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  1. Love the pink hair, but what is the face? It looks familiar.
  2. Lone sister in a family full of brothers... Believe me, I can hold my own...
  3. Can you pronounce "Gloucester" correctly?
  4. Look, I've been a Patriots fan my whole life. I'm not really welcome here and I know that. Not looking for trouble, but speaking the truth...
  5. What about when my patriotic side appears?
  6. Any chance I can hang in this forum?
  7. Me too... Well... However, I have been warned
  8. They might have another shot at it again next draft...
  9. So, you're saying there's a chance? Brady was a 6th and Edelman was a 7th. Wasn't Antonio Brown a 6th too? Marques Colston and some others. I get what you're saying though because the chances that the Jets choose a quality player at the end of the 6th is 0.0%
  10. I don't often root for the Jets to win. However, the Stains have been talking so much trash all summer. Guaranteeing SBs, trashing other teams' player and even their own players. $350K watches on the field? Please... Go Jets!
  11. Obviously, I hate the Jets. However, the Jets aren't a threat to the Patriots. The Stains have been talking SB, dissing other teams/players, talking smack, etc... I will be rooting for the Jets to destroy the Stains...
  12. NE cut him on the last day of cut downs. It was solely in order to put N'Keal Harry on IR. Still, they thought enough of him to bring him back last Monday. He was good in the last preseason game with Stidham against the Giants' D. Take all that as you will.
  13. This game showed how important Mosley is. A crap QB and a crap offense came alive in the 4th quarter...
  14. What are you talking about? He hasn't signed anything. He won't sign the contract until tomorrow (Monday).
  15. Oakland = $30M guaranteed. NE = $9M guaranteed. Your post = Nonsense...
  16. One voice of reason can't combat an entire paranoid fanbase, so spread these words of wisdom... Why would AB sign in NE for $9M guaranteed when he already had $30M guaranteed in Oakland? We know AB doesn't care about winning. He only cares about his stats. In NE, Edelman and Gordon already make up the top receiving corps in the AFC.You can't have three 100 catch, 1000 yard receivers.
  17. The Raiders guaranteed Brown $30M! The premise of this thread is that this was a planned scheme by AB and NE. That AB orchestrated the Oakland clown show because he wanted to go to NE!
  18. The Pats are better on both sides of the ball this year, but you're right about needing help. They have to play against the refs too. Defenses are allowed to tee off on Brady and his head without consequence. It's ridiculous what teams get away with playing against the Pats.
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