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  1. If the Jets were doing anything on offense this would be valid. But they aren’t, so the coach should focus on his play calling first.
  2. Still waiting on some adjustments on either side of the ball.
  3. Thankfully I was working again tonight. Watched a condensed version of the game. Thought about how there was a time that the Jets could actually compete with and beat the Patriots and make the playoffs....sometimes both. Did I imagine that?
  4. Also witten’s controller’s batteries died. I think if he makes any attempt for the ball the case for PI goes way up
  5. New tactic? Giving some other franchise's fans hope only to stomp them down later?
  6. Lol you are posting in a forum with people who are anonymous to you, and have no idea who you are.... and your trip point is dude?
  7. Sad you have to take this approach, but I can’t entirely disagree with you. When I heard Darnold was out, this was the first time in my life that I preferred having to work on a Sunday than watching the game.
  8. I’m happy he’s recovering so fast, but I have a nagging bad feeling in the back of my head that I can’t shake for some reason. Hopefully I’m just paranoid!
  9. I am starting to get the impression that he hedged his bets on the jets not making the playoffs, and took a nice $8M paycheck so he can open some restaurants or start some sort of business. Wouldn’t be surprised if he plays half the games now with some sort of “injury”.
  10. It’s sad, but part of me is glad Darnold isn’t in there. There is no developing with this team, there’s just frustration and chance of injury. I really hope they don’t try to rush him back just to try to win a couple of games.
  11. If the Titans could beat the Browns, surely we can... get a first down

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