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  1. Based on what? Making the hard choice of picking Becton or Wirfs? Or was it drafting a 2nd round WR who isn't even top 10 in his rookie class? Must be when he traded a all-pro caliber Dlinemen for a 3rd round pick used to draft a below average safety. Maybe it was him pissing off a all-pro Safety so he could trade him away for two late 1st rounders.
  2. New coaches usually bring over players from their old jobs to help establish a culture. Brian Flores did this with many players from the Patriots. Sean Mcdermott brought over many players from the Panthers. Based on this, current needs and the upcoming 49ers free agents, here are a list of potential candidates.............. Jason Verett Richard Sherman Jaquiski Tartt Jeff Wilson Kendrick Bourne Jordan Reed Emmanuel Mosley
  3. That's if the right guy is available. Picking the wrong QB now could set the franchise back years. You also need a team that is ready for a rookie QB. Like many here are say, Mahomes wouldn't be the same on the Jets. Bills fans aren't upset they passed on Mahomes because we weren't ready for him in 2017. The only player I think would have been a star regardless of destination is Watson.
  4. You know Watson, Mahomes, Jackson and Allen were all taken by teams who were picking in the 20s?
  5. Wirfs was better than Becton by every metric and was healthier. Fant is being paid like a top 10 RT and he isn't close to that. As I said before, he is overpaid. I never said Mims was bad, but he hasn't played above his draft status.
  6. I never wrote off Mims, but he wasn't special. He isn't even top 10 among WRs in his class. Jerry Jeudy, Cee Dee Lamb, Justin Jefferson, Chase Claypool, Gabriel Davis, Darnell Mooney, Tee Higgins, Brandon Aiyuk, Laviska Shenault and Michael Pittman were all better. QBs had a passer rating of 97 against Bryce Hall and completed 71% of their attempts. He also gave up 400 yards in 8 games. Those are below average numbers. Fant is being paid like a top 10 Right tackle. He is overpaid. Tristan Wirfs played better, and stayed healthy.
  7. Adam Gase isn't good, but he has never had a team this bad. Douglas deserves some of the blame for how the season went. I didn't even bring up the moves he could have made, that GMs are known for. Douglas did not acquire 1 player that played above expectations in free agency. That is a major red flag in his talent evaluation.
  8. The Jets only have so much cap space and draft capital because they suck. Any GM could do the same thing. Getting rid of talent doesn't make you a good GM. It's what you do with those resources. So far he hasn't done much with opportunities he was given. Just look at what Joe Douglas has done. DRAFT Becton - Good, but Wirfs has been better and he was available. Mims - The 12th best WR in his draft class so far. He is decent but nothing special. Ashtyn - Below average, and he was the Leonard Williams pick. Leonard Williams is playing at an elite level right now.
  9. That looked like a game manager to you? The entire offense was designed around Allen. He was the run game, and made several remarkable throws.
  10. Things changed from when I posted that. I was wrong. Bump Houston down.
  11. I'm not saying Mims is bad, but he hasn't been special either. Many on here are giving JD too much credit acting like the Denzel Mims pick was a slam dunk. Denzel Mims isn't even a top 10 WR in his own draft class. Mims averaged about 39.6 Yards per game, which would put him at 640 yards over a full season. Even if you extrapolate Mims numbers over a full season against other rookie WRs, he still produced less yards per game than Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, CD Lamb, Brandon Aiyuk, Justin Jefferson, Tee Higgins, Michael Pittman, Laviska Shenault, Chase Claypool, Darnell Mooney and Gabr
  12. Labeling Quinnen a DT is wrong. If we are going by interior lineman or 3-tech lineman., Quinnen isn't even top 10. 1. Aaron Donald 2. Deforest Buckner 3. Chris Jones 4. Cam Heyward 5. Jeffery SImmons 6. Leonard Williams 7. Fletcher Cox 8. Grady Jarrett 9. Jonathan Allen 10. Stephon Tuitt
  13. Allen also had 10+ sacks as a rookie. Allen isn't bad, he was just constantly against bad game scripts since his team sucked. Shenault averages more yards per game than Mims. Crowder is a good 3rd option. Crowder wouldn't be a top 2 WR on most teams in the league. Chark is a good 2nd option.
  14. This is just wrong. The Jets are still overpaying Fant, who still needs to be upgraded. You could have atleast 5 years of Elite RT play with Conklin.
  15. He hasn't done much to impress me. Lets look at his draft Becton - Douglas realistically had to choose between Becton and Wirfs. Even though Becton is good, Wirfs has been better. Mims - He started off decent but fell off to end the season. He was on pace for 600 yards over a full season. He was alright but many WRs taken after him were better. Zuniga - Right now this was just a bad pick Davis - The guy was below average, and it doesn't look great that he was the Leonard Williams pick. Perrine - Nothing special Morgan - Did nothing Clark - Did nothing
  16. "Jamison Crowder, Mekhi Becton and Quinnen Williams, Fatukasi and maybe CJ Mosley are the only above average players on the roster. That is horrific compared to any other team but the Jaguars." You missed that part. Chark is better than any offensive skill player on the Jets. Shenault has been more productive than Mims. Josh Allen still is better than any edge rusher on the Jets. Sacks aren't everything. While thee Jaguars don't have many good players, they still have some players who will provide decent depth. The Jets have many roster spots that are just empty spots.
  17. If the Jets don't have an impressive draft+ Free Agency, people will be calling for Douglas' head.
  18. Yes, the Jets have a lot of positives, but their negatives are just as big. The Jets have a lot of cap space and draft capital because they have literally nobody under contract on the roster that can play FS, SS, RB, CB, Edge, QB or outside WR at a league average level. Many of the other positions could use clear upgrades also. Jamison Crowder, Mekhi Becton and Quinnen Williams, Fatukasi and maybe CJ Mosley are the only above average players on the roster. That is horrific compared to any other team but the Jaguars. The division already has three very good coaches. You have to s
  19. Again, this isn't uncommon. He is not going to be scouting or drafting players.
  20. Only a homer would say this. Chargers - have Herbert and a good roster. Jax - You are twisting his comment. This is common for owners. Many want some input, but they still let the GM/Coach make the final say. Houston -Watson is an elite QB. Watson put up MVP numbers with trash around him. If you fix that defense, you are fine.
  21. If they trade Ryan, they would have just as much capital as the Jets and Jags. Falcons also have good ownership. You also have to consider competition. Saints and Bucs won't have a QB in two years.
  22. The Jets do not have more talent than the Jags. The Jets are going into the off-season with no Strong Safety, Free Safety, Edge Rusher, Cornerback, or outside WR. Jaguars also have less holes, so they have more freedom with their cap space.
  23. They still have more talent than any other team besides the Chargers. Ryan can still play at a high level for another 5 or so years or they can take a QB early.
  24. 1. Chargers - A lot of talent on both sides of the ball and Herbert looks like an Elite QB already. 2. Jaguars - You get the best Prospect since Luck. To go along with that, you have plenty of draft capital, plenty of cap space, and some decent young talent. You also have a Owner who is very patient. 3. Falcons - Matt Ryan still has a few more good years left in him. Their are much more talented than their record suggests. They also have the 4th pick in the draft. They can trade this pick to a QB needy team or select their own QB to groom. This job offers plenty of flexibility.
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