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  1. At what point do you just engage 8 on every play? I mean the result would probably be the same every time, but maybe you get one fumble at some point?
  2. Thinking on this game and the last, I’m forced to come to the only logical conclusion. Last week we were treated to the greatest QB of all time variant of Mike White. This week he got pruned after his nexus event touchdown. Standby for possible pruning of Josh Johnson i I guess?
  3. Garbage time or not the Defense has to feel great watching the offense actually try. With Josh Johnson leading the way.
  4. I love when they show Flacco on the sidelines. What a professional. Very stoic. Absolutely rocking that Jets hoodie.
  5. How do you beat the Titans and Bengals but get smoked twice by a patriots team that is probably the worst it’s been in years? Football is a weird sport
  6. Carter was just making up for that bad helmet to helmet call. What a good sport
  7. Ok (probably) my last ridiculous post today. Wouldn’t it be karmic justice if Mike White becomes the next Tom Brady after the Patriots injured their starting QB? No hate, plz
  8. I can’t believe Mike White is already up for HoF induction after one game
  9. Sure but when a play goes that long, creative players will go make a play
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