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  1. The Bills and Cardinals are the only teams we know that had Allen > Rosen. Multiple reports came out that the Cardinals wanted Allen and were upset when the Bills took him.
  2. That is simply not true. The man ended the Bills playoff drought in his first year of a rebuild after losing several good players from the previous regime. I'm not sure what Bills fans you know, but anyone who wanted him fired should be ignored.
  3. I don't want to be a downer, but the Jets were lucky the Bills didn't score at least 40. 1. The Bills were robbed of a FG, and the kicker missed another. 2. Josh Allen missed a wide open TD. 3. The Bills kicked a FG on the goal line. If the game was close the Bills probably use a QB run which seems to be automatic for them to score. 4. Props to Crowder, but that screen pass was a bad call and if the tackle wasn't missed would have led to a punt. 5. The Jets were unable to create any pressure without sending extra heat. 6. The Bills WR completely outclassed the Jets DBs in coverage. Even Maye got beat by the Bills TE. 7. The only time the Jets had rhythm and stick movement was when the Bills were playing prevent D. The Bills easily could have scored another 17 points.
  4. Good players rarely are available. You need to be aggressive when getting them. Buffalo, Arizona, and despite the results, Cleveland did it too. I just think they should have kept Robbie as well as Mims and Perriman. It gives Mims a chance to develop and earn a starting position instead of counting on a rookie WR. This current WR group isn't fair to Darnold. If you had Robbie, Perriman, Crowder and Mims, at least Darnold would have a fighting chance.
  5. That's not what I'm saying. I'm just questioning Joe Douglas for not adding any proven offensive skill players during key years in Donald's career.
  6. This assumes that Juju is for sale and Joe Douglas uses the capital to acquire him. It is possible that the Steelers won't even entertain any offers from AFC teams. Also, it would mean that the Jets would be depending on a rookie WR who missed an entire year. Unless the Jets trade up, it will be hard to get a top Edge rusher. Seattle is likely to have a late pick and good pass rushers generally don't last that long.
  7. This can also backfire on Douglas. If Perriman doesn't resign or isn't good, the Jets will still have another hole at WR next off-season. There is a good chance that the Jets will have two massive holes at WR in the off-season.
  8. It isn't uncommon for Elite QBs to struggle vs top defenses. Since 2018, Buffalo has only allowed 1.15 TDs per game,185 passing yards per game and they get 0.9 Interceptions per game. These are almost identical to Darnold's numbers except he had slightly more passing yards. The Bills have been doing this for the last two years to everybody. That was literally an average week for the Bills pass D. Most Elite Qbs would struggle vs top Defenses with Darnold's supporting cast.
  9. I think you guys will regret letting Robbie walk. It didn't have to be Anderson or Perriman. Y'all could have had both. Robbie was a proven commodity and had chemistry with Darnold. Robbie, Perriman, Crowder is a competent WR group. Would have given Mims a chance to adapt to the NFL and provide needed depth. Also would have prepared the Jets for life if Perriman is not resigned. Now, the Jets are depending on Mims to ball or they will still have two massive holes at WR in the offseason.
  10. I don't think that is fair. I won't discuss Allen because I am biased but I do think Darnold is better than Baker. Baker has a top 5 supporting cast and he still looks bad. Darnold would look much better on the Browns roster . It's understandable for Darnold to struggle, but Baker has no excuses. Baker already got one coached fired.
  11. I'm a Bills fan who has never missed a game in years. Darnold missed a few passes key early and the defense was getting gashed early. By the second quarter the Jets were forced to air the ball out, which isn't the strength of their roster, and plays into the Bills strength. Darnold had a cold streak at a poor time, but it isn't the end of the world.
  12. Everybody has a bad game. It doesn't help that he was probably playing a top 5 defense who might already be in midseason form since they brought back so many players. Darnold might even struggle next week playing another top 5 defense from last year in San Fran, but that is ok. If it stays this bad around the bye week, maybe you can start to think of his replacement or competition. This was an unconventional off-season and it might take longer for certain teams to hit full stride. It also doesn't help that Darnold needs to be perfect for the offense to have any sort of success. Nobody on the Jets offense scares defenses. Mac and even Joe Douglas have done a poor job making Darnold feel comfortable and surrounding him with Talent. Yes, Mac did create a mess, but Douglas hasn't done a good job in cleaning it up either. Outside of the Jamal haul, Douglas has made the obvious moves that many on this board would have done themselves. The Jets should have focused on keeping talent and building on top of it, instead of trading and letting go of decent players, regardless of the draft capital invested of them. What are the Jets even saving their cap space for? It's not like they have any upcoming contracts they need to prepare for anyway. Are they saving cap space to sign free agents that other teams didn't want? Elite players aren't hitting free agency anymore. If they are really good, they get traded. There are plenty of decent players that the Jets got rid of that would still be starting on the Jets right now. Even if the the Jamal haul was good, the Jets still failed to manage Jamal and were forced to trade away a blue chip defender. I'm not a Jet's fan, but it's not ever yet for you guys. Relax, it's only week one.
  13. He is still on the Bills and he the pro-bowl last year. He was only cut to make space on the roster after cuts. A deal was in place to bring him back once they played several players on IR.
  14. Why isn't Gase in your rookie coach wall of shame @SAR I ?
  15. I'm sorry. That is why I wanted to make it a charity bet and Sar would not need to partake or use money. I can take it down if it becomes a problem.

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