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  1. 22 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

    Ryan Kalil, Trumaine Johnson among five ruled out by Jets

    Posted by Josh Alper on November 1, 2019, 4:27 PM EDT
    Getty Images

    The Jets had 26 players on this week’s injury reports and five of those players have been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Dolphins.

    We’ve known for some time that linebacker C.J. Mosley will be out with the groin injury that’s ruined his first season with the Jets. He’ll be joined on the inactive list by center Ryan Kalil, who is dealing with knee and elbow trouble and will be replaced by Jonotthan Harrison.

    The Jets will also be without cornerback Trumaine Johnson (ankles), wide receiver Josh Bellamy (foot, shoulder) and cornerback Rontez Miles (neck,hip). Linebacker Neville Hewitt (neck, knee) is listed as doubtful and his absence would leave the Jets very thin at inside linebacker with Mosley out and Blake Cashman going on injured reserve Friday.

    Left tackle Kelvin Beachum (ankle), tight end Chris Herndon (hamstring), wide receiver Demaryius Thomas (hamstring, ankle), defensive tackle Steve McLendon (hamstring), and wide receiver Braxton Berrios (hamstring) are all listed as questionable.

    Why not just sit Mosely for the year so he can heal for next year? 

    Berrios had some moves as a WR and PR in the preseason. We were surprised when BB cut hm and kept Gunner Olszewski.

  2. 1 hour ago, Green DNA said:

    At what point do you think Williams might have said "screw this, I have this big lump on my head and I'm going to see a different doctor"?  The Redskins Dr's are absolutely negligent but WTF was Williams waiting for?

    If I were growing another head, I would have gotten a second opinion long before Williams did. Still you'd think that an NFL team would employ the absolute BEST medical staff. 

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  3. 9 hours ago, Beerfish said:

    Mangini never should have been fired.

    The two people though flawed but who actually had a real plan in Mangini and Idzik get fired after a couple of seasons.  The awful horrible coaches and gms who from day one look like garbage all get 5 years.

    The flaw is trying to build to beat the Patriots. That's only 2 games each season and turns into your Super Bowl. Rex was obsessed with beating BB and he earned the title of Buffoon for his efforts. Jets and Bills. I know Mangini, but not Idziik. He was a numbers guy right? The "simple" solution is to fire the Johnson boys and hire an owner who is an actual fan of the Jets. 

    Kraft had Patriots season tickets for years before he bought the Pats. He interfered with Parcells and it cost the team a SB because Bill was disengaged during the SB and wasn't prepared. Then Pete who only wanted to be friends with his players. It's a learning curve, but if the goal is to win vs making money...

    I rambled, but the point is, Kraft was a fan of the team before he bought it. So, if you can find the perfect storm...

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  4. 33 minutes ago, RoadFan said:

    So was Jachai Polite.

    How'd that work out?  Lasted about 3 weeks I think?

    Seattle is in "win now mode" so Pete will do whatever he thinks will (even marginally) make his team better. At this point, do the Jets really want to get better with playoffs out of the picture? Another thread mentioned how a meaningless win against the Dolphins precluded you drafting Bosa. At this point why not jostle with the Fins, Skins, and Bengals for a top 5 (or better) pick? 

  5. 21 hours ago, ryu79 said:

    Does he actually have a growth on his HEAD? How big is this growth? That sounds hella creepy. 


    This morning I heard that the incision in his head had the diameter of a softball and needed 350 stitches and 75 staples too close. The growth was cancerous and was just weeks from getting to his brain. Until I heard that, I thought Williams was just being a drama queen, but now I have a whole new level of disdain for the Redskins...

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  6. 2 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    Give me all the ex-Patriots WRs this year!!!!

    Add Gordon to Berrios and Demaryius Thomas!  Have Robby take Gordon under his wing and mentor him on how to be a good dude off the field.

    This will be great!  We'll be Patriots South!  Next up....Sam Darnold get Tom Brady to back him up in 2023.

    I don't think Darnold would win the job against a 43 year old Brady. He'd hold the clipboard for 2 years...

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