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  1. Kid is so impressive. I don’t understand not wanting to draft him at #2. Hopefully the Jets pull the trigger.
  2. What a great thread. Thank you for posting. Really, you add great value to the forum. Why waste your time being mad about how others waste their time?
  3. Ive been lurking around here for like a decade. I forgot I made an account a couple years ago. Just had some things to say, finally. And yes, I am very chill.
  4. Sometimes I don’t get this fan base. Clearly, JD and this staff are aware what this team needs. Everyone knows. Just because we didn’t land either of the highly prized OLineman doesn’t mean Darnold will be starting, that’s ridiculous. It also doesn’t mean JD is sleeping on the job. You can’t make players play here and you’re not going to land everyone. There are 31 other teams vying for these players services. For each player, the odds are highly stacked against any one team signing them. I personally love the moves we have made so far and I anticipate signing a CB or two as well, an
  5. Gase was the problem today. Everyone is saying Sam is garbage. Every QB is garbage when the have pressure in their face every play. Gase made no adjustments and gave the O-Line no help today. Our O-Line can’t protect and yet we ran five receiver sets ALL DAY. What do you expect? The Bills had unblocked defenders running at Sam every other play. Predictable play calling and zero adjustments cost us the game. Darnold is not the problem, Gase is. This is the offense he ran in Miami and people wondered why their offense was at the bottom of the league. I hated
  6. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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