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  1. Maybe. But it is the truth. I will be fair and put it on the jets and not Joe D specifically. I do believe he is part of it though. This situation and this team is actually a bit unique to the rest of the league. You already went through this exact situation 3 years ago with the # 3 pick. Your contract structure has not changed but you did not see this coming? If you did (I certainly hope so) why are we still doing this on the day of camp. This should have been resolved last week with either the Jets conceding on the critical points (might happen) or an ultimatum given to Zach's agent/tea
  2. You show em Joe. Nobody pushes us around. We will finish last in every category and be proud of it before we give in. We finish that way just about every year so why should this be any different. I think I hear carnival music in the background.
  3. it is basically the lucy and charlie brown football syndrome. Every time there is change, we are convinced it will be different yet the football still gets yanked at the last second. Having said that, this is business and I do think it gets resolved shortly. I know there is over a 50 year history of stupidity but it has to end at some point - right?
  4. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I hope you posted this to stir up conversation. Joe was and still is an icon. When he came into the league and to NYC - he was a big as the beatles or any other culture change that you can think of . Not sure your age but if you were not around, please take the time to look at the documentaries and understand what it was like. Putting all of the non football stuff aside, watch his play and the speed in which he released the football. Flat out he could play and is without a doubt the greatest Jet to date - period end of story. I like my
  5. When I read it in a reply - can't argue - you are 100% correct however, he did not get rid of talent the way they did in Houston - possibly because we simply did not have any.
  6. When you look at the roster the texans had just 2 years ago and if you place all of the decisions on Bill O'brien, has anyone had such a negative effect on a franchise as he did in such a short time?
  7. I actually almost choked on lunch reading this. Some of your best work. Outstanding.
  8. Have you ever considered running for political office. You are truly a master of the game
  9. Absolutely. It is worth the10 minute walk in and out. Some interesting sites during that walk
  10. For me not an issue since I actually like the walk from lot k. My guess is the jets are trying to gain a bit of revenue for those who will want to upgrade to grey or platinum. Everything now is status so maybe they get an extra 10% or so to upgrade.
  11. And yet people don't get why joe is an icon. Nothing better
  12. All in all I think a very good day for the Jets. Saleh comes across as a guy that is passionate, willing to listen and can adjust his temperment based on who he is talking to. That will be critical when it comes to recruiting talent to the team. He also gives the impression day one he is in charge of his staff without pounding that message to you. Woody's back and Chris will do something else - that is probably a wash. We didn't hire Dan Campbell.
  13. you might want to get in touch with the idiot that asked about vetting coaches and do you talk to women - he needs help.
  14. The next guy just out did him in Stupidity do you talk to women
  15. He needs to be careful. With the stress of his job he needs to take better care
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