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  1. Free agents care about money, and not much else. unless their life is going to be absolutely miserable for years.
  2. I mean he's alienated so many players over the last several seasons. They had the Enunwa debacle. You think players in the NFL don't talk to one another? I work in an industry much bigger than the NFL, and we know who to work for and who to avoid.
  3. The reason is that nobody wants to play for Adam Gase. Period. End of argument.
  4. Question.... So if the Jets go out and build an O-line and get him a bunch of weapons, would that be considered "insulating" him, or building around your young QB?
  5. Hard to blame Joe Douglas. Who in the hell would want to come play for Adam Gase? To me, it's more a referendum on Gase than it is on Douglas.
  6. I'm here, bud. Watching the Jets tank in FA. Can't imagine why. I mean, who wouldn't want to play for Adam Gase?
  7. Agreed. You figure they would have spent a first on a WR, possibly even traded up, thus giving up the equivalent of the 4th and 5th. And they're getting a known commodity, not the relative unknown of a draft prospect that could take time to develop.
  8. I think Diggs is taking it just fine...
  9. Dude what are you even talking about? The Steelers, Cowboys, and Bills are, contrary to your alternate reality, playoff teams. I'm going to agree with what he said... You are on drugs.
  10. I'll take, "Posts that aged badly" for $1000, Alex! Although most of your posts do.....
  11. There are actually people here that love Gase? brutal.
  12. Can't wait to win at least two out of three! Already dominated the Patriots once with a QB that was turning the ball over like crazy, and now he's actually figured out how to not turn it over!
  13. Unlike the Jets, when have the Bills lost 3 straight? And you didn't answer the question, so I'll ask it again. Are injuries and excuse or not? Because you've literally argued for both answers in the last two pages of this thread. Pick one.
  14. okay, troll, which is it? Because you just said that injuries are not an excuse against a 0-11 Bengals team. YOU YOURSELF SAID IT. So which one is it?

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