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  1. Healthy Neville Hewitt or L.Bell with an o-line
  2. He likes to get in shape anyway possible...... whatever it takes he likes. Not surprised he looks the way he does right now. Gives Jets fans hope he is a piece to the puzzle.
  3. Give Atlanta a 5th or 6th for Matt Gono
  4. Combine is for ratings. Pro days outside in the elements is the real test
  5. Keep him .... depth .... experience zones not his thing. Man to man player
  6. Reason Jets struggle .... get Matt Gono from Falcons now. They are grooming him at LT for J Matthews. Save the pick on another spot on o-line and get Matt Gono. Get Matt Gono. He can play T and G. He’s going to be a superstar.
  7. Trade a 6th for Matt Gono of the Falcons. He’s their best ol.
  8. 1. Randy Moss 2. Jerry Rice 3. Calvin Johnson 4. Michael Irvin 5. Troy Brown
  9. Crazy bc he’s always been productive in his chances. Nobody in the league can catch him except Tyreek Hill. 10.1 100meter
  10. Beckham was jacked up. Too much powder

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