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  1. 41-3 only because the team upgraded from a high school kicker to a college kicker.
  2. Browns won by 20 points. Jets scored 3. Patriots offense and defense is superior to every NFL team. But somehow at home against a horrible jets team the Patriots will win by just 14 points. Again I say Really!
  3. Good luck with the 14 point spread. The numbers are likely correct, just transposed. As for fitting in forum longevity obviously doesn't sharpen ones football IQ.
  4. Seriously? How many points have the jets put up in their 2 games? 19. How many points have the Patriots scored in their 2 games? 76. How many points have the Patriots given up in 2 games? 3.And somehow a 14 point spread seems fair to you. Really!
  5. Believe SAR 1 is a little nerd looking for attention.
  6. No. Sammy is 0-1 this year and would have been 0-2 had he played against Cleveland. Fyi, if Sammy was to play this Sunday the point spread would be the same.
  7. I can't stop laughing everytime you refer to Sammy as a franchise qb. Loser owns a 4-14 record throws as many INT'S as TD'S. Makes one wonder what label you would pin on a QB with a good track record. Franchise plus qb perhaps. LMAO
  8. A whole lot worst will be served up on Sunday. True even if the jets were 110% healthy.
  9. No. Boston boy. Who enjoys living in Championship Central. FYI, Hal will not be signing free agents because he has a bottom line budget and will struggle to keep key players from leaving. Face it since 2004 beat down in the ALCS the Sox have owned the yanks. Kinda like the Patriots owning their division. Can't wait for Sunday. Will be enjoying tailgate time and jet humiliation to follow. See ya.
  10. Amazing. Jets year in and year out have been the laughing stock of the league, yet somehow with little talent and zero depth will win late in the season and make the playoffs. LMAO.
  11. "If we don't win the world series this year we'll win it the next" FALSE. It's been 10 years since they won it. Red Sox have dominated for the last 10 years much like the Patriots. New York Post tagged Boston, (Championship Central). That must burn your buns.
  12. Your kidding right. SAR's optimism has never made the slightest sense. Losses = wins, boat load of woulda,coulda shoulda hypothetical nonsense. QB with a 4-14 record and almost as many INT's as TD's gets labeled "Franchise". Jets are hurting and with their draft history it's not getting better anytime soon. Optimism is a road traveled by losers. SAR rents an apartment on it.
  13. Why is that shocking? Pat's don't need him to win. They have a stable full of pass catchers. In Dec.they expect to have Gronk back. Truth is they don't need him either.
  14. " for the Pat's to score, Brady has to be on the field" Wrong. Patriots defense will outscore the jets on Sunday.
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