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  1. This guys been around the league for over 20 years Experience ✔️ He's been involved in playoff games with 3 different teams (including one super bowl) Performs under pressure ✔️ He can bring a unique perspective to the game, zigging when everyone else in the league is zagging. Outside the box thinking ✔️ I bring to you the man for the job: Matt Bryant Cant get any worse right then currently right? He definitely has the look of a great head coach, a blend of Andy Reid, Mike Holmgren, and Bruce Arians all in one.
  2. Didn't the Jets draft a TE in the 4th round this year that we know couldn't catch but at least would be able to help in blocking support? He seems to be doing his job well.
  3. The search seems to be down to Kai Forbath and former Jet/future Ring of Honor player Mike Nugent. Thinking back Nugent may have had the longest NFL tenure of any Jets 2nd round pick in the last few decades.
  4. Sam certainly doesn't need doctors to suit up, he's feeling 100%! Better off going to a holistic healer:
  5. Where the Jet Plane crashes and the players are left befriending a deflated ball that they could not play with.
  6. Anyone remember when Matt Moore came in against the Jets in 2016 and went 12 of 18 for 236 a TD and beat the Jets? Or the time that Matt Moore started his first game in 2017 and went 13-21 for 188 and a TD and beat the Jets? Gase had his backup QB in but still was able to beat the Jets. Not sure if that falls more on Bowles being terrible or that Gase has just forgotten how to coach and move the ball downfield. I would argue that Siemian is just as good if not better than Matt Moore and he had negative passing yards with Gase before he got hurt vs the Browns.
  7. Side note: Anyone notice that Bowles' TB defense has 9 sacks and Gregg Williams defense has 4 so far this season? I would like to think it's a talent gap, but the Jets actually had more sacks in the regular season last year than the Bucs did.
  8. Realistically, if Vedvik makes the first XP and Jets are up 7-0, then get the safety to make it 9-0, I think the Jets would've went for another XP to make it 16-0 which they got to anyway with the 2 pt conversion. The FG was a big miss, but equal blame can definitely be placed on all parties (snapper, holder, kicker).
  9. First post but a frequent reader of the strong chatter on the forum. Figured i'd pop my cherry with a Thank you Max.
  10. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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