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  1. A neg vote for Diana rigg? these youngsters today.
  2. Ok. You and I gave to meet at some point. You bring in the Ann Margaret pictures and now pull seka? my god the memories you just brought back
  3. I have that same jacket and when I saw the post decided to look it up. looks like a pre owned sold for 185. since I bet the Yankees today - maybe I should list it
  4. yup. If I remember it was from Buffalo Wild Wings
  5. I wasn't going with physical contact and can't comment on Game of Thrones as I never saw 1 minute of it - anyway I meant people's comments are a lot different when dealing in person than over a keyboard or microphone. It is basically the keyboard muscles syndrome. Boomer decided to take his comments to a higher level the other day by attacking Mekhi other than football. Don't remember the exact words but mentioned his lack of accountability with his weight now that he is a new father. Just going places for ratings in my opinion and really no need to attack the guy when again, he probably does not have true facts. Moral of the story - F Boomer.
  6. Earlier in this thread I stated that he would likely get a year - gotta say I am thinking I was way off on that and it would not shock me especially with the settlement that he is going to be in the 6-8 game range. I don't agree with it - but could be reality
  7. if the intent was an investment - maybe you can make the argument if it is for the Pats, steelers or other team that typically has a winning record and is a playoff contender. In that case maybe and it is a longshot maybe the PSL increases in value over a 10-15 year period. For the Jets? You would have to be out of your blessed mind to have purchased a PSL with the intention or thought that it would increase in value one day. As you state - for your entertainment dollar - then absolutely - it is the cost of doing business.
  8. to me he seemed to be in reasonable shape for a guy his size. I had actually posted that while I am far from any type of expert on weight management, the picture I commented on where he was in front of another player did not seem to be 400 pounds or extremely overweight to me. Regarding healthy, I still come back to something Saleh said last year when he stated not all of Becton's issues were weight specific (or something along those lines). Possibly this kid just has something else going on
  9. F Boomer. They basically need material to talk about and for whatever reason have hitched on to Becton and his weight. Boomer talking big but I wonder if Mikhei was in the studio if he would be so aggressive. At this point the hate and targeting this guy is taking is over the top. Putting aside what his performance means to the team, I want Becton to shut all of these clowns up.
  10. Thanks. Don't know a whole lot about them but I remember reading that they are closed on Sunday's. One NFL stadium actually has one inside the bldg (Saints?) but I beleive it remains closed on gameday
  11. I agree that it was for effect. Not a Boomer fan in the least and when he stated this morning that Becton may not be on the roster - his sidekick GIO now agreed with him. Yesterday GIO's take was more of no way he is getting cut. Boomer may have some inside or close info that others do not, but my guess is a producer was in his ear telling them to go back to the conversation. By the way - if anyone has suggestions for intelligent sports radio in the am - please advise.
  12. I am far from an expert on this but this is my understanding. The psl right only applies to your seat for the jets. Same with the Giant fan as theirs only applies to Giants games. If you are in a presale for a non Jets event - you can buy seats however, more than likely it is not your seat and may not even be in the same general location. My experience is a presale is date/time that is open to all psl holders - so for a non football event - Giants and Jets fans are in the same pool. Using World cup as an example, my seats are lower level and very low rows. I highly doubt those seats are going to be avail to PSL holders as I would guess FIFA has rights to seats as well. If I go to a presale, I might still be in lower levels or could be in upper. Depends on availability and price. Earlier in this thread, Ecurb mentioned that his experience has been to talk to his rep directly and reserve/guarantee seats. That has not been my experience so maybe he can respond and provide those details. I hope he is correct and it applies across the board to PSL holders
  13. is this the one in flemington? The one in morris county is pretty much the same. Never had their chicken - is it that good?
  14. Could that level of service be tied to level of PSL? I do not own the lowest level PSL but also do not have club level or above. The several times i attempted this was always for concerts and not attempted in at least 5 years. It was always with different reps but the message was the same - there is an advanced PSL holder presale that you can use. Like I said - that presale was exactly the same as Citi and AMEX. I truly hope what you are experiencing is the norm and I have simply had bad reps over the years. Your experience benefits all of us and I would certainly look to take advantage in the future.
  15. Have had at least 10 reps since stadium opened. inquired several times about advance tickets for concerts and was told there was an advance sale for psl tickets. that advance sale was same date and time I received from Amex. to answer specifically- yes I have 4 seats all psl’s. tell me where the advance benefit is.
  16. Absolutely. I get to buy tickets same as anyone else for the same price. And as for that advance sale, sure but I am in the same pool as Amex and other credit card holders. gold indeed
  17. Heard it live and was surprised he said it. Claims without a doubt becton is 395 or higher. said if he does not drop 30 by camp, he could be cut. don’t agree that they would, but he did state it on air
  18. We tend to forget he is a kid. my guess is he dealt with being made fun of for his weight and overall size growing up. nothing you can do about national media but I wish our writers would just layoff a bit. Let him go through camp and let’s see where he is at.
  19. I'm no expert but he does not look close to 400. He appears to be in better shape than I feared. Let's hope is or gets healthy quick and helps this team improve.
  20. But he told us he was worthy of all pro
  21. Someday Braxton berrios will not- never mind - where is bornjets.
  22. Exactly where I was going. zach is fine. the defense stinks even with the additions.
  23. Irony would be we tried to get the big physical receiver in the off season and yet we have him all along. does this org get that lucky?
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