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  1. Browns win. Margin holds no significance. L is an L ,nothing more or less.
  2. They were never a threat to make the playoffs this season. Was looking forward to seeing progress and that hope was erased after watching the Bill's game. Going 8-8 or 9-7 would have given hope for next year. My prediction is we go 1-7 first half and 6-2 second half. Will win enough so they draft in the middle of the pack in 2020.
  3. Why not keep last years pro bowl kicker? Overpaid for Bell.
  4. Well said. I had plenty of concern coming out of USC. That concern is only growing.
  5. I can't find a single thought in your verbal assault that makes any sense. That said since you obviously consider yourself a fountain of knowledge enlighten us all with the year the Jets will appear in a SB and why.
  6. Unfortunately that's all true. I didn't like the pick when we drafted him. USC QB's are not NFL caliber. Problem is the Post writers elevate his game to sell papers and fans buy into it and become disappointed. In a word Sam is a stiff.
  7. Someone on another thread said Brady has no arm strength. He must have been referring to his left arm.
  8. I do too. Very important to win the first two games. Week 3 and 4 scare me. Starting the season 1-3 must be avoided.
  9. I'm confused. How is signing AB cheating? Wasn't he free to sign with any team? Where were the Jets in all of this?

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