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  1. Dave cadigan. Sorry thought we could use some humor
  2. Was with a couple of guys in AC and going down the escalator to get our car. One of the guys turns around and sees Lawrence Taylor about 20 steps back. He says hey LT but Taylor puts up his hand and says not tonight fellas. So no issue and we let it go. Waiting for the car LT is standing next to us and no one else is there. We don't say anything and as part of the wall a door opens up and out walks a lady. LT takes her arm and walks out the door to a waiting limo. He looks back at us and says have a nice night fella's. My buddy looks at LT and says you too. Taylor smiles and says Oh I will. Met Kevin Green when he was our coach in Bed Bath and Beyond. No one had a clue as to who he was. Not a hall of famer but the nicest guy I met was Gastineau. Was in the Jets store at the stadium and they announce Mark is signing autographs. I turn around and he is standing there with one security guard by himself. I walk up and thank him for his time on the field as a Jet. Honestly, I thought he was going to cry as he got a bit emotional and bear hugs me. Honest to God I could not breathe. Guy is unbelievably strong. He let's me go and I simply ask if he was willing to put the pads on and go out. We could have used him.
  3. Marketing ploy. Holidays are coming up so make Jamal a good guy again so we sell his jerseys. They are on clearance once he is traded after the season
  4. And I completely understood this when making the decision to buy psls. Sure you understand there will be lean years but this team literally gives you no hope. If anyone out there truly believes this mgmt team is going to straighten it out, I would love to hear the reasoning. Don't give me joe Douglass because we know very little about him and untill the org structure changes, it is rinse and repeat. The past week has been very telling with Jamal adams and the way it was handled. Simply not good
  5. I am not a lawyer but I believe if you do not renew your seats you forfeit your psl Even if it is paid in full. The lower and mezz deck ticketholders are not going to do that. The jets know they have our revenue. They don't care
  6. They don't care. They already have the revenue. You would think most owners would be bothered by having 40% of their stadium cheering for the opposing team. These guys say they do but end of day psll revenue is in as well as season tickets. As fans we care about the product. For the johnsons, it is strictly business
  7. Have to overcome the refs no doubt but we will win monday night. It is the two weeks after that concern me. Past jets would win a big game then lose the next two against weaker teams. We have to avoid that happening and I do think this staff has the right approach. We stop the cowboys on 4th down and stay aggressive and score before the half. Previous mindset would have controlled the ball and go into the half at 14-3.or punted back. Good or bad I do believe they stay aggressive.
  8. I'm sure it was not meant in a negative way but I hate the term our superbowl. Monday night is an important game, one that I believe we win. Coming off the win and Sam playing as he did, this game can be the next step to a nice run. Concerns are the officials as yes it is the Pat's, but in general, they have been horrible. We win monday and then comes the true test. We simply can't lose to the jags or dolphins. I actually had a cowboy fan tell me sunday was our superbowl against them. My answer to him was not our superbowl but one more loss to keep you from getting there.
  9. Regardless of where the stadium is located, what name is on it, the color or design, if the product on the field is good and the organization is moving in the right direction, the Jet fans will be there. For those who were in the stadium against Green Bay to win the division, the following week crushing the Colts or the final game in the old stadium against Cincy to make the playoffs, did you really care where the stadium was located or the color of the seats? We care about the Jets and winning football. Sure it aggravates me to sit amongst all of the cowboy fans yesterday and other opposing teams the past years, but it was sweeter leaving last night with a win. We are building the pieces to have a winning football team and while I am always cautious, I do believe we have the quarterback. Keep adding pieces and win games and you will see less opposing fans in the stadium. I typically do not like to predict games but I do truly feel we are winning Monday night against the Pats. If you are debating going to the game, show up and enjoy. It will be one less Pats fan there.
  10. You are right about the popularity. My issue is does it belong at a professional football game. I sit in row 6 and have seen adults body check each other to try and get one. I have seen those same adults spend most of the game texting on their phone.
  11. I brought up these and other concerns to the jets a few years back and they basically blew me off. I tried explaining that we are a professional team but the game experience is far from that. Get rid of the t shirt cannons, garbage can toss and other annoyances others here have mentioned. I told them sometimes you actually want to talk to the person next to you after a play. You simply can't with the constant noise. They are after a different audience and it is not the fan actually coming to watch the game. They are more interested in twitter pictures and some knucklehead holding premium sausage.
  12. Is it really season ticket holders responding or are they gathering emails regardless of how you get your tickets including 3rd party. Most of the people around me including myself are in agreement with nj and sar. Most of what they shove at us during the games is not representative of a professional football team. I do admit I am a get off my lawn person but I simply want to enjoy a game without the nonsense and distraction. One thing not mentioned is journey karaoke. I never thought they could get me to the point of wanting g to hear sweet caroline but they have succeeded.
  13. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  14. I know we don't like this answer but the jets simply do not care. My issues started with the eagles game and I have had 4 conversations with them since. Thankfully I insisted on hard tickets as a backup and that saved me on sunday. Actually had a rep tell me yesterday to go buy an iPhone to solve the issue.

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