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  1. Are Brady Quinn and jimmy clausen the same person?
  2. Gotta agree with Kevin here. Just not sure what else is needed other than a competitive product on the field which if continues to be garbage the asthestics simply do not matter.
  3. Very fair assessment. I rate Joe overall slightly above average and the slight is the record but at this point it is understandable. As it always is in the NFL, it comes down to the QB. If he missed with Zach, that will hurt overall and will be reflected in the record going forward. If Zach is the real deal and that does not mean is his top 5 elite in the league, then the wins will come and JD will be very successful.
  4. Maybe it is me. Every steeler fan I know with 1 exception is an arrogant a__ when it comes to their team. Not sure if it was the last time they were at the meadowlands or the time before, but we sucked and ended up beating them. As we are leaving a steeler fan looks at me and says how does it feel to win your superbowl in October. Now I know, be the better person etc. but I simply lost my mind and just wanted to choke the living crap out of this guy. I'm an old man so I probably would have gotten my a__ kicked, but I simply did not care. That type of attitude is what I experience with every Steeler fan I know - with the one exception. Maybe the experiernce is different in their home stadium.
  5. I give you guys going to pitt a lot of credit. Probably hate that fan base more than the giants.
  6. I should not have assumed lower level when stating the section numbers - i believe the mezz and upper deck are the same - just begin with 2 or 3.
  7. if you did not buy your tickets yet - you might want sections on the Jets home side of the field (around 119 thru 108) since you will have the sun until 4pm or so. if you prefer no sun - then the other side of the stadium would be your choice. Dcat is spot on - November games are great weather wise
  8. If accurate home for the pats on day before Halloween could be entertaining
  9. did they announce the time of the game yet? is it possible Sunday night was correct - just wrong visiting team?
  10. Lot K at 8am - assuming it is a 1pm game
  11. True they have both declined but both of those games are on the road in places notorius for being very difficult to win at. Given the choice, I would rather not play either.
  12. As much as Sunday at 1 on a sunny sept day is perfect, I am now hoping the rumors of the sunday night game against the pats are true. Let's just rip the bandaid off this thing and see what we got.
  13. Agree unless 9/11 is not the driver and the league wants to sell Mac Jones and the Pats to the national audience.
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