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  1. Russini will report that he was #5 on Rodgers list but she only showed the top 4. Have to keep the narrative of neg Jets going somehow
  2. Damn - did not realize pepitone passed away. very sad to lose them both in a week
  3. Can we include the my seats are better than your seat arguments? those are always fun
  4. You would think so. eagles and chiefs prob primetime as well. I’m thinking chiefs thanksgiving night
  5. One other thought. what about the indoor field at fp? I think that is the same surface as MetLife and they practice on that constantly.
  6. Hey. I thought we were friends? you even called me a degenerate the other day - in a loving kind of way
  7. Wanted to bet Princeton but not allowed in jersey
  8. Congrats Arkansas and by the way, coach’s wife is a very pretty lady
  9. Hold onto your shorts fdu beating Purdue by 3 - 30 seconds left
  10. and as bad as it has been - it has already started to get worse. Throw the NFL network in there as well. It is ok though, can't remember a season I am looking forward to as much as this one in awhile. Rodgers pissed off and wanting to show he still has it - a bunch of rookies who came from winning programs and don't want to lose. Just please let Saleh find his nuts, get rid of the slogans and PVO crap and get back to the guy we say on the SF sidelines and we can sit back and enjoy where it takes us. As for the media - F them.
  11. so if the packers do not trade him - they are on the hook for 175 million? With Vegas out of the picture (not that they ever were in) who exactly is trading for him outside of the Jets? And yet the experts and insider are still playing the leverage game.
  12. for the life of me I could never stomach around the horn yet it continues on the air. Mina has someone in her ear letting her know what to say and what will be controversial - they are no different then the many cable news networks.
  13. i like the over in tonights Zaga/Grand Canyon game
  14. So Wingo said the 1 inch line and this would appear to confirm. Let's see how long it takes Schefter, Rappaport, Russini and the others to say the whole thing is falling apart.
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