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  1. 6 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    So him saying its all about winning is bad and a DISTRACTION?

    Which do you want?  

    And excuse to start a thread over nothing or him crying about $20 mil per, whatever?  Im thinking this isnt an issue but who knows, maybe im wrong and just wanting to win is a bad thing too

    You clearly know zero about building a team and a culture... no point to keep arguing... and if you are so pissed with a new Jamal post just skip it, I did not send the post to your personal email

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Jamal farted today


    WTF is wrong with him saying this?  Hes explaining why players want to be paid. 

    Why would this be a reason to move anyone?  

    Another Jamal has to go thread....

    Now is not about money but he wants to win... how many different arguments you heard from this guys in a month... he just wants out and became the walking definition of a DISTRACTION


    Jets' Joe Flacco says he won't be ready for opener after surgery

    6:20 PM ET
    • cimini_rich.png&w=160&h=160&scale=crop
      Rich CiminiESPN Staff Writer 

      New York Jets quarterback Joe Flacco, who agreed to a one-year, $1.5 million contract Friday, confirmed speculation he won't be ready for the Sept. 13 season opener against the Buffalo Bills because of his recently repaired neck.

      "I can't speak to exactly when I'm going to be ready, but it will not be day one," Flacco said Tuesday in an interview with SiriusXM NFL radio. "Obviously, we'll get with the doctors and I have another checkup come August, so we'll see where that goes."

      Flacco, 35, who underwent surgery in early April for a herniated disk, could be cleared for contact in early to mid-September, sources said last week. He said he feels "normal right now" -- he's throwing and working out -- but he probably will be limited to light work in training camp.

      The Jets were aware of Flacco's timetable when they finalized the deal. They're confident he will be healthy enough to serve as Sam Darnold's backup for much of the season. The football calendar is up in the air because of the coronavirus pandemic.

      "First and foremost, I want to help the team in any way possible and also be a guy Sam can lean on, that he can learn from," Flacco said in his first interview since being released by the Denver Broncos after only one season. "I would say those are the two most important things: Help out the guys on the team and help out Sam to do all they can.

      "For me, personally, I want to play football. I've had some things happen, got injured and had to have surgery. I have to find my way back into the league. I want to play for years to come. I think these guys have given me a great opportunity and hope I can make the most of my situation and make the most of whatever my role ends up being."

      The former longtime Baltimore Ravens starter and Super Bowl MVP admitted he wavered on whether to continue playing. He said he was "changing my mind every other day" earlier in the offseason.


      "My mind was just all over the place, even a couple of months into the offseason," he said. "I was just kind of going crazy about the whole thing. The fact that I finally got [the surgery] done and put all that behind me, I can move forward now and look forward to football."

      Flacco, acknowledging he knows "nothing at this point" about coach Adam Gase's offensive system, is participating in the virtual offseason program. He said he wouldn't hesitate to participate in a minicamp amid coronavirus concerns.

      "It's tough to talk about this and not get political, but I want to get back to work," he said. "I think everybody wants to get back to work. It would be very easy for me and a bunch of the guys that play to sit here and say, 'Ah, we can quarantine until this and this and this.'

      "... I could quarantine forever -- I've been lucky, I've been fortunate -- but I want to get back to work. I think we all do, man. We need this. We need to get back to work and get things going."

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  4. Too many mental orgasms going on here. How could you question the rationale of bringing in a 3 times pro-bowler (last 3 seasons by the way) arguing about his athleticism or that last year he was not good in pass protection? ... the guy was ranked the 14th Guard in the NFL last year and the alternative is to keep Winters (38th) at a higher cost... this is an immediate upgrade and the only reason you don’t do it is because the guy does not want to play for the Jets or there are questions about his attitude or health (which I did not read about).

  5. 39 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    I've seen him listed at 6'3" some places and 6'1" other places.

    Do we really know how tall he is?  Weight seems consistently reported in the 253-255 range.







    40 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    I've seen him listed at 6'3" some places and 6'1" other places.

    Do we really know how tall he is?  Weight seems consistently reported in the 253-255 range.






    In nfl.com he is listed at 6’3 and 255


    He is also graded high, especially compared to other EDGE rushers that were drafted, he could definitively be the steal of the draft



  6. You need to post the whole story... it is true that he did not have a stellar 1st year but the guy was a rookie and he did not have consistent reps to fairly assess his potential ...


    But it’s only fair to note that Dillard’s worst three games came when 1) he had to fill in on short notice for an injured Peters against the Minnesota Vikings, 2) he made his first NFL start on the road against the Dallas Cowboys, and 3) he started at right tackle against the Seattle Seahawks. Dillard graded out more favorably in his second and third starts at left tackle. Dillard also finished the 2019 preseason as PFF’s fourth highest graded tackle, for whatever that’s worth


  7. I would be all over this trade... pick #68 and a combined $18m in cap hit!
    @Tim_McManus just now on the Mike Missanelli show said he's heard whispers that the Eagles could be looking to use Andre Dillard as a means of dumping Alshon Jeffrey's contract. Thinks the fact Eagles seem very interested in bringing back Jason Peters tells you a lot.
    4:20 PM · Mar 2, 2020
  8. As the NFL Scouting Combine wraps up, it’s time to start turning our focus to free agency. As is the case every year, this was a major topic in Indianapolis and there have been plenty of reports in regard to offensive tackle Jack Conklin and the fact that he may sign with the New York Jets.

    Adding fuel to the fire, sources tell PFN Insider Tony Pauline that no other franchise interested in Conklin is willing to pay him the same money the Jets are ready to offer. As one source told him, “The Jets are the only team willing to give Conklin the money he wants.”

    This further confirms Pauline’s reports regarding the interest between Conklin and the Jets, which he first reported on February 27. The timeline of these reports that were posted in our Combine News and Rumors Tracker (and below) illustrates not only the NY Jets desire to land Conklin but contingency players if the team does not sign their top choice


    Crazy... and we are 18 days away from FA!


  9. Take a look at #15, thoughts? it is crazy but intriguing...



    2 hours ago

    20 Crazy Storylines That We'd Love to See Happen in the 2020 Offseason

    Yes - some are outrageous but let's have some fun! Drop some of your own below!

    1. Tom Brady signs with the Las Vegas Raiders under one condition - Antonio Brown and the team agree to a truce and the two usher in the Vegas Raiders franchise.

    2. After losing his starting spot in Chicago, Mitchell Trubisky becomes the first NFL QB to make the jump to the XFL.

    3. Chargers trade all the way up to 3 and land Tua Tagovailoa to put their stamp on the LA Football market.

    4. Jacksonville sends QB Nick Foles, CB A.J. Bouye and a 4th round pick to Philadelphia for a conditional late-round pick in a major salary dump.

    5. Patrick Mahomes signs a record-shattering 8-year, $300M+ contract with over $150M guaranteed.

    6. Dolphins sign Teddy Bridgewater to a 2-year deal and trade one of their second-round picks for Stefon Diggs.

    7. Giants and Joe Judge become New England South and bring in multiple Patriots free agents such as Joe Thuney, Kyle Van Noy, and Phillip Dorsett.

    8. Speaking of the Patriots - they swing a deal for a stop-gap QB in Andy Dalton, and find a way to move up in the draft for their QB of the future in Jacob Eason.

    9. QB Carousel continues:

    Cam Newton ends up in Chicago
    Derek Carr in Carolina
    Philip Rivers in Indy
    Marcus Mariota is Tua’s insurance policy with the Chargers
    Jameis Winston and his new eyesight return to Tampa
    Tannehill stays in Tennessee

    10. Odell Beckham is one-and-done in Cleveland as Sean Payton and the Saints make OBJ Robin to Michael Thomas’ Batman. In Brees’ last season, he gets the best weapons he’s ever had. New Orleans sends Cleveland their 1st round pick (24) and a 2021 4th round pick to Cleveland for Odell and their 3rd round pick (74).

    11. Kliff Kingsbury realizes that you also have to play defense and the Cardinals splurge on defensive players in free agency and the draft such as Arik Armstead, Byron Jones, and Isaiah Simmons.

    12. Announcer Shuffle: Tony Romo and Mike Tirico team up in the MNF booth. CBS hires Peyton Manning to replace Romo, alongside Jim Nantz.

    13. Jerry Jones makes his big Draft Day splash to move up and get the best corner to come out since Jalen Ramsey. The Cowboys trade their 1st and 2nd round pick in 2020 and their 1st in 2021 to Miami at 
    #5 to get Jeff Okudah.

    14. After getting jumped for Tua Tagovailoa by the Chargers, Miami passes on the 2020 QB class and turns their attention towards Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence. With the trade down from 5 with Dallas, Miami now owns 3 first-round picks in 2020 and 2021. Complete picks: 1.17 (DAL), 1.18 (PIT), 1.26 (HOU), 2.39, (TRADE 2.51 to MIN for DIGGS) 2.56 (NO), 3.70, 5.145 (PIT), 5.148 (LAR), 6.166, 6.178 (DAL), 7.224 (KC)

    Then in 2021, they own their 1st round pick, Houston’s 1st round pick, and Dallas’ 1st round pick.

    15. After failing to give Jamal Adams an extension, the Jets send Adams and a 6th round pick to the Baltimore Ravens for franchise-tagged DE Matthew Judon and pick 28.

    Jets draft OT Andrew Thomas (11) and WR Justin Jefferson (28).

    16. After securing their QB and offensive anchor in Tom Brady - Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock show up at Chris Jones' door to make him their highest-paid defensive player with a 4-year, $75M deal with $50M+ in guaranteed.

    17. Alabama’s Henry Ruggs breaks John Ross’ record (4.22) for the fastest 40-yard dash by running a 4.21 and ends up being the first WR off the board as the Browns draft him at 
    #10 to replace the recently-traded Odell Beckham Jr.

    18. Richard Sherman becomes the face of the anti-CBA by channeling his inner Trevor Bauer and shreds commissioner Goodell with a series of videos and tweets that undermine the recent CBA proposals.

    19. With CeeDee Lamb taking a bit of a tumble, the Buffalo Bills package their 1st and 2nd round picks to move up to 
    #13 with the Colts and take the stud WR.

    20. The Bengals tag WR A.J. Green against his wishes and Green tells the team he will retire if they don’t rescind the tag or trade him. After a long hold out into the summer, Cincy caves in and trades him to the Packers, who continue their new way of spending (2019 Smith-duo) and make a big splash by giving A.J. Green a big 3-year contract to play opposite.

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