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  1. Yes I might. 5-1 feels pretty good right now.
  2. Worst QB of the 18 draft? Starting to look like it
  3. Very true-No WRS, 2nd worst rated O-Line in the league, and worst TE group in the league. So yes it was terrible but good players still find ways to make plays and win games
  4. Actually our roster last year was much worse than this Jets team and he at least led us to .500 record
  5. Allen is clearly the better QB. Top rated 4th quarter QB with an 11-7 record as a starter. Darnold is 5-10 soon to be 5-11. Wins and losses all that matters
  6. Get Darnold out NOW!!!! He’s in way over his head!!!!
  7. Another pick?!?!! What is the golden boy doing out there?!?!?
  8. Time to put in the backuo. SAR I says this Jets team will be 9-7 and playoff bound
  9. From a Bills fan here let’s go Jets!!!!!! Darnold and Allen proving to be best QBs from 18’ draft class(no Lamar is a RB lol)!!! Beat the Pats tonight!!!!!
  10. Let’s go Buffalo!!!!!!!!!!! Just End The Season!!!!!
  11. Let’s go Buffalo!!!!! About to be 5-1 while the Jets are soon to be 1-5!!! Just End The Season Jets!!!!!
  12. Bills are playoff bound this year and the Jets are not even close. Go chew on that.
  13. I’m surprised the spread isn’t more. NE is 6-0, the best team in the league and the Jets are 1-4 and one of the worst teams in the league.
  14. Yea reality is pretty rough right now-4-1 record, 3 game homestand coming up. Yea I’ll take reality right now.
  15. And his record as a starter? 9-7. Darnold record is 4-10. Stats mean nothing
  16. And his true colors are finally coming out today! Sporting that fine 4-10 record as a starter as well!
  17. You couldn’t be anymore delusional than you are SARI I. If you really think your clown show is gonna make the playoffs you’re beyond insane. Much better chance you draft in the top 3-4 than it if you even get to a winning record ANTI-SARI I
  18. The better team?! We moved the ball with ease all day long, had 150 more total yards than the Jets and the only reason you stayed in the game was because of you two fluky deflected INTs and a bad QB-Center exchange fumble. If at the time he was really that sick he would not have been out there. You guys are a bottom 5 team in the league and going nowhere fast with that HC and front office. Anti-SARI I
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