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  1. I’m throwing some crow on the grill for a lot of y’all. Hope you’re hungry I’ll be eating it for my bad mouthing of Corey Davis.
  2. I said ok. Pretty much Flacco numbers other than the game against the Browns
  3. Wilson had an ok half with a bad end. This offensive line just isn’t good enough though. Wilson is prone to throwing off his back foot, and it turns out he will do it a lot if the line collapses on him immediately every play
  4. Bad toss by Wilson, but cmon Corey Davis is the least clutch player on this roster
  5. At this point putting Mike White in could be psychological warfare on the bengals.
  6. There are guys open. Flacco has missed quite a bit. He looks like he’s rushed because he knows he can’t move fast enough to avoid the rushers
  7. It’s comical to watch this team get fired up. Go out there and score one TD before you celebrate
  8. And there goes our most consistent player on defense
  9. Ejections are supposed to hurt a team. Ejecting Joyner would have helped the Jets
  10. Gonna be a lot of trouble if they don’t make a quick stop here
  11. Jets blitz packages are like 3-4 lineman only or all out blitz. Nothing in between.
  12. He’s a RB, it’s low and behind him, and was in full stride. If it’s in front of him it’s a TD. Not gonna fault Hall for that TBH
  13. Do they know you can rush more than 4 players at a time?
  14. Flacco looks old and slow. Looks like the game has finally passed him by. White isn’t much faster but I’d like to think it would be better to have him in right now.
  15. Looks like Davis has upgraded his brick hands to concrete ones this year
  16. I’m not sure about that. You’re not winning games because of Flacco, but I don’t think you’re loosing them because of him either. I’d like to keep White and Streveler because they have provided the most exciting QB play we’ve seen in years. But I can in good conscience say that I think we have a better shot at winning with either of them of Wilson goes down or suck again. I would 1000x rather see boring QB play and win then exiting QB plays that result in losses.
  17. I have been afraid this guy was a ticking time bomb since I saw his 400 lb dad sitting next to him on draft day. But I expected him to play at least one game this year Jets should have bought draft insurance for this guy
  18. I can’t tell if I’m happy because he thinks Wilson and the Jets suck and he was a total scrub, or if I’m worried that one loser can spot another loser.
  19. I think this the best draft in recent history. On paper, this team is better on both sides of the ball. Do I think they are going to win the Super Bowl? No. Win the division? No. Get in playoffs on a wild card? I’d say there is an outside shot. The question is, do Wilson and Saleh get a free pass this year? Ya the team is better, but also very young. If the offense struggles, do you write off this year as a growth year? Or do you have a set number of “bad” games before both coach and/or QB are officially on the hot seat? I think the time for excuses is quickly coming to an end (barring all of these picks being busts), but I don’t think I go into the season with a target on any backs unless they somehow start worse than last year. Curious on y’alls thoughts.
  20. At what point do you just engage 8 on every play? I mean the result would probably be the same every time, but maybe you get one fumble at some point?
  21. Thinking on this game and the last, I’m forced to come to the only logical conclusion. Last week we were treated to the greatest QB of all time variant of Mike White. This week he got pruned after his nexus event touchdown. Standby for possible pruning of Josh Johnson i I guess?
  22. Garbage time or not the Defense has to feel great watching the offense actually try. With Josh Johnson leading the way.
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