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  1. Try to find a Japan Market only Epiphone - they have the same ‘Open Book’ headstock as a Gibson, are full weight, and made by Fujigen - makers of Ibanez Prestige lines and all the great Import Charvels of the 80s. Bought a Goldtop LP in great condition on eBay for around $900 and installed vintage locking tuners and EMG Alnico Retroactive 55s. It plays better than any Gibson I’ve picked up in GC.
  2. Like if you crossed Gronk and Ogre with a side of Kenny Powers. Yeah I’m going to want his jersey 😂
  3. Two things stand out in addition to what has been said - cuts on a dime and catches the ball with his hands at its highest point. Would love to draft this kid.
  4. The one JetsInsider crashed? No thanks.
  5. That was such a bad play - totally out of position with at least two receivers behind him. Did you see the look that dude in the backfield gave Jamal after that play? “WTF Bro - you suck!”
  6. In fairness, I would have PTSD behind this line. Forget progressions hello survival. And also, not a true defense of Darnold. I think this falls under the category of ruined.
  7. Is Costello taking new patients? Asking for a friend...
  8. I am so tired of this team. 40 years for me. 40!!! I live 3000 miles away and have had the ticket for 20 years and dammit I am so sick of feeling like sh*t after games! I don’t even care anymore!!!! rant over
  9. From their article on the current rash of injuries across the NFL: ”The new turf at MetLife Stadium is also a suspect in this week’s injury mystery, with 49ers players referring to it after Sunday’s game as “sticky” and “trash.” Subtle defects in a playing surface can have a major impact on elite athletes performing at peak capacity and effort, which explains why the Jets weren’t affected.” I mean... damn.
  10. Because we’d like to Falget aboutem’ both?
  11. This same man allowed his 27 year old daughter to die of diabetic DKA. She clearly had mental issues and control issues, but couldn’t be bothered to have anyone check on her. Let that sink in.
  12. Given the fan base and revenue, you would think this team prints money. But these are the Johnsons we are talking about - and not the ones entrusted with the business. Woody in particular is a giant tool, a failed businessman, a boot licker to Trump, and obviously never going to win dad of the year. Christ.
  13. I prefer Tom’s old avatar. There I said it!
  14. Great football intelligence. Bravado, smarts and good technique. We haven’t seen the best of Jamal yet.
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