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  1. Remember what Matt Barkley did to the Jets last year? Get ready for round 2
  2. Cool story and exactly the excuse I expected when Jets didn't follow your laughable playoff run prediction.
  3. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/e5547d91-e263-442b-af56-3e25fb986273
  4. I know sorry guys. SAR is who I'm after not anyone else.
  5. You lost to the dolphins. Gases old team trying to tank. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. I love this thread though. You guys are going to the draft playoffs!
  7. Oh STFU. Every team has injuries. You have a terrible coach and an average QB, at best average. Terrible o line and secondary and expect to be good. Get a clue.
  8. Bro.. the Jets are the worst team in the league. This talk is hilarious.
  9. I see zero redeeming qualities. Reminds me of a mix of Sanchez and Pennington.
  10. Time to bump this baby back up to the top. I'm anxiously waiting this Jets playoff run. But first... Let's make sure Sam is ok after his pedicure. ☝🏻
  11. Cool block it. I'm out. Can't talk human to the SAR.
  12. Look at our schedule and tell me aren't winning 5 more games
  13. Whatever man. It's like talking to a child. The only reason I ever came here was because you clowns anointed Darnold well before he's done anything and dumped all over Allen any chance you can get. The reality is one of them is 5-1 (6-5) last year, 11-6 as a starter In the NFL and one is 4-11.
  14. When is the last time the Jets were 5-1? Not to mention we could and should win the next 5 games.
  15. That's great dude but something you are forgetting. A. Josh Allen is completing 62.5 of his passes, up from 55 his rookie year so the accuracy Garbage is out the window. He's now led 7 4th qtr comebacks in his first 17 games. 11-6 record as a starter and then there's this 😂 .... You guys wish Sam had the balls Allen has
  16. Zero turnovers in the last 2 games. How'd Samchize do tonight?
  17. So a 5-1 team with many more cream puffs on the schedule isn't going to the playoffs and a 1-5 team that just got shut out at home and their QB is seeing ghosts, and looked like Nathan Peterman are going to the playoffs??? Just making sure I got everything correct. SAR must stand for sarcasm 🤣

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