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  1. Great in theory... But Daboll ain't coming to the Jets.
  2. I mean after all, Gase is coaching to where football is going.
  3. And the Jets will be 0-16 against any team when the season ends. The question is, after you go 0-16, will you fire Gase or stick with a guy who can't get it done?
  4. Shhhhhhhhhhhh.... Don't tell @SAR I
  5. But does Peyton Manning endorse Bill Cowher?
  6. "Continuing to get used to receivers" IT'S FREAKING DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Continuing to get used to receivers" is something that may happen in late September, hell even early October. Long BEFORE you have an 0-11 record. If Sam is still getting used to his receivers after week 12, then he's not the guy. Move on.
  7. God, the rest of the AFC East hopes so.
  8. This is true. But the Jets are HISTORICALLY bad. The Bengals just drafted number 1 overall, but are at least remotely competent.
  9. I mean yes, technically it was illegal, per the "defenseless receiver" rule. But I don't really buy into the "vicious and illegal hit to the head" stuff. He hit him square in the chest with his shoulder. May have slightly glanced the facemask. Technically illegal because he's "defenseless?" Sure. But definitely not a dirty play on Hyde's part. Bang bang play.
  10. Yeah... Darnold was playing hospital ball there.
  11. Yeah. Hit him in the upper chest. Maybe glanced the bottom of the facemask. But it wasn't a launching, lead with the head, helmet to helmet hit. The kind of play that 20 years ago was on all the highlight reels.
  12. The Jets playing against air would still be a hell of a barn burner.
  13. How would he "lose" money? Because he's not making money that one year he stays in college? He's still going to make the money. If he's going to have a, for example, 15-year career, why would he make less money if he just delays the start of it one year? It doesn't mean that he plays less years overall. The ONLY reason he would lose money would be if he were to go back to school and suffer a career-ending injury. One could argue he'd actually make more money by not going to the Jets, because he may be able to go to a team that is good enough for him to earn a bigger second contract. If h
  14. Two things can be true at once, though. Just because Sam Darnold sucks doesn't mean that Gase doesn't. It is true that Darnold sucks, and Adam Gase is also a top-five worst NFL coach of my lifetime. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.
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