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  1. Well, I came on to this board, told you Jets fans you had weakness in the secondary, no pass rush and a suspect offensive line and placekicking. Bills spent almost three quarters shooting themselves in the foot, turning the ball over 4 times and then giving up a safety and follow-on drive TD. Guess if you were to do it all over again, would you prefer to have our RB26 at $735,000 instead of yours. Maybe you could have saved money and brought in a pass rusher and a CB or two. Yeah, it’s too bad you guys are dominant because you have the better QB. For you decent Jets fans w
  2. Hey, that garbage has led the Bills back, what do you have to say now
  3. As a Bills fan I think the Jets defensive game plan has done a great job. Have not gotten beat deep, have not allowed Allen to escape and you got a defensive TD caused by an inaccurate pass that bounced off Beasley’s hip pad. Bills have moved the ball ok, dumb penalties, turnovers and lack of precision are the reasons they have no points at the half. Bills defense is dominating and Jets offensive line has not been good. Jets left 4 points on the board because of their poor kicking game. Should be a fun 2nd half
  4. Thank you for the great write-up. The Jets and Bills are so evenly matched and the common enemy is the Patriots. Hope you wear them out in week 3 before they come to Buffalo in week 4. For today I expect a hard fought and closely contested game. I think you can throw out the results from last year. Both young QB’s made plays and mistakes. Improved offensive pieces for each. The Jets will be starting two new offensive linemen, the Bills four, the Jets and Bills both will feature two new running backs, each will have totally different tight ends, and the Bills have two new wide receiv
  5. From that scary Jets pass rush, lol. I think your slow ass sorry CB’s are gonna piss down their leg being in chase mode to the speedy Bills receivers
  6. Yes, on the sidelines and not in view of the cameras I hope, but he’ll say adjusting his equipment.
  7. Hmmmmm, if you compare Brown to Anderson, Brown was better last season and had a better career, Zay Jones had more TD catches last year then your boy Enwaua had had in his career and Beasley is a better version of Jamison Crowder. Actually look it up instead of taking my word for it. Do everyone a favor you moronic blow hard, do a little research before you show yourself to be the idiot you are. Oh, BTW, our 4th receiver burned your pathetic CB’s for 11 catches and almost 200 yards last year, number 16, Robert Foster, remember him moron. How ya gonna feel tomorrow after the Bil
  8. Very fair take on the game. Do you the fact you brought up the penalty issue as the Bills had a ton during the preseason. Not seeing the game the same way, nor the outcome but great reading your feedback.
  9. I’m good for that bet, I’m in San Diego, guess Dirty Birds wing place I prefer
  10. Here is how I see the game playing out. Bills try and establish Allen to Beasley, Jets shift to a 4-2-5, bring safety up to work with slot corner to take Beasley away, this has additional benefit of having a quicker player in the short zone to spy Allen. This strategy leaves the corners 1 on 1 against Bills receivers. If Allen has time he can burn the Jets deep. Bills will test the running game inside the tackles and mix Singletary and Gore and try to exploit Jet weakness at OLB with Jet sweep type of runs. If the Bills get one or two deep plays the Jets will have to drop into zone covera
  11. Our starting running back is 22. Yours hasn’t played in over a year. Bet Singletary has more yards rushing then Bell on Sunday.
  12. I’m still waiting for his “football take” response. 18,000 posts don’t necessarily mean knowledge, just means he has nothing better to occupy his time.
  13. I get under his skin because I challenge his prevailing thought and like others who like to bully just don’t know what to do when the person they try to bully stands up to them and puts their finger in his chest. I’ve given him footballs topics to digest, let’s see if he has any game or not.
  14. Pity your parents brought you up to be classless, ill informed and rude. Civility is something that should be appreciated, not mocked. Discourse from opposing sides of a point makes for interesting conversation. However, let look at football I think we can honestly say that Darnold is further along then Josh Allen. Not by as much as you think however. Fact is Darnold had a better line, better receivers and still was not that much better when you add up all the statistics. That does include rushing and total turnovers. Bell is the best RB on the field Sunday, but how will h
  15. Appreciate the welcome. Think Darnold and Allen will both end up being outstanding. Jets need a couple of more drafts to add depth as their previous GM blew pick after pick outside the first round. So I honestly think the Bills are a bit ahead in their rebuild. Only time will tell and the first statement will be made on Sunday
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