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  1. How is Gase still employed and BOB is not?
  2. Oh there's no doubt about it. I'll be honest, I'm a Bills fan. The one thing that I've said from his first NFL snaps was this. As corny as it sounds, he has the most competitive fire of any QB I've ever seen. His will to win at any cost is incredible, and you're right - that's definitely not a quality where Sam is anywhere remotely close to him. He's incredibly driven. But again - the minimal coaching that Darnold has received in NY would have been a career-ender because Sam at least came in "pro-ready" from a "pro-style" offense at USC. Josh was so raw, but a lot of people recognized the talent and the potential ceiling. Even as a Bills fan and a Josh Allen fan - I don't think any of us Bills fans thought his ceiling could be as high as it has been through these first four weeks. And that just back to his competitiveness and his drive to be the best.
  3. No doubt about it. Allen was INCREDIBLY raw when he was drafted. The ONLY reason he is where he is is because of coaching. He wasn't the guy that came out of college "pro-ready".... He was by far the biggest "project" QB, although talent-wise, he had the biggest upside. Allen would not have succeeded in NY (Darnold), or Arizona (Rosen) or even in Cleveland (Mayfield), for that matter. The only places he would have succeeded were Buffalo or Baltimore. He would have been a train wreck anywhere else with as raw, wild, and reckless as he was.
  4. The Giants have been at least in the neighborhood of "competitive"
  5. Start changing the culture now instead of 3-4 months from now. Culture doesn't change overnight.
  6. Yes, because Adam Gase has proven how great he is with a young, talented QB. I don't want to see the Jets draft Lawrence, just because I just don't want to see that kind of talent go to waste.
  7. Is it sad when one of the bright spots is the punter?
  8. His defense gave up 37 points..... ....to an 0-3 team, traveling across the country on a short week, starting an undrafted, 3rd string QB, in his first career NFL start, without his starting RB and WR. Impressive stuff, Greggo.
  9. Shocked they're only three-point favorites. That's a slap in the face to the Broncos.
  10. Hey, at least I have the Colts' D in fantasy 🤷‍♂️

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