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  1. Mike McCagnan liked Mitch Trubisky
  2. Wow! The worst roughing the passer call I have ever seen
  3. Wow! Even Mike Francesa who loves the Giants has turned on them
  4. Watching McCown and Fitzpatrick play out the string the last three years was brutal. I’m happy to have a guy with a little upside this time around. It’s rare that a 7th round pick with an undistinguished college career starts as many games as Trevor has at such a young age. Am I expecting much? No, but if he plays well he’s going to open some eyes across the league. It’s a tremendous opportunity for him, and I hope he is successful.
  5. If the Browns make a ton of mistakes like they did last week the Jets can win. If the Browns play a clean game the Jets have no shot. Their WRs are a mismatch against the Jets corners, and their pass rush will eat up the Jets oline.
  6. Ok.... If Quinnen doesn’t work out its not because “he’s too nice of a person”. Also how can you tell how nice someone is based off of a 2 minute interview? The kid started one year in college and is learning how to be a pro football player. Let’s at least let see him play in a few games before crucifying him.
  7. A little early isn’t it? Quinnen is young and DT is a very though position to dominate in the NFL as a rookie. Does it looks good? No, but I’ll give him the season before making any determination.
  8. In the interview Mike Francesca’s doctor said there is no way to test the structural integrity of the the spleen
  9. I’m not a big sports radio fan, but I do subscribe to Mike Francesca's podcast page on iTunes. I listened to the interview he had with a doctor who said that if it was his son he wouldn’t let Darnold play this season. Apparently there is no test they can do to determine if the virus is out of your system completely which makes it incredibly dangerous to play football (risk of ruptured spleen). I know it’s tough pill to swallow, but it may be the right decision not to risk it with him. It’s likely a lost season anyway with or without him so why not announce Darnold is done for the season, and take the pressure of him and the rest of the players?
  10. Stafford has a similar start to his career and turned out ok. There is hope.
  11. I don’t think Trevor Siemien is much of a downgrade from Darnold and actually fits Gase offense better. It reminds me of Matt Moore in Miami being better than Tannehill.

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