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  1. I think he was.i bet him as anytime touchdown scorer for sunday and fanduel did not refund the bet. So had had to be on the active roster. You can now make fun of me for making that bet. It is most deserved.
  2. For 8 mil per year that we did not end up spending, it is beautiful
  3. Would have preferred a big game by zach but will take that he hung in there and while it was a bit ugly it was a win. Let,s hope he gains a bit of confidence and improves next week. Other parts of the team were impressive in their growth.
  4. Active and never saw the field for even a play. He is done here
  5. Not the derrick Gaffney I am referring to. Clutch over the middle
  6. True but it was his 5th game in the league. He has looked awful no doubt but you see flashes. Let's hope it comes together
  7. I have concerns as well but he can play. Tenn was not a fluke. Seems mental at this point and maybe he just needs confidence
  8. This spero guy on cbs might be the worst announcer I have heard
  9. Pretty sure it is an m3 sedan and that color is actually stock for that car. Probably 90-100 when optioned out. Beautiful - except that grill.
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