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  1. There are very few instances when I agree with market setting free agent contracts. Trumaine Johnson was not one of those instances.
  2. Yes, but again neither of them were big, long term investments. The error in signing T. Johnson dwarfs both of those, combined.
  3. It’s been a combination of things. Poor play, poor communication, poor recognition by all, and poor game planning. Beachum is a mediocre OT who doesn’t matchup against the top tier pass rushers. To leave him out on an island is absurd. All QB’s have missed pre-snap adjustments. Numerous times I’ve seen Kalil and Winters hand gesturing back and forth pre-snap, a sign of confusion. Up until today Shell was the only one playing somewhat decently, but it seems he had a bad day today.
  4. They’re similar in that they were players past their prime, but neither measure up to Trumaine Johnson’s contract. Reed got a 1 yr, vet minimum and Chris Johnson’s deal was essentially a one yr deal as well.
  5. Johnson was a marginal athlete coming out of college at age 22. Now 29 in his 8th season he shouldn’t even be in the NFL. He’s slow, lacks explosiveness and agility. He’s arguably the worst FA signing this team has ever made.
  6. Attended - My first game, 1991 vs Packers. Pat Leahy kicked a 37 yard fg to win in OT. Watched - One I haven’t seen mentioned is the overtime upset over Chargers in ‘04-‘05 wild card game.
  7. There’s a premium put on LB’s who can cover. Cashman fits that bill. If he can stay healthy he’ll find himself in nickel and dime packages, which is becoming increasingly more of a “base” defense these days. Hewitt is more of a backup. He doesn’t share Cashman’s athleticism or instincts to be an every down/regular cover linebacker.
  8. No to both. The Jets need to fill half of their roster next season. Trading multiple premium picks for players who command premium $ is not a good way to go about it.
  9. Bad mechanics by Darnold. A sign that the Bills pressure has a significant impact even when it didn’t get to him. Robby didn’t do him any favors either. He has to go up and get that ball, not wait for it to come down to him.
  10. True. He was seen running into his teammates on his failed attempts to rush the passer.
  11. Saying he’s not reliable is supporting him? Strange thing to suggest.
  12. And I saw Bertolet miss one. That doesn’t change anything. Before his trade to Minnesota, Vedvik was 12/13 on fg (only miss 50+ yds) and 11/11 on extra points in 2 preseasons with Ravens.
  13. Neither of them are reliable. Bertolet also missed extra points and FG’s. There’s no guarantee he makes either of those kicks. Especially the fg with a bad hold which most seem to be overlooking.
  14. Maccagnan is the reason we have an issue at kicker.

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