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  1. Why should rushing stats be excluded? Do passing yards count for more than rushing yards? Last time I checked, a passing TD and a rushing TD were both worth 6 points.
  2. Sam Darnold and Mitch Trubisky both played 26 games in their first two seasons. Mitch Trubisky in his first 26 games produced 6085 yards, 36 TDs and 25 Turnovers and completes 63% of his passes Sam Darnold in his first 26 games produced 6089 yards, 39 TDs and 33 Turnvoers and completes 59% of his passes .......................................
  3. Zuniga never had more than 7 sacks in a college football season. Polite produced significantly more when they were teammates. It's highly unlikely he will be a significant threat on the edge early on.
  4. The 49ers D-line last year was more than just Nick Bosa. What are you talking about? The 2nd best player on the Chiefs D-line (Frank Clark) would still be the best D-lineman on the Jets, and the gap between Chris Jones and everybody else is massive. The Jets DBs aren't even close to best in the AFC and their D-Line isn't even top 10. For DBs Do you really think the Jets have the best DBs in the AFC???? The Bills, Broncos, Ravens, Patriots, Chargers, Steelers and Titans all have better DBs. For D-line You aren't thinking hard enough if you can only name 4 teams. Bengals, Bills, Broncos, Browns, Chargers, Chiefs, Colts, Ravens, Steelers, and Texans are all better and its not even debateable.
  5. If Jenkins was good, he woulda got paid this offseason. He is a decent pass rusher but shouldn't be any teams primary pass rusher. It's rare for good pass rushers to fall to the 4th round in the draft. Maybe he fell threw the cracks. Jachai Polite played on the same team as Zuniga and Polite also produced high sack numbers for Florida. Two years ago, Henry Anderson was still a below average pass rusher. He was even worse last year. Do you mean Adam is the best blitzing DB? That is true, but calling him a pass rusher is weird. He only had 1 sack where he beat a Lineman. Rest of them were as a free rusher or on a RB. Basically, the Jets generate consistent pressure with 4 rushers.
  6. 1. The D-line is not that good, since nobody can rush the passer. Teams that could pass the ball destroyed the Jets last year. 2. The CBs don't have fantastic depth. CB is actually a weakness on the team. The Patriots and Ravens are the only teams with "fantastic" CB depth. 3. Gregg Williams is above average but he isn't even top a top 10 defensive coordinator. He hasn't had a top 10 defense in points allowed since 2010. Jets can definately be a top 10 defense but top 5 is unlikely. Bad coverage and bad pass rush don't make a good combo.
  7. Lol the Bills played the Ravens and Pats close while the Jets got blown out. And congratulations on barely beating the bills backups. BRAVO!!
  8. At least they can beat the scrubs. Darnold and Gase lost to the 0-7 Dolphins and 0-11 Bengals.
  9. I haven't seen them play? Why are you acting like the group consists of rookies. 1. If you had to rank the best receiver on each team, Crowder would be 32nd. Crowder wouldn't even be the 2nd option for the majority of the league. 2. Herndon is a TE. If you view him as a WR, then you must compare him to other WRs, where he is a JAG. 3. Mims is a rookie WR, and rookie WRs generally struggle. 4. Stop this Perriman nonsense. This guy has been terrible his entire career except for 5 games. Robert Foster had 438 yards in 5 games as a rookie and then he returned back to reality. Perriman wishes he was as good as Robbie. You really want to depend on a rookie, a bust who got hot for 5 games, a average TE who missed a year to injury and the worst primary WR in the league? This is the worst receiving group in the league and everybody knows it besides a few delusional Jet fans.
  10. Honestly, it's not the worst idea. The WRs are bad, and the depth is awful. Can this group even sustain 1 injury without turning into the 2019 Eagles? You need to know what you have in Darnold and it's unlikely this WR group can give you a fair evaluation. If you sign AB for 1 year, atleast you will get to know the truth about Darnold. If he does well with AB, you can continue your investment in Darnold. If he somehow learned to behave with his year off, you could also resign him.
  11. I don't like the hype but I understand it. They have an elite defense, very good offensive weapons, a decent O-line and a young QB you hope will progress. Their coaching staff is intact for their 3rd year and they are well coached. They are also have incredible depth at every single position besides linebacker. For example, the Bills probably have the deepest D-line in the league. Quinton Jefferson, Mario Addison and Vernon Butler were quality starters for their respective teams last year. They are all now backups on the Bills, and they still have Jerry Hughes, Ed Oliver, Harrison Phillips, AJ Epenesa, Star, and Trent Murphy. The Bills were also capable of playing the elite teams close. In their games against the Ravens, Texans and Patriots, they all came down to the last possession.
  12. This statement is false. Josh beat the 2019 Titans and the 2018 Vikings. Sam Darnold also has 2 wins vs winning teams. The 2018 Colts and the 2019 Bills backups.
  13. 1. I never said Baker was better than Darnold. Baker does have a better resume but Darnold did more in 2019 with less. 2. Josh Allen had the most 4th quarter comebacks in 2019. He was also 4th in QB rating in the 4th quarter. The things you want are things Allen excelled in. 3. Robbie Anderson and Jamison Crowder have outperformed John Brown and Cole Beasley in every year they have been in the league besides for 2019. Many people on this board said the Jets weapons were better than the Bills weapons at this point last year. I understand the Jets O line is awful, but the Bills O-line is slightly below average.
  14. You do know you can run the same exercise in 2018 and the same thing applies? Allen's offense in 2018 was worse than Darnolds in 2018.
  15. Yes I did. You were the worst offense in the NFL without him and still bottom 5 with him. To be fair, I think Gase deserves most of the blame, but what happens if the offense is bad again because of Gase? If the offense is stagnant again under Gase, there is a good chance Gase will be fired unless the Jets have a winning record. If the offense is stagnant for 3 years straight under Darnold, why would the new Head Coach want his future tied to him? He will atleast bring in some competition. I know I assumed a lot, but it isn't far fetched either. At this point, Darnold needs to play well in spite of Gase.

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