-sign their quarterback, You have to pay big bucks for elite QB play. It's just a fact of life in the NFL.
  8. Fair enough. PFF's QB rankings have never been worth a damn, frankly. Ahead of the 2018 draft, they had the QB class ranked in this order: Baker Mayfield Sam Darnold Josh Rosen Lamar Jackson Mason Rudolph Josh Allen So....yeah. Not sure where their "advanced analytics" failed them on that one. You'd think such an elite brain trust of stats nerds could've seen Lamar Jackson coming, or could've projected Josh Allen higher than Mason freaking Rudolph.
  9. Ranking 32 starting QBs when several of them have never played a down in the NFL is definitely a silly exercise. That said, if they're going to do it, it seems only reasonable to rank the rookies toward the bottom of the list. What ranking do people feel that Wilson should have gotten instead?
  10. I just wanted to pop in to say that I'm a huge fan of the Jets draft so far this year. Vera-Tucker and Moore are studs. You got Jamien Sherwood AND Hamsah Nasirildeen, both of whom I liked as big nickel candidates. And to top it off, you took every Michael Carter that's ever lived. Great draft for Douglas and co. **Puts on troll hat**. It's weird to see the Jets making well thought out, competent, logical draft choices and getting great value in each round. I hate it.
  11. Thanks for this. For what it's worth, I am also of the opinion that Justin Fields is QB2. He has done it for longer, done it more consistently, and done it against better competition than Wilson. He scored 51 TDs to just 3 INTs in 2019. He threw 6 TDs against Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. That's a big time performance against legit competition in a big time moment. I feel that Fields is being overlooked/overthought in the same way that Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson were, which is to say that all three men proved themselves against legitimate competition in big moments over a long period of time, and all three possess impressive athleticism. And yet, Trubisky was drafted before Watson. Rosen was drafted before Jackson. I can't help but wonder if Fields will be next in the line of "what were they thinking not taking him?!" decisions by NFL decision makers. I can clearly see the traits that Wilson possesses that excite NFL decision makers. Then again, the fact that his one great year came against poor competition, as you mentioned, is concerning. Not only that, but it came against teams who often couldn't practice or prepare in the same way they normally would due to COVID precautions. His size also worries me a bit. Not his height so much, but the slightness of his frame. Again, though, I'm usually bad at predicting QB success in the NFL, so my opinion is worth as much as a pack of Skittles.
  12. Gotta love the "4D chess" holdouts. I'm curious to hear from those who don't support Wilson as the selection, what their reasoning is, and who they'd prefer instead.
  13. Hi all. I am a Bills fan (as made obvious by my screen name and avatar), and I come in peace. I've been talking draft with the same message board full of Bills fans for months now, and am looking for some fresh conversation. I'm curious to know how the majority of fans on this forum are feeling about Zach Wilson being the QB of choice at pick 2. Are the majority of you solidly behind it? Is there a considerable contingent of anti-Wilson people here? Any Fields truthers? I tried to gather this information by reading through several threads first, but there are quite a few, and it's a lot to take in. Note: I have no horse in this race. I'm routinely wrong about which QBs will succeed in the NFL. I wanted Josh Rosen over Josh Allen in 2018 -- whoops. So what's the deal? Is everyone mostly excited about Wilson? If so, were you excited from the get-go, or did you have to talk yourself into it, or what? What are your feelings about your new QB, two days away from Goodell handing him a Jets jersey?
  14. I'm curious whether most Jets fans think Sam will succeed under Matt Rhule and Joe Brady in Carolina. Brady's a good offensive mind and Sam should have some decent weapons around him. I realize you probably don't care too much, and are more interested in the return of picks and which QB you'll be drafting this year, but Sam's career -- and whether or not he becomes "the next Tanehill" -- should be interesting to watch from afar. As a Bills fan, I'm just happy that Adam Gase keeps torpedoing the talented 1st round QBs of our division rivals. Maybe New England can hire him next in some capacity?
  15. And how did Allen do in the second half of the game? Allen and the Bills offense took down the number 1 ranked scoring defense in the NFL, in December, in prime time. That happened. On the same day, Sam Darnold and the Jets offense laid another turd on the field against the 18th ranked scoring defense in the NFL. How did Allen do against that very same Seattle defense, by the way? 31/38 for 415 yards and 4 TDs. AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Put simply: If you really think that Stefon Diggs is the only reason that Josh Allen is having a good year, then I suggest you don't know what you're looking at. How about the fact that Diggs is having the best statistical season of HIS career BY FAR? Could it be that the quarterback is elevating the WR as much as the WR is elevating the QB? I won't dispute the fact that the Bills have given Allen great weapons and coaching. It has taken a hell of a lot of drive, hard work, and self-improvement by Allen to get to where he is today, though. To say that Allen is still "nothing special" and is good solely because he has a good #1 WR sounds like miserable sour grapes, if you ask me.
  16. I find your argument completely illogical. In response to people pointing out that Josh Allen has made huge strides and is trending in the direction of being an electrifying franchise quarterback, you state that the Bills haven't beat good opponents yet? What? What does that have to do with Allen's play? "QB wins" aren't a thing. FOOTBALL TEAMS win and lose games. Besides, if quality of opponent is so important, than your oft-cited 6-2 run to end last season -- the one that made you think the Jets would start this season 5-0 -- meant absolutely nothing. Josh Allen improved in every single measurable passer statistic from year one to year two, and has done so again from year two to year three, albeit in a limited sample size so far. Completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdowns, interceptions, passer rating...you name it, he's improved at it. Short passing, medium passing, deep passing -- all improved across the board. If you want to talk about quantifiable quarterback improvements, measured by things like the statistics I just mentioned, I'm here for it. If you want to talk about how Josh Allen is solely to blame for the Bills not beating many winning opponents last year, I'm not. It's a stupid argument. As for your argument that he crumbles under pressure? He was tied last year with Russell Wilson for most 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives in the entire NFL. With 10 minutes left to play against Miami on Sunday, after the Dolphins had taken the lead, he proceeded to throw for 145 yards and two touchdowns and win the game for the Bills. Go take a look at his career 4th quarter performances vs his performance in the other 3 quarters. He also went into Heinz Field against a hot Pittsburgh team on Sunday night -- where the Steelers rarely lose -- and with a playoff spot on the line, threw the game winning touchdown pass. Your assessment that he "Crumbles under pressure" couldn't be more off-base. You wanna talk about the playoff game? How about Duke Williams dropping a perfect end zone pass? How about the Bills defense giving up a 3rd-and-18 to a checkdown pass? How about Deshaun Watson shaking off two blitzers on 3rd down in overtime and throwing the pass that sealed the game? How about the Bills defense giving up a 16-point lead in the final 20 minutes of the game? But sure, it was all on Josh Allen. He alone lost that game. Lastly, if Sam Darnold had led the Jets to the playoffs last year and then started off this season by leading the NFL in passing yards and throwing 6 TDs and no INTs, you'd be ready to build a statue of him. The Bills may have been "the Jets in blue" for the past two decades, but thats over now. The Bills are now a competent and well-run organization with a good quarterback. The Jets, until further notice, are still the Jets.
  17. Like most of what you say, this simply isn't true. Last year the Bills beat the Cowboys -- who had a winning record at that time-- on national TV on Thanksgiving. They also beat the Pittsburgh Steelers -- who had a winning record at that time -- on Sunday Night Football to clinch a playoff spot. If your response is "well those teams didn't have a winning record at the end of the season", my response is "what does that have to do with the Bills?". You can only play who the schedule makers put in front of you. It's funny how the narrative always changes about Josh Allen. Leading up to the Jets game, a lot of folks told me how Gregg Williams and the Jets improved defense were going to give him fits. They didn't, and afterwords suddenly everyone said "oh, it was just the Jets". Then, leading into the Dolphins game, most people said the cornerback trio of Byron Jones, Xavien Howard, and Noah Igbenoghene were going to shut down the Bills receivers. They didn't. Then afterwords everyone said "it was just the Dolphins". Last night, the Dolphins D looked pretty darned good... Quit moving the goalposts. Quit living in denial. Josh Allen has improved leaps and bounds since he was drafted. He's still imperfect, but the arrow is pointing up. It's clear as day. The Bills front office surrounded him with a good offensive line, great receivers, and a creative play-caller. The Jets did none of those things for Darnold. I'm sorry that your guy hasn't turned out the way you want so far (personally, I blame it on the Jets, because Darnold is talented as hell), but to continue to live in denial that Josh Allen is turning into a good player makes you look silly.
  18. Ugh. It was the same last year in Buffalo. Any time Gore checked into the game, we all knew what was coming. Even though Singletary was clearly the more explosive/productive player, Daboll just kept hammering Gore for 3 yards. It was a huge problem in the playoff game at Houston. About a 50/50 snap share, when it should have been 80/20 in favor of Singletary. I love Gore, but c'mon. It reminds me of the old line about fullbacks. "You need 1 yard? I'll get you 1 yard. You need 10 yards, I'll get you 1 yard"
  19. I was here daily during "training camp", such as it was. My Bills hadn't yet started their camp and I was eager for some football news. I remember reading that Perine looked like the best running back in camp on certain days. I certainly liked him coming out of Florida. With Bell on the sideline for a bit longer and Gore being solid/dependable but not spectacular, I'm just wondering what the odds are that Perine starts getting more significant snaps, starting this week. Thoughts?
  20. Mekhi Becton is a beast. He's gonna turn out to be the best left tackle -- and possibly the best player-- from the 2020 draft, and it won't even be close. I know it's early, but he has the looks of a perennial All-Pro, HOF type player. After two games? Yes, after two games. The guy just blots out the sun. Phenomenal player. Not looking forward to watching him stone my Bills edge rushers for the next decade+.
  21. I mean he DID stiff-arm Maye with his left arm as he went out of bounds at one point...but Maye had the beautiful forced fumble on him, so obviously the advantage goes to Maye here. Side note: Marcus Maye is a hell of a player.
  22. The thing that bothers me is that Josh seems to be held to a much higher standard than most other young QBs when it comes to his progress and success. Is he a finished product? No. Is he a surefire, no-doubt-about-it franchise QB? No, not currently.vBut has he improved consistently since coming into the league, shown elite traits at times, made plays with his arms and legs, and shown that you can win games with him under enter? Absolutely. Has he piled up 4th quarter comebacks, game winning drives, and become just the second QB in NFL history to record 30 passing TDs and 15 rushing TDs across his first two seasons? Why yes, yes he has. Still, the haters always seem to be out in full force. If Darnold had scored 29 TDs and thrown 9 INTS while bringing the Jets to the playoffs in his second season, then opened his third season with the stat line Josh Allen put up today, I can't help but think Jets fans would be ecstatic! If Baker Mayfield put up Allen's stats today, the NFL media would be right back to riding his jock like they did his rookie season. And yet...with Allen? I'm guessing all I'll see on Twitter all week are GIFs of his fumbles and the two bad passes he made. Many people made over-the-top pre-draft judgements about Allen, and they're sticking to them come hell or high water. I'm not sure at what point -- if ever -- certain people will just say "you know what? I was wrong. He can play football". As it is, he was called a "parody of a QB prospect" coming out by one analyst. He has ALREADY proven that his floor in this league is much higher than most suggested, and we still don't know his ceiling. Thanks to those who actually gave a little credit where it's due today. Not being sold on him yet? I totally get that. Still holding on to the laughable notion that he's a complete bust who can't play in this league? Just silly.
  23. Weren't you saying the Jets were gonna hang 40 points on the Bills today? Aren't you the same guy who counts last year's season opener as a win for the Jets? If so, that sort of tells me all I need to know. Enjoy the season.
  24. The 71% completion percentage, the 104 QB rating, the three scores, and the scoreboard tell a pretty good story. To be fair, the full "Josh Allen Experience" was indeed on display today. He had two dumb fumbles and missed two TD throws. On the other hand, he made a few plays that very few guys in the league can make, he put his offense on his back and carried it, and he scored 21 first half points. What I see is an imperfect but improving quarterback who makes plays with his legs and arms but still has a ways to go to be elite. What story do you feel Darnold's day told?
  25. Josh Allen is who you thought he was? 33/46 for 312 yards and 2 TDs passing. 12 rushes for 59 yards and 1 TD. Yes, he had a couple really bad throws and two dumb fumbles. Still, the scorn/mockery Josh gets from Jets fans is laughable to me. I've seen him called a "running back" multiple times on this forum. If that's the case, then a running back just completed 33 passes for 312 yards and a 104.6 QB rating against your defense. By the way, your QB ALSO turned the ball over today on a really dumb decision. He just didn't have the three scores to go with it, nor did he put his offense on his back and carry it today like Josh did. Keep mocking, though.
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