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  1. Remember what Matt Barkley did to the Jets last year? Get ready for round 2
  2. Cool story and exactly the excuse I expected when Jets didn't follow your laughable playoff run prediction.
  3. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/e5547d91-e263-442b-af56-3e25fb986273
  4. I know sorry guys. SAR is who I'm after not anyone else.
  5. You lost to the dolphins. Gases old team trying to tank.
  6. I love this thread though. You guys are going to the draft playoffs!
  7. Oh STFU. Every team has injuries. You have a terrible coach and an average QB, at best average. Terrible o line and secondary and expect to be good. Get a clue.
  8. Bro.. the Jets are the worst team in the league. This talk is hilarious.
  9. I see zero redeeming qualities. Reminds me of a mix of Sanchez and Pennington.
  10. Time to bump this baby back up to the top. I'm anxiously waiting this Jets playoff run. But first... Let's make sure Sam is ok after his pedicure. ☝
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