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  1. There are actually people here that love Gase? brutal.
  2. Can't wait to win at least two out of three! Already dominated the Patriots once with a QB that was turning the ball over like crazy, and now he's actually figured out how to not turn it over!
  3. Unlike the Jets, when have the Bills lost 3 straight? And you didn't answer the question, so I'll ask it again. Are injuries and excuse or not? Because you've literally argued for both answers in the last two pages of this thread. Pick one.
  4. okay, troll, which is it? Because you just said that injuries are not an excuse against a 0-11 Bengals team. YOU YOURSELF SAID IT. So which one is it?
  5. And also "tellingly", the Jets LOST to all the bad teams that the Bills beat. That's the difference. Good teams, regardless of their schedule (which they don't get to pick like in college) beat the teams they are supposed to beat. The Bills have, hence why they're 9-3. The Jets haven't. They lost to Miami and Cincinnati, BOTH winless at the time.
  6. So you're saying the Jets are "playing its easy games late in the schedule" THEY JUST LOST TO THE CINCINNATI FREAKING BENGALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are literally making this up as you go, aren't you?
  7. 不不不不不不不 Jets are going to the playoffs too, right? You DO realize that the Jets are in the same division, meaning that they have almost the SAME schedule? And one team is 9-3 and all but locked into the playoffs and one is 4-9 having lost to both Miami AND Cincinnati? Buffalo and the Jets' schedules are literally TWO games different. Jets played Oakland and Jacksonville and Buffalo played Tennessee and Denver. Buffalo will destroy the Jets week 17.
  8. Sure did. You can blame the refs if you lose by a FG late with a questionable call. Not when you get trucked by two touchdowns. The refs didn't make the Jets' O-line horrible. They didn't make them hold in the end zone or on crucial third down plays. Can't blame the refs for crappy play. Bottom line is this good teams overcome a bad call. Buffalo got hosed 4 times in the first half against Dallas and overcame. Bad calls don't lead to you scoring 6 points against one of the league's worst defenses.
  9. Seriously? Putting this one on the refs? 不
  10. I think it's hard to say that he's a bust at this point... but if they don't get a coach in here that can develop him, and FAST, then he's going to be.
  11. Guys! Guys! Wait.... in SAR's alternate universe, the Jets actually DID beat the Dolphins. Just like they actually DID beat the Bills and a bunch of other teams. The NFL's standings are just lying to you...

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