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  1. Why would AB pass on $30m guaranteed to make only $9m guaranteed?
  2. Sure, because why get $30M guaranteed from the Raiders when you can get $9M guaranteed from the Patriots... SMH...
  3. Someone claimed that NE's depth "sucked", so I responded and showed that the statement is false. I thought it was you who posted that. If it wasn't you, I certainly apologize... I also know not to poke the "NE cheats" rabble no matter how ridiculous their claims. Nothing gets you banned from an opponent's message board faster that posting the truth... I'm not going to respond to any posts about NE cheating, no matter how outrageous, nonsensical, or childish. www.yourteamcheats.com says t all...
  4. Biased is a funny word and is interpreted in different ways. If I don't agree with someone 100% no matter how silly the premise, they call me biased. Even if I'm correct, some people still call that biased.
  5. I think NE's success will continue even after Brady retires as long as BB is there. Hopefully, BB's replacement will continue to have success with the Patriot Way...
  6. I'm not sure how your, "They're terrible without Brady," comment plays into this. However, even if Brady were to pull an Andrew Luck, NE would still be the favorite to win the AFCE. Not the SB, but certainly the AFCE. #2 seed behind KC. (#1 with Brady) Before the season begins, Stidham is easily the 3rd best QB in the AFCE, behind Brady and Darnold. Then there's the HC and the rest of the team.
  7. Brady trusts Edelman, Gordon, and Dorsett. If Brady trusts you, then you'll be successful. Thomas, Harry (after a few games on IR), Meyers, and Olszewski (who beat out Berrios) and that's as good as any receiving corps as there is. Next add the stable of Michel, White, and Burkhead, Harris, and Devlin. The NE offense will be very formidable this year. Much better than last year.
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