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  1. Jets ownership has NO clue. Giants ownership HAD a clue 4 times a SB...
  2. It was an ugly game... BUT, it's only a regular season stinker. It happens. January is when it counts for the Patriots!
  3. But, but, but his 2-4 record against the Patriots...
  4. https://www.forbes.com/teams/new-york-jets/#6d2b95fa5712 They'll never sell... Even with the current state of the team, they're making $ hand over fist! Sorry...
  5. New England doesn't sweat a regular season loss. 11-5 last year. None of the teams they lost to made the playoffs... Once the playoffs started, they turned it on... You guys focus (build) too much on just 2 games.
  6. Why not just sit Mosely for the year so he can heal for next year? Berrios had some moves as a WR and PR in the preseason. We were surprised when BB cut hm and kept Gunner Olszewski.
  7. If I were growing another head, I would have gotten a second opinion long before Williams did. Still you'd think that an NFL team would employ the absolute BEST medical staff.
  8. I can't remember what the post was. What was the issue? I don't want to get kicked out.
  9. The flaw is trying to build to beat the Patriots. That's only 2 games each season and turns into your Super Bowl. Rex was obsessed with beating BB and he earned the title of Buffoon for his efforts. Jets and Bills. I know Mangini, but not Idziik. He was a numbers guy right? The "simple" solution is to fire the Johnson boys and hire an owner who is an actual fan of the Jets. Kraft had Patriots season tickets for years before he bought the Pats. He interfered with Parcells and it cost the team a SB because Bill was disengaged during the SB and wasn't prepared. Then Pete who only wanted to be friends with his players. It's a learning curve, but if the goal is to win vs making money... I rambled, but the point is, Kraft was a fan of the team before he bought it. So, if you can find the perfect storm...
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