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  1. Now there is 1 game of tape on him. Only gets harder from here.
  2. franchise qb in town means build ol. Don’t need another potential Super Bowl qb suffering injury bc oline stinks ..... already cost chad Pennington
  3. In the NFL good coaches have the good players and they screw up less. Luck of the draw. Hire Pennington
  4. Is Myles Garrett winning games for the Browns .... no. This dude is no better. Build the oline. It’s awful.
  5. Roberts is fine. He’s not a zone cb. Tds against Miami were miscommunication between roberts and adams. Several announcers .... Archuleta has commented that Roberts has been very solid this year.
  6. Draft a rb as good as Bell. If the offense doesn’t pass to the rb Bell is worthless. He’s a pass catcher playing rb. If he’s not catching he’s not worth it. Back out college can carry the ball just as well or better than Bell. Wasted $
  7. He’s slightly above avg. wheels aren’t there. Seperation an issue. But the Jets would be a team to highly covet and pay more than they should. Stay away. He will not turn ny into contender. He’s not randy moss. Not even close.
  8. Corners not turning back to look at the ball is coaching. Roberts has been like this forever. I’m not sure the TDs were on him yesterday. Looked like an ill prepared team with lots of miscommunication. Athletes shouldn’t say stupid things on social media. Dumb move by Roberts.
  9. Bring back Pennington. He used to win.
  10. Year Pennington and Dolphins lit up the Jets? Chad threw some sick Tds in that game.
  11. Signing Bell with a terrible ol not good. Like playing franchise qbs With 2nd/3rd string ol in meaningless preseason game against the giants. Wrist done
  12. Jets need picks. He’s good not great.

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