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  1. Sam can potentially be the best of the 2018 QB class, but his resume is currently 4th only ahead of Rosen. 1. Lamar Jackson is currently the best and there is no debate. You can question his longevity due to his style, but until that happens he is #1 until someone else outplays him. He was MVP and his team dominated everybody for the regular season. He broke the QB rushing record while also leading the league in TD passes. 2. Josh Allen is better than many Jets fans will give him credit for. He also has longevity questions like Lamar but he was also 6th in Total TDs in the NFL while barely playing in week 17 with a slightly below average supporting cast. He had 24 TDs and 5 Turnovers the last 12 weeks. 3. Sam Darnold has all the tools you want from your franchise QB so its easy to project him having the brightest future. After a rough start, Darnold was able to inject life into a team that was on pace to be historically bad. Darnold ended the 7-6 with a new OC, new HC, a bad O-line, and below average talent as weapons besides for Bell who was also impacted by not having a O-line. 4. Baker Mayfield had the best rookie season but had the worst sophomore season by far. Some people will blame Kitchens, but Baker has only had success with Kitchens calling the plays. He had a better supporting cast than Darnold and did much worse. Even if he returns to his rookie Form, he will still be 3rd behind Lamar and Allen this year due to Baker turning over the ball so much. 5. Josh Rosen is done.
  2. Cole Beasley and John Brown had career years in Buffalo when you account for them not playing in week 17. Cole Beasley put up identical numbers to Jamison Crowder in YPG and they had the same amount of TDs. John Brown did a whole lot more than Robbie.
  3. 1. Allen hasn't shown growth? Since week 5, he had 23 TDs to 5 Turnovers against the toughest defensive schedule in the league during that span. 2. Just checked the Patriots impending defensive free agents and you have a point. It depends on who the Jets and Pats sign and re-sign. 3. I wouldn't say Gase is a unknown after all his years in Miami. He has never been able to get the most out his RB and this year is more proof with his complete misuse of Bell. It doesn't look good that so many former Miami players are having career years now that Gase is not in the picture. This includes Tannehill having his best year ever, Kenyan Drake getting David Johnson benched, Danny Amendola producing more with a backup QB, and Devante Parker having his breakout year. Miami fans also complained about them not having a good O-line for years but looking back now they always had the talent on the O-line in Miami with Tunsil, Jawaun James and Pouncey to at least be average
  4. Brady future is iffy. You believe your QB is better because you are a Jets and I think Josh is better because I'm a Bills fan so I won't debate that. Do you really think you have the 2nd best defense in the AFCE? Even if Gase may be good, where does he compare to the other AFCE coaches?
  5. I didn't say you were wrong on him having a top 10 passer rating. Your entire premise for the division being "yours" is just not a good look based on where the Jets finished in comparison to the other teams you mention.
  6. His entire post is about Sam being better than Allen and Brady.
  7. Josh Allen had 15 Tds and 3 Turnovers in his last 8 Games which includes week 17 where he barely played. Sam Darnold had 15 Tds and 6 Turnovers in his last 8 Games. You are consistently wrong on anything you post
  8. How are you going to post this when Darnold struggled vs the Bills Backups? Josh Allen has more yards per game, more TDs per game and less turnovers per game than Darnold.
  9. Darnold had 186 Yards, 1 TD and 1 Int vs Pitt. Allen had 167 Yards, 2 TDs and 0 Turnovers.
  10. Josh Allen had more TDs per game, less turnovers per game, and more yards per game in 2018. In 2018 Josh Allen had a bottom 2 O-line and the worst WR group in the league and he still put up similar numbers to Sam.
  11. Baker Mayfield averages 244 ypg, 13 TDs, 13 turnovers, 59% completion, and a 4-6 Win Loss record. Sam Darnold averages 231 ypg, 11 TDs, 11 turnovers, 64% completion, and a 3-4 Win Loss record Josh Allen averages 250 ypg, 20 TDs, 10 turnovers, 60% completion, and a 7-3 Win Loss Record If you base it on play so far this year and not last year it goes...... 1. Lamar 2. Allen 3. Darnold 4. Baker Darnold and Baker can be interchangeable. Darnold averages more TDs per game but also averages more turnovers per game. Both have bad lines but Baker has a lot more talent at his disposal. Allen and Lamar help their offensive lines because defenses often play contain vs them.
  12. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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