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  1. Brenden Knox ...... Marshall rb ..... reigning cusa player of the year. A very patient rb ...... great vision
  2. hewitt is a good lb ...... could he be traded? Still young and very productive!
  3. Shouldn't Sanders not be able to do the things he did before since he is a College D1 fball coach now. Commenting on other college players is not a good idea.
  4. He's not Chad Pennington that's for sure. Never liked the pick. I do like the qb at Missouri
  5. According to PFF, Darryl Roberts had a hell of a performance. In fact, it was good enough to land on their list of the top 10 standout defensive back performances of Week 1. “Roberts was targeted five times, allowing just one catch for 22 yards while breaking up one of the incompletions,” PFF’s Sam Monson wrote. “Roberts may not have a large role once the Lions get healthy, but this was an excellent performance in relief anyway.”
  6. He likes to get in shape anyway possible...... whatever it takes he likes. Not surprised he looks the way he does right now. Gives Jets fans hope he is a piece to the puzzle.
  7. Give Atlanta a 5th or 6th for Matt Gono
  8. Combine is for ratings. Pro days outside in the elements is the real test
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