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    I am actually a little surprised Walker was in the top 8. Doesn't seem like he would fit our wide 9 scheme very well. He seems a better fit as a chess piece to be moved around in a 3-4 defense.
  2. No one can convince me that we don't have the second most amount of talent in the division. And a lot of that gap is because of Josh Allen. Now, a lot of our talent are rookies and second year players, so it may not translate second in the division in wins yet. If Zach makes a big jump this year and we stay at least relatively healthy, we will be a dangerous team.
  3. This has been my point in a few threads when everyone was bashing JD. The coaching / system has a big say in who is drafted. It is not in the GM's best interest to draft players that won't fit the coach's system. And when you have Adam Gase and Dowell Loggains... you're ****ed. There is no way Gase's staff and JD were on the same page. Gase's staff was awful, and JD has been around great front offices his whole career. It was obvious they did not see eye-to-eye. Now with Saleh's staff, everyone is on the same page and it is apparent. Look at the last two drafts. Look at the comraderie and organization cohesiveness. There is a vision for the future that Adam Gase could never see, regardless of how wide he opened his eyes.
  4. Jets had him #8 on their board and most teams and analysts had him in their top 10-12 players... can't be that big of an issue.
  5. You're personally concerned about him being 23 when he season starts? LOL. Jets fans are something else.
  6. You lost it at the Sauce pick? You realize he is arguably the best player in the draft? And correct, Joe D is amazing.
  7. Having weapons and being open are different things. Our weapons had a ton of injuries and we had guys dropping open passes. Plus we had zero TEs. Last half of the season we had practice squad players out there. We had SOME weapons, but they weren't healthy often.
  8. Also, everyone on the planet thought Mims was the steal of the draft at the time, NFL talking heads included. Becton was also thought of to be elite (which I still think he will be). Some good picks don't work out, that is the nature of the draft.
  9. Everyone loves to blame Joe for everything. I think that a lot of people forget that coaching staffs also have input on draft selections based on scheme. I think Becton was JDs pick for sure, but others from the 2020 draft were certainly influenced by the coaching staff and scheme at the time (we had Dowell Logains for god sakes). It is no coincidence that he killed the 2021 draft with competent coaches around and a different scheme. Sure, it falls on the GM at the end of the day, but let's be real... a GM can't be choosing players who his coaches don't like or don't fit the scheme in place. Joe mentioned this in the press conference yesterday briefly, too. I would assume most people didn't really even catch it. He said that they want to draft guys that "everyone is excited about, coaches AND scouts" (and GM obviously). I think that is pretty telling, and I 100% expect the Jets to kill the draft again this year with this staff in place.
  10. @Mogglez Have you heard anything on how the Jets feel about Jermaine Johnson or Jameson Williams?
  11. Kid is so impressive. I don’t understand not wanting to draft him at #2. Hopefully the Jets pull the trigger.
  12. What a great thread. Thank you for posting. Really, you add great value to the forum. Why waste your time being mad about how others waste their time?
  13. Ive been lurking around here for like a decade. I forgot I made an account a couple years ago. Just had some things to say, finally. And yes, I am very chill.
  14. Sometimes I don’t get this fan base. Clearly, JD and this staff are aware what this team needs. Everyone knows. Just because we didn’t land either of the highly prized OLineman doesn’t mean Darnold will be starting, that’s ridiculous. It also doesn’t mean JD is sleeping on the job. You can’t make players play here and you’re not going to land everyone. There are 31 other teams vying for these players services. For each player, the odds are highly stacked against any one team signing them. I personally love the moves we have made so far and I anticipate signing a CB or two as well, and maybe another WR or edge. Considering the positions we have landed so far in FA, we will be drafting OLineman. Chill out, everyone. Douglas knows the deal. We know his FA lineman didn’t pan out last year... he knows it, too. He’ll be looking to correct it in the draft. What I am hoping we do, and what I really think will be close to what happens, is drafting Wilson and then a couple OLineman with two of our next three picks. We will trade Darnold and have another 2nd round pick to play with as well. Recap - prediction for first two rounds is Wilson, two OL, and a CB or edge (depending on how FA plays out). Jets fans. Chill. We have signed good players and improved the roster, much more than we would have signed without Saleh and JD. we are building a culture here, the right way (finally). We have a lot of holes to fill, but we also have a lot of draft picks and FA options still. We have a respected GM and a coach players want tot play for and be around. We will have a fresh offensive mindset and a renewed energy. RELAX. I promise JD is working the phones and making this team better. If you still feel like this after the 2022 season when he has exhausted the draft picks and cap space he spent 18 months acquiring by deconstructing the egregious roster moves the Jets have made over the past few years, then you can feel free to bash him. I feel very confident we are moving in a great direction.
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